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  1. I hope that she reconnects with Ashton. At the very least, she and him had very good camaraderie..
  2. I think it is too bad that the writers chose to have the story end for them this way, but I am not sorry that Tracy got angry and decided to speak the brutally honest truth to Luke. I think when all is said and done, and Tracy becomes aware that everything that Laura and Luke did was to save their son, I think that she will be glad that they were able to come to their son's aid, I really do. I seem to have more faith in Tracy than a lot of people (here and elsewhere). Unfortunately, I feel that even if she might be able to get over that part of the deceit, there are two other parts that she will not get over easily. The first part of that is that Lulu and Dillon knew the truth way sooner than she did and didn't tell her. The second part to that is that Luke didn't have any trust in her and that she would understand from the get-go. See, if anything, that convo needs to happen. Then and only then will we find out if Lunacy has a chance, or not. With Tony Geary leaving the show, we know that there is no chance. I will say that I hope the Tracy/Sabrina friendship takes off. Sabrina needs more friends and so does Tracy. Besides, if Tracy and Lulu have a falling out in the near future, that new found friendship could be just what the Doctor (Dr. O) ordered. I agree with the person that said that Tracy and Doc O should be friends. They seem more likely to have things in common than Tracy and other characters. As for those that said that Tracy is too high class to be friends with the likes of Sam and Sabrina, why would anyone say such a silly thing? Even if Tracy feels that way, I am surprised that so many on here feel that way. JE is a legend, a tried and true pro in the genre. Anyone and everyone on the show would benefit to share scenes with her.
  3. What baffles me is how is it that all of these supposed "TracyFF"s want her and Luke to have a proper closing? To me, a person that liked the couple, I was perfectly happy with the way she told both Luke and Laura off. Even if it was just a show for them, I am pretty sure that the two of them felt the blow of the words that Tracy was saying.
  4. Some need to remember that this is just a paycheck to the actors. While Tony and Jane do have a good rapport with each other, but that is as far as it goes for them. As for Luke and Tracy's romance, while I will miss the couple, I am not at all surprised that they are going to reunite Luke and Laura. For as long as both characters have been around, it was always implied that Luke and Laura were always going to be each other's "True North". While I never bought into their so-called "Magic". I am not upset and/or disappointed that it is going down that way. I doubt that Tracy will be too shocked, either. Its just a shame that Tracy's character will probably be trashed (sorta) to make this happen. I am a LuNacy fan, but regardless of who she is paired with, I am a huge Tracy fan. So I do not care all that much that the couple will likely part, just so long as they write more efficiently for the Tracy character. Jane Elliot deserves better, and so does Tracy. I will also miss the TraLu relationship. I doubt that their close relationship will endure after Luke is out of the picture and is out of Spanky's life. What do you guys think? Do you think Tracy and Lulu's connection has the potential to survive after Luke reunites with Laura?
  5. First, I must say that I looooooooove all of the Tracy love that this board has. That makes my heart leap, it really does. However, with all of that being said, I do not understand the Laura Webber hate. She is just as much a veteran as is Tracy, Luke, Scotty, or any of the other old school characters. For the record, I feel that a character is only as good as the writers allow them to be. Laura's "failure to deliver" is due to the lackluster writing, to tell the truth. Genie Frances is a good actress, plain and simple. She can hold her own with the best of them. The only problem is that the dedication of the writers isn't there. If you ask me, perhaps its the writers' intentions to write her character that way - to make the fans of GH prefer Luke with Tracy when it is a given that Luke will always love Laura. As much as I ship LuNacy, I know that if Luke Spencer had his swan song tomorrow, it would be Laura that he rode into the sunset with. Not Tracy!!!!!!! Now that I got that off of my chest, I must say that Tracy has been outstanding lately, as she always is. Even with what I wrote in the last paragraph, I will say that if they wrote both Luke and Tracy as they were written twenty years ago, then they could be the perfect power couple. They could be the Alan and Monica of new. However, until the writers dedicate the writing to being that epic again, it ain't happening. I personally wouldn't mind seeing Tracy pair up with Scotty again and seeing them have sex on a desk again (yes, that would make Luke's heart sink for sure), but that doesn't seem to be what's going to happen. Bottom line is I will always love the Tracy Zacchara character. I'm just saying that I will not reduce myself to hating Laura, Luke's "real wife", just to showcase my Tracy worship. They both are great characters. Lest the GH writers forget that fact!
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