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DAYS #119: Sami rushes to stop the wedding, Sonny stands up to EJ




Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson


EJ stands in Gabi, Sonny, and Will's apartment, holding a pistol he was about to hand Gabi. Sonny stands in the doorway to the bedroom, glaring angrily at EJ.


EJ: Sonny.


Gabi turns around to look at Sonny, who walks hastily over and takes the gun from EJ's hand.


SONNY: What the HELL do you think you're doing bringing a gun in this house, EJ?
EJ: Sonny, let me explain--
SONNY: NO! No, you LISTEN to me, EJ. I am not going to have Ariana living with a deadly weapon lying around, ready to be used whenever a wind picks up and a treebranch taps the window pane because we're all so terrified of what Nick Fallon's gonna do next. 


EJ looks away, shaking his head as he allows Sonny to finish his rant.


SONNY: And before you tell me this is supposed to protect us, I think we can find a slightly better way than packing heat everywhere we go.
EJ: Sonny, Nick Fallon is threat.
SONNY: He may be, but he's too smart, and too cunning to attack us at this stage in the game with violence.


EJ looks at Sonny, an unsure look on his face.


EJ: Not...neccessarily. Not anymore.


Sonny looks back at EJ, confused.




Sami stands in the DiMera living room, shocked by the news she's just heard from Nick, who sits causally in the easychair facing her.


SAMI: He's WHAT??!
NICK: Getting married to Nicole. In...


Nick checks his watch for a second, before looking up at Sami, smiling widely.


NICK: About an hour?


Sami rushes forward, heading for the door of the living room to show Nick out.


SAMI: You're lying. I KNOW you're lying. You're just trying to get me going and...
NICK: I saw the appointment booking. They're probably headed the justice of the peace right now.


Nick gets up from his seat, turning toward Sami who has her hand on the knob of the door leading out of the living room. She stops before opening it, then turns back to face Nick.


SAMI: My brother wouldn't be so stupid as to marry Nicole Walker.
NICK: Do you really have the time to debate me about it? Look, you've done me a huge favour by offering Gabi that contract, and I'm willing to pay it forward. I'm not trying to get one over on you. 


Sami laughs to her herself as she responds sarcastically.


SAMI: Oh...that's a first.


Nick looks at Sami, deadly serious as he steps toward her.


NICK: Sami. Do you really think you have the time to second guess me on this? If I were you, I'd be in my car already, trying to stop this farce of a wedding from happening. No?


Sami stops a moment, looking away from Nick before opening the door to the living room.


SAMI: I guess I'd better get ready to go.


Nick smiles smugly as he heads out.


NICK: You're welcome.


After heading out, Sami closes the door behind him. Frustrated, she contemplates her action plan.


Having a sudden epiphany, she heads over to the landline phone on the desk at the opposite end of the room, and makes a call.




At Marlena's penthouse, a relaxed Marlena gets up from having breakfast and digs through her purse to find her cell phone.


Putting it to her ear, she answers.


MARLENA: (into phone) Sami?




Sami answers, a definite sense of urgency in her voice.


SAMI: (into phone) Mom, where are you?




Marlena's expression shifts immediately, suddenly concerned by her daughter's tone.


MARLENA: (into phone) I'm at home. Sami? What's going on?




SAMI: (into phone) I don't have time to explain, meet me at city hall right now. It's an emergency.


Sami hangs up the phone, almost slamming it onto the receiver, before taking a moment to think of her action plan.


SAMI: You're not gonna get away with this, Nicole. Not on my watch.




Marlena stands in her living room, confused and worried, as she tries to get Sami to answer.


MARLENA: (into phone) Sami? Sami? Are you...?


Marlena looks at her phone, seeing that Sami ended the call. Worried, she immediately heads for her bedroom to get ready to go meet Sami.




Valerie sits on her sofa in her living room, attempting to set something up on her laptop. Visibly frustrated, she tenses up as though ready to hit the computer, before hearing Jerome come down the stairs, ready to head off for the day. Valerie turns, hopeful that Jerome can help.


VALERIE: Oh! Jerome! Good morning!


Jerome stops once he reaches the bottom of the staircase. Turning to face his grandma, she pulls him by the shirt toward him to greet him with a morning kiss on the cheek.


JEROME: Hey, Grandma.
VALERIE: Hey. You want some breakfast before you head out?


Jerome hesitates, not wanting to stick around, but trying not to be rude.


JEROME: Uhhhh actually, I was gonna meet some guys from the university at the Brady Pub.
VALERIE: Oh. That's a shame. I uh....I actually needed your help with something before you left. Do you...do you have a second for me?


