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  1. I liked L. Stern, but once she started living in the Abbott house, it seemed like all she ever did is sit around and mope. Lol
  2. Enjoyed the flashback Julia has to 1980-81(?) of when she and Vic split up after the Michael Scott fiasco. Also enjoyed Jill & John's scenes on "023b", where Katherine goes off on Jill. Can't say I was much of a D. Adair fan though. I always felt her scenes fell a little flat.
  3. Lilibet Stern was very likable as Patty. Andrea Evans, not so much. As for Hadley not being on contract, I think he actually was a number of times, but it was always "on again, off again". To be fair, he probably wasn't always needed around too much when the law enforcement element wasn't a part of a particular story. As for the most recent "crazy Patty" story, they tried to bring Carolyn Conwell back (Doug Davidson personally asked her to), but she was well into retirement by then, and refused. So, they did what they could with the family, and most of the actors just kind of ran their course. I miss seeing the Williams house set in particular. It was so middle class and relatable.
  4. I always felt they should have brought him back at least one more time to do better justice to the amnesia storyline, rather than just dropping it the way they did and have him go back to "Ruthie" in Norfolk. He's done a few little acting jobs here and there in other productions post-Y&R amnesia storyline. Currently at 89, I don't have high hopes we'll ever see him again, like we did with Liz for a few final scenes when they killed off her character, but who knows.
  5. Further complicating the Williams family is that Brett Hadley (Carl) had another job as well, with FEMA, and it was sometimes hard to bring him back for stories as often as they would have liked, which is partly the reason why he kept disappearing for long periods of time.
  6. Too bad Stuart didn't join them, though I think the actor was asked, but declined, which is why Maestro shows up instead.
  7. No, but I recall the character was known as Charlie Wong. I was a bit let down when he was replaced with Miguel, even though he didn't have much of a part.
  8. They were clearly a Victor & Nikki & Lorie fan. Probably didn't care much for certain other story elements, which eats up a lot of tape. Much as I'd like to see Jack & Patti's wedding among other things now, I'll take what I can get. Lol ...oh, and I love hearing all of the old background music cues again. That really takes me back!
  9. It may have been wandering, but things developed at a fast pace, which I liked and was refreshing to see, rather than just plod along for years as some of the stories before and after that time frame have. Between 1979 and 1983 would include some of my favorite stories, with Suzanne Lynch, Derek Thurston, creepy Edward, Vanessa, Michael Scott in Victor's basement, Pete Walker and the mob, Rick Daros, Lorie getting back Prentiss Industries, the family transitions, Patti shooting Jack, Tony DiSalvo, Nikki's baby drama, Eve Howard poisoning Victor, the list goes on.
  10. If I remember right, I think it was.
  11. What a great photo! The Abbott house looks so different from a distance.
  12. Once Nikki entered Victor's life, that part of the show suddenly resembled the 1964 movie "My Fair Lady", where the wealthy Henry Higgins had a jolly English friend (Colonel Hugh Pickering) who was mostly along for the ride on his rich friend's coattails, and together, the two of them conspired to turn Audrey Hepburn's low-class character (Eliza Doolittle) into a refined socialite. I had often wondered if one or both of the Bell's were fans of that movie.
  13. Many thanks! Yes! It appears new clips are being posted daily. The summaries help to fill in the cracks and nail down more exact dates.
  14. Thanks again for your work on these! I would very much enjoy seeing 1979 through Feb. 1982 someday. Some of my favorite Y&R right there.
  15. I was just looking at some old notes I kept, and yep, you're right. Memorial Day '83 was the last time for Stuart.
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