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  1. Those pics are adorable!! BTW, I'm watching right now and girlie looks gorgeous!
  2. Why does it look like JE is wearing some hospital bracelet thingy? Is she? Or was I just spinning too much at rehearsals tonight?
  3. Wow her hair looks super red in that medianet photo. My hair was that color once, I'm thinking of going that color again too. Tis just a matter of getting to the store.
  4. NLG posted this on her twitter.. @NancyLeeGrahn Off to have lunch and dish w/ Ms. Elliot. She's already made me promise to pinky tweet our gossip. Sorry guys! xo then this @NancyLeeGrahn Lunch w/ Jane led to shoppping w/ Jane which led me to spend mucho dollars for which I blame Jane Please who wouldn't want to have lunch and go shopping with the ab fab Jane Elliot!? I'm going through withdrawal, she needs screentime!! In other news, I had an interview last week for a job on-campus and I got it! Then I got the lead female part in the play for which I auditioned!
  5. ^ That pic wins on an epic level (mostly because I'm going through GH/Tracy withdrawal).
  6. Sorry I haven't been around much, just moved in/started college. Life's a little hectic and I need to go buy a long cable for my tv oy.
  7. It totally figures our girl would be on the week I start college! In other news, I hate packing... a lot! My mother went kinda nuts and bought me a whole bunch of stuff (for someone who is sick, she sure can shop haha) which was really nice... but now I have no clue how to pack all of it. Ugh.
  8. Si, they worked! ::puts on sweetest smile:: I was wondering if any of you wonderful people had clips of when Tracy and Laura were arguing in the Q living room? I can't remember the date. Pretty please!?
  9. I love that pic! I bow down to the Grand Dame of Daytime Jane Elliot! Much better outfit, I agree. Thanks so much for the clips!
  10. Flying by my face. Oh gawd... that means I have less than a month until I start college. [insert panic attack]
  11. I used to watch ATWT all the time. As of late it has gotten a bit dull and slow, but with them coming things should liven up. I was kinda shocked when I found out Lynn Herring would be playing Henry's (trent dawson) mom, but I'm kinda excited. He's very quirky and fun... and last I saw dressing like a woman for a tv show (then again he's always dressing up as a woman for schemes and such haha). Tracy's on today (don't know for how long but still it's something). Hair: same as it has been, but I'm not complaining. Outfit: Black pants and white shirt w/ that funky collar (like the jacket she wore to Emily's funeral). I don't think I've ever seen this outfit before... I like it! It's better than some of the others she's worn lately ::glares::
  12. Soooo.... not much has changed then. I've been so bored that my friends and I have decided to write a tv show! Yeah we're weird...
  13. Heyyyy everyone. I just spent the weekend at my college's freshman orientation. It was rather hectic, but fun. I also find it funny that the friends I made were all guys. Go figure. GH is seriously getting boring, although I did like the girls singing "Dontcha" (or however you spell it).
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