Jerome shrugs, politely smiling at his grandmother.


JEROME: Yeah. Sure.
VALERIE: Good. Cos' this here is about to make your grandmother lose her mind.


Valerie walks Jerome over to her laptop, motioning to him.


JEROME: Okay, what's the problem?
VALERIE: I have to do an interview for a nurse I'm looking to hire for the hospital, and they want me to do it online using this....video chat business. And I do NOT know the first thing about setting this up.


Jerome laughs for a second with Valerie, before nodding.


JEROME: Yeah, that's cool. I can set you up in two seconds.
VALERIE: Jerome Grant, you are a lifesaver.


Jerome sits himself down on the couch and quickly sets everything up for the video chat, he looks up at Valerie, who stands over him, watching what he's doing. He asks her a question.


JEROME: Now I just need her name and account name so we can finish setting it all up.


Valerie points to a specific tab on the computer screen to guide Jerome.


VALERIE: Oh! It's um...this one here.


Jerome clicks on the tab that shows the woman's resumé. After plugging in her handle into the chat program, her profile appears on the screen, complete with her picture.


Her name is Crystal Clarke.


Jerome stops a moment, suddenly very focused on the woman's face. A very pretty woman with short, bright red hair in a pixie cut, soft chubby cheeks, and a bright smile. 

After a moment he notices a striking resemblance to Sheryl. Certainly, the two women have some significant differences in their appearance. This woman's hair, in colour and length, differ significantly from Sheryl's. Additionally, this woman is somehwat chubbier than Sheryl, and their eye colours are somewhat different. But the resemblance is still uncanny to Jerome.


Thinking fast, Jerome looks back at his grandmother.


JEROME: I...uh...I think we're ready. So just...


Jerome gets up from his seat, and guides Valerie onto the couch in his stead. He points toward a specific spot on the screen.


JEROME: Just...click there when you wanna connect the call, and you're good.
VALERIE: Thank you, baby.


Valerie kisses Jerome lovingly on the cheek before he steps away from the couch. He stops to tell Valerie something.


JEROME: Anytime. Look, I...uh....I think I will stick around and grab some coffee at least.
VALERIE: It's all ready for you in the kitchen.


Jerome smiles at his grandma before continuing on to the kitchen.


JEROME: Thanks, Grandma.


Jerome heads for the kitchen, stopping just at the doorway as he continues to think over his plan.


JEROME: If I didn't believe in miracles before...this might be just what we needed to finish this job once and for all.







Sheryl paces her hotel room in the sleazy hotel at the edge of town Jerome has set up for her. The darkness of the room irritates her, as she has on the bedside lamps and turns on the room's lights, but it's still not enough. She looks over at the room's phone, contemplating making a call to Jordan, but quickly realizes that would be at once foolish and in vain.


SHERYL: Are you stupid? Jordan's not gonna take your calls at this rate. You just gotta sit tight and wait for word.


Suddenly, the room's phone rings. Sheryl lurches forward, quickly pulling the receiver to her ear in desperation.


SHERYL: Hello?




It's Jerome. He stands in his kitchen at home, stirring his cup of coffee as he cheerfully greets Sheryl, almost in a singsong voice.


JEROME: (into phone) I've got some good news for you.




SHERYL: (into phone) I could use some right about now. What is it?




JEROME: (into phone) I may have a way for us to pull this job off after all.




Sheryl smiles widely, a sudden glimmer of hope finally coming through for her.




Alex walks over to Noelle, who is still lying in bed nursing her hangover. Noelle holds up her tablet which shows his mother's picture on the front page of the Salem Spectator, alongside the headline:




Alex sighs as he reads the headline. He responds sarcastically.


ALEX: Great. She finally did it.
NOELLE: Look, I know this is...a huge issue between you guys--


Alex snaps at Noelle, trying to stop her from carrying on with this topic.


ALEX: Look, I don't...I don't wanna get into this right now. You know how I feel about my mother and her...politics.


Noelle leans over in bed, as Alex sits down on the bed next to her. She puts a hand on his shoulder, hoping to comfort him.


NOELLE: I do. And I know that you want to keep your life out of the spotlight, and her running for office...severely hampers that. We can keep our distance from her. I mean...she's not in Salem, so we won't have to attend all kinds of party events and fundraisers.
ALEX: That's not the point. I'll still get asked for my input. What am I gonna say? No, I don't support anything my mother stands for. No, I don't want her to win the governor's seat! Why do you ask?


Noelle laughs momentarily, while rubbing her husband's shoulders, starting to lift herself out of bed.


