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  1. I thought Dallas 2.0 was crap skting by on its name. where were all these angry viewers when it was airing?

    1. ChitHappens


      Don't let the Twitter/FB noise fool you. The off liners have the final say as they severely outweigh on liners!

    2. Steve


      I lost interest halfway through the second season.

    3. chicklitsandfantasies


      It wasn't even the most popular show on that network

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  2. Annie Ilonzeh(ex Maya, GH) was on USA's Rush this week. She played an actress who the main character goes on a date with to fulfill his James Bond fantasy. Her body is on point!
  3. Yeah if the pilot gets picked up he's a series regular
  4. It should've be been the backdoor pilot for a spinoff. It was one of the more enjoyable episodes this season
  5. I've been watching its not that interesting lately, beyond predictable and the 100th epi sucked.
  6. Which new show is an absolute train wreck?

  7. Sam Logan is now on Melissa and Joey http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/abc-familys-melissa-joey-adds-653748
  8. I'm intrigued by this one. Also curious about if the concept for this show came first or the book did since the book was recently released. I've been hearing mixed reviews about the book but mostly that it reads like a tv show.
  9. Lindsey Morgan is in Vancouver filming a reccuring role on the CW's The 100 http://www.popoholic.com/2013/08/29/lindsey-morgan-is-new-and-totally-freaking-hot/
  10. The paternity story has been a bust. First the secret was dropped at the practice like it was nothing then it was dropped before the game like an afterthought.
  11. Rebeka Montoya(Delores Padilla, GH) was on the Psych season finale.
  12. Geno City residents need to stop spray tanning. Looking at you Kyle, Dylan, Katherine, Jack, Phyllis,etc

  13. Often soap fans say they want quality stories on their soap but turn around and praise crap stories on a different soap

    1. JackPeyton


      quality story seems to be more of a taste preference though.

  14. Can Grayson mcCouch come to Y&R next? Villy needs to be broken up next!

  15. I'm get really tired of seeing females wearing see thru leggings as pants

    1. Money


      ICAM. I saw this chick wearing stockings as pants with red underwear underneath. She looked absolutely ridiculous.

  16. Any good books to read lately?

    1. Melroser


      I have a soapy novel released on Amazon. I intend on it becoming a series of books. working on book two.


  17. Love seeing te cast aside minority actors/actress making it big when back on the soaps the excuse was that their white coutnerparts were more talented. I saw Annie Ilonzeh in a Kay Jewelers commercial and a Chilli's one recently. She's also really good on Switched at Birth.
  18. She should quit while she's ahead go for girl next door teen roles. Please, she's cut on a good day. She will not now nor ever be a vixen. And if this is her trying toprove that she was hot enough to play Kristina, it's an epic fail.
  19. Can't wait to start posting. Been lurking for quite some time

    1. London
    2. Mr. Vixen
    3. QueenOfHearts


      Thanks. My favorite soap is Y&R though when I was registering it wouldn't let me pick that one!

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