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DAYS #118: EJ gives Gabi some extra protection, Nick tells Sami about the wedding




Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson


Gabi walks around the main room of her shared apartment with Sonny and Will, holding Ariana in her arms as she feeds her her bottle. Ari stays peaceful and quiet as Gabi quietly sings to her, as a knock on the door is heard.


Surprised, as it's relatively early in the morning for visitors, Gabi walks cautiously toward the door.


GABI: Seriously? It's like...6:30 in the morning. Who the...


Gabi opens the door to find EJ standing on the other side, looking back at her gravely.


EJ: Gabi, I'm sorry, but this is an emergency.


Gabi looks back at EJ, confused and surprised by EJ's rather dramatic greeting.




Sami stands in the DiMera living room, trying in vain to get EJ to pick up his phone.


SAMI: Ugh! Straight to voicemail again? Come on, EJ!


Putting the phone down on the desk, she pinches the bridge of her nose momentarily, trying to figure out what emergency EJ could possibly have at 6:30am, when Harold emerges from the foyer, getting Sami's attention immediately.


SAMI: Harold?
HAROLD: Uh, a Mr. Fallon to see you, Mum.


Sami's expression changes immediately to one of irritation as Nick steps into the room, a smile on his face.


Daniel stands behind his desk in his office at University Hospital, putting down his tablet, as someone knocks on his office door.


DANIEL: Come in!


Billie bursts through the door, a bit out of breath and an excited look on her face.


BILLIE: Daniel! Come, quick!


Daniel walks toward Billie, a worried look in his eye.


DANIEL: Billie? What happened?


Billie starts to smile as she tells Daniel her news.


BILLIE: It's Theresa. I think she's starting to wake up.




In Theresa's hospital room, a woman in black pumps stands by the door. In her hand, a filled syringe.


She slowly steps toward Theresa, being careful not to make a sound as she approaches Theresa's hospital bed.


Theresa lays in her bed, still unconscious, as the woman standing over her leans over to grab her IV.


As the woman jabs the syringe into the IV line and injects the liquid into Theresa's IV, Theresa's head begins to move as her eyes begin to twitch. Theresa struggles to wake up as she sees the blurry shape of a woman standing over her.


The woman pulls the syringe out and quickly makes her way out of the room. 


Theresa, squinting as she struggles to wake up, tries in vain to lift her arm up to reach out to the woman before her energy dissipates yet again and she descends slowly back into her coma.







Noelle wakes up, groggy and sore. She opens one eye slowly, making a sour face. Checking the room around her, she spies Alex walking to the vanity by the bed in nothing but a towel, drying his hair with another towel. Noelle slowly flops over to face her husband.


NOELLE: Ughhh.
ALEX: Good morning to you too.


Noelle lies back in bed, closing her eyes again, hoping to dull her throbbing headache.


NOELLE: Ugh wake me up next month.


Alex rolls his eyes, somewhat amused by his wife's hangover.


ALEX: You know, I know you don't wanna hear this, but it serves you right.


Noelle stays lying back in bed with her eyes closed as she whines back at Alex.


NOELLE: Shut uuuup. What do you mean?
ALEX: Well, you know, if you hadn't snuck into Victor's room and had a go at him--
NOELLE: Aleeeex, come on. Let this go, please?


Alex turns around, exasperated.


ALEX: Well, come on, Noelle. He's family. Whether you like it or not.
NOELLE: Ugghh, don't remind me.


Noelle fumbles about, flailing to try to feel where her tablet is. Finding it on the bedside table, she haphazardly pulls it toward her and turns it on to read the news.


Alex, meanwhile, bends down to open his underwear drawer, pulling out his briefs for the day.


ALEX: I'm just saying.


Noelle doesn't look up, simply shakes her head gently as she tries to ignore her husband, hoping he either stops talking or changes the subject.


NOELLE: Fine. Whatever.


After a moment, Noelle's eyes widen, shocked by the headline.




Alex stops grabbing his clothing from the drawers of the vanity and straightens up, looking over at Noelle by staring into the mirror.


ALEX: What?
NOELLE: Not what....who.


Noelle turns her tablet to face Alex. Before him is a picture of his mother under the headline that reads:




Alex looks over, visibly displeased by the headline.


Daniel steps excitedly into Theresa's room, immedately stepping to her side to check her vitals.


He inspects everything, but sees nothing unusual. He opens her eyelids to check for signs of consciousness, flashing a light into them, before stepping back. 


He shakes his head, hanging back a moment in hopes that maybe he was wrong. Daniel waits a moment before stepping back in closer to her, and taking her hand in his, gently calling out to her.


DANIEL: Theresa? It's Dr. Jonas. 


Daniel waits a moment, before continuing.


DANIEL: Theresa? Can you hear me? If you can, squeeze my hand.


Daniel waits for some kind of small sign from Theresa's again-comatose body, before letting go of her hand and heading out into the lobby, where Billie awaits.