NOELLE: Look, just...don't let it bug you too much. If it helps, I'll call Anjelica and we'll work something out. Okay? 


Noelle leans in close to Alex's ear, and whispers sensually into it.


NOELLE: Now...why don't you...take a bit more time getting ready.


Noelle giggles, as she lets her hands wander from her husband's shoulders, leading down to his chest.


NOELLE: I guess I'm starting to feel a bit better.


Alex smiles, but takes Noelle's hands off him, and gets up.


ALEX: I wish I could but...I have too much to go over this morning, and Justin sent me a text saying there was something big that came up last night I have to deal with so...I gotta run. I'm sorry.


Noelle smiles, disappointed but understanding.


NOELLE: It's okay. I understand. 
ALEX: Look, I gotta get ready. You gonna stay in bed awhile.


Noelle sits in bed, as Alex leans in and kisses Noelle gently on the lips.


ALEX: I'll let you rest. I'll see you tonight. I might have a surprise waiting for you.
NOELLE: Ooo! I look forward to it. I love you.


Alex breaks away from Noelle and heads for the door, flashing a sexy smile at his wife.


ALEX: Love you too.


Once Alex closes the door, Noelle sighs. She gets up from her bed and grabs her cell phone, placing a call.


After a moment, someone answers, and Noelle is none too pleased.


NOELLE: (into phone) Just when the Hell were you gonna tell me you were running? We had a deal, Anjelica!




Sonny reacts to EJ's comment in equal measures of frustration and confusion.


SONNY: Wh-what do you mean, not anymore? I...

As Sonny reacts, Will emerges from the bedroom, half-asleep and confused.


WILL: Guys, what's all the...EJ?


EJ looks over at Will, feeling guilty for having woken him up. He nods a greeting Will's way.


EJ: William.


Sonny turns toward Will, almost laughing at the situation he finds so absurd.


SONNY: Will! You know what all this noise is? EJ's decided that the best way to protect us from Nick is to bring a gun into our home. Because that's a responsible environment to raise Ariana in. Don't you think?


Will looks over at Sonny, Gabi, then EJ, and back to Sonny, responding a little sheepishly.


WILL: Well, uh...I mean...maybe it's because I'm still half-asleep but...he may have a point.


Sonny looks back at Will, mystified and outraged by his statement.




Marlena walks out of the front door to her building. Spotting Sami's car out front, she approaches, surprised to see her daughter there.


SAMI: Mom,  get in.
MARLENA: What are you talking about?
SAMI: Mom, Eric may be about to make the biggest mistake of his life. There's no time. Come on, I'll drive.


Marlena looks at Sami, more worried than ever, as she wordlessly gets into the passenger's side of Sami's car and closes the door.


Sami immediately speeds off once they're both inside.




Nicole and Eric sit in the car together, the both of them blissfully happy as they head for Salem City Hall to be married.


ERIC: You excited?


Nicole cocks an eyebrow at Eric, who chuckles to himself as Nicole responds.


NICOLE: What do you think? Seriously though, I am so grateful that we got a second chance, Eric. You don't even know how happy I am to be getting married to you today.
ERIC: You and me both. I know I don't...speak about this much but...you know...after what happened with Kristen and...Dr. Chyka getting away and...all that stuff with the church...I could've very easily fallen into a really dark place.


Nicole zones out, contemplating her own part in the Dr. Chyka affair. She flashes back to her meeting with Hope upon their return from Dr. Chyka's cabin, when Hope told Nicole that it was better they hadn't found anything in the cabin, as it would harm Eric's case rather than help.

She then recalls putting the files proving Kristen drugged Eric in her desk drawer.


Eric squeezes Nicole's hand, snapping her out of her thoughts.


ERIC: Nicole.


Nicole looks up, back at Eric. She smiles.


NICOLE: Sorry. My mind...wandered.
ERIC: Apparently! 


Nicole and Eric laugh together as Eric turns into the parking lot at the city hall. Stopping the car, he puts the car in Park and pulls the keys from the ignition. He stops before getting out and looks over at Nicole.


ERIC: Well, I just want you to know...I thank you. I couldn't have made it through all of this without you.


Nicole begins to tear up, leaning in to kiss Eric. After they kiss gently on the lips, Eric unfastens his seatbelt and opens the door.


ERIC: Are you ready to become Mrs. Eric Brady?


Nicole laughs, unable to hide her glee.


NICOLE: I am SO ready.
ERIC: Well, let's go!


Nicole unbuckles her seatbelt and quickly leaves the car at the same time as Eric. They shut their respective doors almost completely in sync.




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