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  1. On 5/15/2019 at 4:08 PM, DaytimeFan said:


    You have zero evidence of any of this. If you have receipts, please give them, I know Kyle and Erika and Teddi would be overjoyed to get some evidence. 


    As well, your line of thinking ignores the fact that Dorit was bound by the adoption contract to return the dog to Vanderpump Dogs. 


    I just watched the last two episodes. I didn't see anyone in need of "receipts". LOL. So much fun without all the backstabbing and game playing.


    LVP is a long-time pro at this so I am sure there aren't any "receipts" in danger of seeing the light of day in the possession of her employees. I love how Teddi brings everyone back to reality when they start getting sentimental or nostalgic. Like those who have Stockholm syndrome.


    I'm a from day 1 fan of RHOBH and I am not an LVP fan anymore. Or Stan. Whatever.


  2. BH: I am sorry but excuse me. LVP orchestrated this entire thing. When the dog was returned, she set all the wheels in motion. When a dog bites a child and has to be returned, what kind of person immediately thinks about using it (one of the most emotional issues in the world - pets) to ruin other women on TV? This issue was full-on BEFORE the Radar article. LVP may very well be truthful about not knowing "who" contributed to the Radar article. What does that one detail mean exactly? Nothing. Please be gone from RHOBH LVP and Camille.

  3. 12 hours ago, xtr said:



    Here are pictures of Lily as Iris/Cane/Flynn, Devon seeing Hilary and some other pictures from scenes of tomorrow's show: Someone had posted these on Twitter.









    Seriously? THIS is the best JG can do for Traci and "Lane" ?


    I am beyond disappointed, already.


  4. I just don't know what to think about LVP on BHRH. Grief can make people act out, for sure. But she is notorious for this kind of thing.


    She set this in motion - THIS issue (pets) that enrages people - - causing people to be threatening towards Dorit's (who is my least favorite HW) children because of it.


    LVP should have never gone there.


    She seemed convincing when she was lashing out against the radar accusations..... But IDK.


    It definitely did not turn me against all the other women.

  5. I would love to see Hartley's Adam interacting with Miller's Billy...  I am meh about Adams' recast and the thought of Chelsea being recast. Say what you will about the character Chelsea...but I really enjoyed MCE in the role after a while.


    I am not impressed by JV's Rey but he is much better than JV's Tony on GL. But that's not saying much. This show could be stellar with better casting, now that the writing regime has changed. JMO.

  6. 3 hours ago, ajsp35801 said:

    Noemi announced it on Twitter yesterday. 


    Thank you. I read that in the April spoilers thread after I posted this...

    2 hours ago, DramatistDreamer said:

    I don't even watch this show anymore and just based on what I've read over the past month and even I knew that Mia was not long for the GC canvas.  Sounds like someone's preggers with Arturo's baby.


    1 hour ago, ajsp35801 said:


    I don't think she will have a baby either. I think May sweeps will see her going out in a blaze of glory. 


    I hope her attack on Lola will be revealed... Don't know if Arturo will be an option for her if that happens.

  7. IDGAF about the Rosales family in the front burner capacity (according to comments and recaps) they are in. At all.


    In terms of his job, Rey should have only been featured less prominently in scenes WITH Paul.


    Is the guy hidden in the Newman walls, "Though The Eyes of A Killer" style, really Adam?


    When will Melissa Claire Egan be back? I read something about her leaving Y&R having been associated with the Moonves scandal...


    Mal was not as bad as MAB or Phelps, or Pratt in some ways but in other ways HE WAS. So ready for his stuff to end and be cleaned up. Seems endless at this point.

  8. I haven't watched since the day before the episode when Nick decided to go with arbitration. And I don't miss it. I'm not angry and not terribly sad. I was angry at Maria Bell, Pratt, and Sally Sussman after her second interview (where she said she lied in her first interview), but now I'm done. I had watched from day 1. Victor going after Christian and now MM being treated the way she was (I just read the interview) just ended it for me. This is a huge accomplishment Y&R, for whoever is making these decisions. There is so much good writing and drama on TV nowadays. I really don't understand why Y&R has been held back from being stellar. *shrugs* I'm letting it go.


  9. It's going to be like the gaping hole Dru left. Hillary's plight was sort of like Dru's, or at least it seemed that way with Devon finally coming around. I don't recall if others had issues with Dru after Neil came around.


    I am thinking about the podcast with MM and BJ and to me it painted CK in a bad light, even IF MM and CK did become friends later. I am wondering if CK didn't like it...and if that meant DG and KSJ didn't like it. Will Lily, Cane and Neil be responsible for Hillary's exit?


    Maybe I'm wrong. I just can't stand Lily and Cane and I admit that. Bryton said he's Godfather to Lily's child and one of DG's. I hate how DG remains on the show and I hated how it was reported that CK wanted VR gone. I am biased. I am.

  10. Did I misunderstand Devon? He made a comment about purchasing the apartment on the floor below. Doesn't he own the entire building?


    Summer is very different! and HK seems to have lost her lisp.


    I love Erica as Farrah.


    Still ticked about Victor re: Christian. Hate it that they are doing this to give Lauren Woodland a SL. I can't watch Victor do this again. I'm sorry LW.

  11. On 4/27/2018 at 4:37 PM, Antoyne said:

    Hilary is there so the Winters have a punching bag and can be morally superior to someone. She was my favorite for a long time but the writing for her has killed that. MM is a talent, but even still she can’t save the awful writing they continuously throw at her.


    I felt the same way about Hillary but watching her last week and reading May sweep's spoilers has got me rooting for her. I don't know why.

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