Once Daniel emerges, Billie anxiously walks over to him and puts a shaking hand on his chest.


BILLIE: So? Is she coming to?


Daniel sighs and slowly shakes his head, as Billie's hands quake even more. 


DANIEL: There's no indication she's coming around at all, Billie. I'm sorry, I--
BILLIE: Did you call our to her? Did you put your--your hand, did...did you hold her hand?


Daniel looks down as Billie holds her still-shaking hands up, before resting them against his body.


DANIEL: I'm sorry, Billie.


She presses herself against Daniel's body as he takes her in his arms to comfort her as she begins to cry.


BILLIE: No...she...I felt her hands, Daniel...
DANIEL: I know...I know...


Daniel strokes Billie's head with one hand and holds her close to him in the other, as she rests her head against his chest.




Sami leans against the desk in the DiMera living room as Nick stands just inside the doorway. Harold steps out of the room and closes the door behind him, leaving Nick and Sami alone in the room. Sami barely blinks as she glowers at Nick and his sunny expression.


NICK: Well, good morning to you too, Sami!
SAMI: What do you want, Nick?
NICK: Oh, trust me. Nothing bad.


Nick all-too-casually steps toward the armchair, sitting himself down and making himself comfortable in it as Sami remains leaned against the desk, scowling back at him.


SAMI: Why does that somehow scare me even more?
NICK: A negative outlook. Seasonal depression. Irregularity. Could be a lot of things. 


Nick looks over at Sami's mug on the desk beside her and points to it, cracking another joke.


NICK: Oo! Coffee could help, maybe you're the kind that need two cups in the morning.


Sami stands upright, folding her arms in as she maintains her distance from Nick.


SAMI: You know, you're awfully quick with a cheap crack for 7am, Nick. You might wanna cut back on the energy drinks, yourself.
NICK: Nah, I'm high enough on life right now. And besides, you could make my high even greater if you have that little...proposal we talked about?
SAMI: Oh, you mean Gabi's modelling contract? Yeah, I sent it to her yesterday, she'll give me her decision this afternoon.


Nick smirks as he clasps his hands together in almost comical self-satisfaction.


NICK: Good. Excellent work, Sami. I think you've earned yourself a little reward for your efforts.


Sami guffaws at Nick's offer, laughing at the absurdity of the situation.


SAMI: A reward? Nick, I hardly think you have very much that I would want.
NICK: Ohhhhh, I think you might want this. In fact, I guarantee it.


Sami squints, studying the situation and Nick's guarded body language, before speaking up.


SAMI: Okay, I'll bite. What's my great reward?
NICK: My continued silence about your questionable lifesaving skills...and some valuable information.
SAMI: Information? What kind?
NICK: Ohhh very valuable. You might wanna sit down for this.


Sami rolls her eyes as she resolutely refuses to move from her spot by the desk.


SAMI: I'll take my chances, what is it?


Nick's expression changes to one of deadly seriousness.


NICK: It's your brother, Eric. He's getting married today. To Nicole Walker.


Sami's eyes widen as the colour drains from her face.




Gabi stands in the doorway of the apartment, stunned by EJ's early visit.


GABI: I...wh--come in, wh...what's going on?


Gabi steps out of the doorway to let EJ in, and she shuts the door behind him.


EJ: Samantha told me about the bidding war Nick's setting up to try to reel you in.
GABI: Oh...yeah...what about it?


EJ steps in closer, in disbelief about Gabi's nonchalance regarding the situation.


EJ: Gabi, you've readdicted Nick to the same prescription that drove him to murder, and kidnapping in the first place.
GABI: Well, yeah, but I can handle it. Nick's gonna slip up soon and we'll catch him and get him thrown in jail before it goes too far.


EJ becomes increasingly emphatic with Gabi, trying to get her to see the gravity of the situation, while simultaneously trying to hold his voice down so as not to be overheard by Will or Sonny.


EJ: No, you cannot handle it on your own, Gabi. I didn't tell you this but that dosage I gave you was far stronger than the first bottle I gave you. Nick is about one step away from a total meltdown right now and if he finds out you, Samantha, and Kate are trying to play him, he's going to take some drastic steps, and I don't think anyone will be safe if he does that.


Gabi curls in her lips, frustrated by EJ's clarity. After a moment of trying to rock Ariana so as to keep her calm in this tense situation, Gabi sighs and responds to EJ.


GABI: Okay, fine. What are we gonna do then?


EJ reaches into his jacket as he replies.


EJ: Well, I'll tell you the first thing you're going to do, and that's carry this with you everywhere you go.


EJ pulls a Glock pistol from his jacket, immediately causing Gabi to tense up.

EJ holds the gun out for Gabi to take, but a voice calls out before Gabi can reach out for it.


SONNY: What in the HELL is that gun doing in our home?!


Gabi and EJ both turn around quickly to see a just-awoken Sonny standing in the doorway of his and Will's bedroom, looking stunned and infuriated.




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