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DAYS #86: The Kiriakis Family Dinner (Part 2) - Will meets a new (unwelcome?) family member





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Sonny walks up to the door of the Kiriakis Mansion, and rings the doorbell, while Will stands behind him, trying to hide his annoyance at having to be at this family dinner to begin with. Henderson opens the door.

SONNY: Hey, Henderson, we're here...

Sonny is taken aback, when he looks behind Henderson, to see a face he hasn't seen in years.

SONNY: Oh my God....Alex???
ALEX: Hey, my man, how are you??
SONNY: Oh WOW, this is...WOW, look at you, man! It's so good to see you!

Sonny races inside to give Alex a hug, as Will steps inside, a wave of horror washes over him. Sonny turns to face Will, a huge smile on his face as he speaks.

SONNY: Alex, I want you to meet my fiancé, Will Horton. Will, this is my brother, Alex Kiriakis.

Will turns ghost white, stunned into silence. Realizing what's happening, he snaps out of his daze and chokes out a reply. Feigning a smile.

WILL: I...yeah, we...we've met.
ALEX: Yeah! Turns out Will's my new employee.
WILL: Yeah! Keeping it in the family. You know.

Will sneaks a look at Sonny, whose eyes beg Will not to keep antagonizing him on this night. Will smiles, as Alex motions them into the living room.

ALEX: You, uh...you guys wanna come into the living room. We're having drinks before dinner.
SONNY: That...sounds like exactly what I need. Will?
WILL: Absolutely. Lead the way.

Sonny and Alex head into the living room, Will following closely behind, his face dropping as his sudden tension at being at dinner with both Alex and Sonny shows.


Jennifer walks into her living room, a file folder in hand, as Laura sits on the sofa, reading a book on her tablet. As Jennifer walks in, Laura looks up at her daughter and smiles.

LAURA: Jennifer! How was your day?

Jennifer sets the file folder on the desk in the corner of the room, before turning toward her mother, smiling, but with an visible tension about her body language.

JENNIFER: Oh, it was good. You know...quiet day. I had...a press release to finish up about our brand new chief of staff.
LAURA: Ohh Valerie Grant. It's...so exciting to have her back. I mean, I wish it were under different circumstances, but...
JENNIFER: I know...it's such a shock...Kayla taking off like that so suddenly. No word on why or...what's happening with Steve and Joey.
LAURA: I just hope they're okay.
JENNIFER: Yeah...so do I.

Jennifer looks to one side in the momentary silence between mother and daughter. She smiles quickly before heading for the kitchen.

JENNIFER: I, uh...I should go get myself together. Liam and I are going out tonight.

This causes Laura's eyes to bug out, suddenly worry showing across her face as she watches her daughter head out of the room.

LAURA: Going out, again? You...Jennifer, you and Liam have become...really close really quickly.

Jennifer stops in her tracks in the doorway. Turning around, a strange look on her face.

JENNIFER: Yes, we have. Uh...Mom...you know, you've been rather...uneasy with Liam lately. I mean...I know JJ has also had some...rather vocal misgivings about him as well.
LAURA: Yes, he has. And...I confess...so have I. But--
JENNIFER: ...Has JJ been putting these ideas in your head, Mom?

Laura turns to Jennifer, trying to put her at ease and reaching out, as Jenn walks back into the room, arms folded.

LAURA: Darling, no! Look, we just...we love you, and with Abigail away, and it being so little time since you and Daniel split...I just...I don't want you to rush into anything, I mean...are you going to be coming home tonight?

Jennifer turns to face Laura, arms still folded in discomfort at her mother's invasive line of questioning.

JENNIFER: Mother! Look, this is none of your business, I am a grown woman with adult children of my own. I don't have to tell you where and when I'm spending the night with a man I'm dating.

Laura puts up her hands to try to calm Jennifer down a moment.

LAURA: That's....that's not how I meant it. I'm just....I'm just saying, I want you to take it slow. I know how Daniel hurt you by lying about JJ and Theresa and I just...
JENNIFER: You're just looking out for me, I know...

Jennifer walks away again, her arms unfolding as she tries to calm down, realizing her mother's only looking out for her. After a moment, she turns again, cooled off enough to speak again.

JENNIFER: I know. It's just...JJ's different. I know he wants me and Daniel together, and...I don't know...
LAURA: Do you think JJ's making up trouble for nothing?

Jennifer ponders Laura's question a moment before answering.

JENNIFER: I don't know. I mean, maybe. Maybe he's just looking out for me.

Jennifer shrugs as she continues, pacing the room as she talks to Laura, almost thinking aloud as she does.

JENNIFER: Sometimes I wonder about Liam. I mean...today he came to visit me at work, and...he had some phone call. He hurried off. It was...it was bizarre, he seemed so...tense. 
LAURA: A phone call?
JENNIFER: Yeah...some deal he had to close with another hospital. It really seemed to upset him and he ran off.

Laura feigns cluelessness, as she tries to coax more information out of her daughter.

LAURA: Well, hopefully it clears up before tonight.

Laura gets up from the couch, putting a hand on her worried daughter's shoulder.

