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  1. Hey guys, thanks so much once again for listening to the show with Susie Horgan and Thom Racina, and for your help with all the great questions and topics of conversation. (You all were lifesavers, and I was more than happy to give credit where it was due!) I, too, was surprised at a couple of her memory lapses (or, at least, what I perceived to be memory lapses), but we're all human after all!
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to thank you all so much for all your great, great questions for Susan Bedsow Horgan. We had a fabulous chat on Friday afternoon, and I will be airing the resulting conversation as my final episode of this year tomorrow night at 10pm EDT / 7pm PDT. Here are the details: A brand-spankin'-new DVD box set of classic episodes of the legendary soap As the World Turns has just been released, and since my new pal SUSAN BEDSOW HORGAN --- who was the head writer for World Turns for a time in the mid-'80s, and whose May 2011 appearance on Brandon's Buzz has been far and away my most popular installment of this year --- has some work included in this set (and since I'd been dying to have another chat with her anyway), I was thrilled to invite her --- and, as luck would have it, her great friend THOM RACINA, whose early-'80s work on General Hospital and Days of Our Lives is the stuff of soap legend, and who just happened to be visiting Susan the day I interviewed her --- back to Brandon's Buzz for another chat about a life spent spinning suds! Brandon's Buzz episode #87, featuring soap writers SUSAN BEDSOW HORGAN & THOM RACINA Tuesday, December 13, 2011 10pm EDT / 7pm PDT http://www.blogtalkradio.com/brandonsbuzz An mp3 podcast version of this episode will available as a free download from the iTunes music store beginning on Wednesday morning. Thank you for humoring me with my requests for questions, and I hope you guys enjoy the show!
  3. I believe Brian Frons had already moved on to NBC by the time of Susan's tenure.
  4. No it's great. Susie gave me a few talking points, but I would never have known about any of that stuff. It will give us a great foundation to build upon, I think. Thanks so much!
  5. You're a lifesaver, Carl. Thanks so much for all the great questions, everyone! Keep 'em coming!
  6. Hey all, I host a radio show on BlogTalkRadio called "Brandon's Buzz" and back in May, I had a conversation on my show with One Life to Live's former executive producer Susan Bedsow Horgan. I promoted it on several boards, and was surprised to be bombarded with questions about her tenure on As the World Turns as a producer and head writer. I'd never been a regular World Turns watcher, so I had no idea at the time that Ms. Horgan was actually the head writer of the show for a time in the mid-'80s. She mentioned during our first chat that she was responsible for bringing Bob and Kim back together during her tenure, and since the Bob/Kim wedding is part of the new ATWT DVD box set of episodes, I am bringing back Ms. Horgan to Brandon's Buzz soon for a more in-depth chat about her World Turns days. She has given me some talking points, but since I was never a regular WT fan, I wanted to cast a net to you guys and see if I could get a sense of what any of you are interested in learning from her, either about her days as a producer and writer on ATWT or about her stunning tenure on One Life throughout the early and mid-'90s. Fire away, guys, we'd both love to hear what you all are thinking!
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