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  1. Thank-you!! And I think being particular is a good thing, especially when it comes to shows trying to recreate a really specific era to emerge the viewer in. When a show makes a mistake, like The Nanny's incorrect Y&R reference you mentioned, I think that can break the created reality, even just for a moment. ST appears to take pains in making their world feel like 1983 (S1) and 1984 (S2) and to me, it does feel like what I remember of the 80s but with 2017 production values. Using accurate clips - like that AMC scene - really adds to the atmosphere, I think. I can totally believe that character would run across an AMC episode while stuck inside in the early afternoon while flipping through channels and it just makes this created reality feel that much more realistic So I think being particular is good!
  2. Good question! I'm not sure the specifics of why they chose AMC in particular (I'm only almost done episode 2 now so maybe there is a specific reason I am not aware of yet!) but maybe it is because the Duffer brothers' mother or someone they knew then watched AMC in the 80s. I know that when I was little in the 80s to 90s, I vividly remember my mum and her friends from university watching All My Children so when I think back on adult TV shows in the 80s, I think of Cheers, All My Children, Dr. Who, Star Trek, and General Hospital! I would also be really interested in learning the exact reason why if there is one!
  3. Yeah! I haven't gotten far yet but I'm watching Stranger Things right now and had to break my lurk streak in order to share that part of the second episode featuring a clip of '84 All My Children (an extended version of the clip from the preview posted earlier) for those who don't watch Sorry for the little wobble - was filming on my portable easel T_T Link! Spoiler alert for second episode of Stranger Things:
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