LAURA: Look, JJ will come around, and soon Abigail will be home, and...things will get back to normal again.

Jennifer smiles, the tension starting to ease off as she turns to face her mother, a warm smile on her face again.

JENNIFER: Thanks, Mom. And for the record, I have not been to Liam's home yet...I actually...honestly don't even know where he lives, if I'm honest. It's...strange, isn't it?

Suddenly, the doorbell rings, prompting a chuckling Jennifer to head for the door again, leaving Laura behind, her worry intensifying. Laura responds quietly, as Jenn leaves the room.

LAURA: Yes...very strange.

Jennifer steps into the foyer. Opening the door, she's surprised to see Billie waiting at her door.

JENNIFER: Billie! Oh my God, it's so good to see you!

Billie smiles widely, looking almost too happy to see her old friend as she waits at the door.



Jennifer hesitates for a moment, before stepping back from the door to invite Billie inside.

JENNIFER: Uh, sorry, oh gosh, Billie, come in.

Billie steps in, all smiles, with a tension in her smile, as she looks around to see if anyone else is at home. Jennifer turns to face Billie, holding her arms out for a hug.

BILLIE: Ohhh, thank you, it's so good to see you!

Jennifer and Billie hug tightly. Billie steps away from Jennifer, still holding her hands.

JENNIFER: You too. I'm surprised to see you just...drop by.
BILLIE: Yeah, sorry, I should have called first. I've been in town...well...a month or two now and...I just never called. I'm sorry, there's just been....a lot happening.

Jennifer looks with concern at Billie.

JENNIFER: I heard what happened with Theresa. I can't see her and I...ever saw eye to eye but...she didn't deserve this.

Billie looks down, trying to hold in her emotions. Her voice cracks a bit as she talks to Jennifer.

BILLIE: Yeah, well...ahem...she'll pull through this. She's pulled through a lot already.

Jennifer simply smiles in response. After a moment, Laura walks over, a bright smile on her face as she sees Billie.

LAURA: Billie! It's good to see you again.
BILLIE: Hi! Yes, it's been...years. Wow!
LAURA: Look, uh...Jenn, I'm just going upstairs a minute. I have a call to make.
JENNIFER: Alright, Mom.

Laura heads upstairs, as Jennifer guides Billie into the living room. Jennifer motions to the couch for Billie to sit. Billie obliges, as Jenn steps to the side table.

JENNIFER: Did you, uh...did you want some tea?
BILLIE: I'd love some, thanks.

Jennifer flips over two teacups from the tray on the table, pouring out tea from the pot next to it. Billie reluctantly speaks up, breaking the increasingly awkward silence.

BILLIE: So, uh...Jenn. I uh...I hear you've been...seeing someone. Does this mean you are...you know...over Daniel?

Jennifer looks up, setting the tea down before she overpours the tea. Turning to face Billie, she looks on with confusion at Billie's strange line of questioning.


Lucas sits at his desk at Titan, typing away at his computer, as Sheryl knocks on the door of his office. Lucas barely flinches at the distraction, choosing to continue his work. Sheryl, refusing to be ignored, speaks up.

SHERYL: Oh Mr. Horton. You have a visitor.

Lucas looks away finally, seeing Sheryl looking at him sensually. Lucas smiles back.

LUCAS: Sheryl! Hey! Um...hey, come in, I'll just be one second, okay?
SHERYL: Alright.

Sheryl steps into Lucas' office, walking up behind him, putting her hands on his shoulders, sensing tension in them. Lucas flinches as Sheryl rubs his shoulders gently.

SHERYL: Ooh, someone's feeling a bit tense.

Sheryl leans in, speaking softly into Lucas' ear as she rubs Lucas' shoulders more deeply. Lucas can't hide the discomfort he increasingly feels. As she does, Kate is about to enter Lucas' office, but stops, hearing Sheryl inside. She leans against the door and listens in silently.

SHERYL: I guess I should...(whispers) take care of that.

Sheryl bites Lucas' earlobe, finally causing Lucas to jump back. Sheryl jumps back as well, stunned by Lucas' strong negative reaction.

LUCAS: Sorry, I just...you caught me at a bad time.

Sheryl looks Lucas up and down, annoyed at the reaction to her sensual play from her partner.

SHERYL: I should say so. God, far be it from me to disturb you.

Lucas gets up from his seat, putting a hand to his forehead, as he tries to apologize.

LUCAS: Look, it's...it's not you, I just...there's a lot of stuff going down right now with work. You know, the TV station selling, the oil sands fiasco, and  Brady dying. It's just...I got a lot on my mind.

Sheryl takes a moment, before stepping towards Lucas again, trying to put a comforting hand on his shoulder. Kate spying even closer by the door, just out of eyeshot of the two inside.

SHERYL: Honey, I know that. That's why I wanted to...surprise you with a little...you know...affection.
LUCAS: I know, babe, but...look, just...just give me ten minutes and, I promise...I'll make this up to you, we'll go for some drinks and maybe a late dinner at Club TBD? How's that sound?

Sheryl cracks a smile again, noticing Lucas relaxing again.

SHERYL: Alright, you're on.
LUCAS: Great, uh...why don't you go ahead of me and, I'll meet you there in 20.

As Sheryl responds, Kate opens the door to let herself in. Sheryl looks on, surprised to see her.

KATE: Sheryl! What a surprise to see you in so late...putting in those overtime hours is paying off?
SHERYL: You could say that.

Kate smiles, but with an underlying coldness in her tone that Sheryl can sense.

KATE: Well, I wouldn't want you to overwork yourself. Go enjoy your evening.
SHERYL: Ohh, I intend to. I'll see you later?
KATE: Indeed.

Sheryl walks toward the door as Kate steps inside. Sheryl turns back to speak to Lucas as she rests her hand on the doorknob.

SHERYL: See you in a half hour?
LUCAS: Sounds good.
SHERYL: Alright, bye, honey.

As Sheryl closes the door, Kate turns to face Lucas, looking unimpressed.

KATE: A piece of advice?

Lucas looks at his mother, dreading what's about to come.

LUCAS: No, but I'm sure you'll give it to me anyway.

Kate leans over Lucas' desk, never taking her eyes off Lucas for a second.

KATE: If you intend on seeing this plan through, you're going to have to be an awful lot more convincing than what just went down.

Lucas looks on, looking simultaneously annoyed at his mother, and confounded that she was able to listen in.


At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano sits quietly in his executive chair, facing a raging fire, as the sun dims into dusk. He stares directly into the fire, contemplating the many matters on his mind at the moment. 

As he does, the doors of the living room open, Nick Fallon making something of a grand entrance.

NICK: Mr. DiMera, Sir! You will be pleased to know that everything is moving ever-so-quickly into place.

Stefano smiles, his eyes never moving from the fire as he responds to Nick.

STEFANO: I should hope so. You've done very well in bringing us Titan TV, now to bring us the rest of the empire...and Victor Kiriakis' head on a platter.


Victor stands in the living room, pouring himself a drink, as Sonny, Will, and Alex step inside. Victor looks over, and smiles.

VICTOR: Ah! Sonny! Will! Glad to see you've made it. A drink?

Will immediately pipes up, cheerily chiming in his response.

WILL: I'll have a double.

Sonny looks back, annoyance still lingering on his face, as Victor responds, holding a glass up.

VICTOR: Sonny?

Sonny hesistates, trying to communicate to Will to cool it, before turning to respond to Victor.

SONNY: Uh, yeah, Uncle Vic. Just a single for me, though.
VICTOR: Fine. You, Alex?
ALEX: I'll pass, Uncle Vic.

Victor prepares the drinks, as Victor continues, casually starting conversation.

VICTOR: So, Will! How are you finding working for EnerNext?

Will looks at Sonny, then Alex, smiling wryly as he responds to Victor.

WILL: So far, I love it. Everyone's been lovely, and your uh...nephew here has been incredibly welcoming.

Victor turns, heading over to hand Will his drink.

VICTOR: That's good to hear. And how are things between you and Sonny?

Sonny and Will look awkwardly at each other, before Sonny tries to end this line of questioning.

SONNY: Uh...Uncle Vic, I'd rather not--
WILL: ...Oh it's fine, Sonny. After all, you were more than open with Victor about how you feel about me having this job, I'm sure Victor won't mind me sharing how I feel.

Sonny looks at Will, shocked by his petulence.

ALEX: I...think I should go...check on...dinner...
WILL: No, no! Alex, don't be ridiculous. Stay, it's nothing major.

Victor looks at the situation, taking a sip from his drink while he frets about the mess created.

VICTOR: So you heard about our conversation then, Will?

Will looks at Victor, smiling, a smugness in his eyes.

WILL: Oh yes. We had a really...intense talk about it. Oh, don't worry. He and I came to a very good resolution about it. I mean, you know...it's not perfect but...well, I'm definitely not going to be giving up my job anytime soon.
VICTOR: That's good to hear. We're lucky to have you with us, Will.

WIll smiles warmly, the layer of artifice melting away at Victor's compliment.

WILL: Thank you, Mr. Kiriakis.

Victor smiles back, as he hands Alex his drink. Alex obliges, nodding slightly in thanks. Alex turns to Will in the same moment.

ALEX: Victor's right, you know. I'm really glad Sonny has gone along with this job. Personally, I didn't think he would be down with it. He's really....proud that way.

Sonny laughs uncomfortably at Alex's dig at him. Alex continues before Sonny can respond.

ALEX: Ahhh, I'm just playing. Look, bro. Your fiancé's a great writer. He's gonna be an awesome addition to the team.

Sonny smiles graciously, if sheepishly. He nods in agreement, though looking to the ground, deep in thought.

SONNY: Yeah, that's...no surprise to me. He's a very talented guy.
WILL: You're all so kind. I mean, honestly, thank you. All of you.

As Will finishes, Maggie, Adrienne, and Noelle walk into the living room from the side room leading to the kitchen. Maggie's face lights up upon seeing Will and Sonny.

MAGGIE: Will! Sonny! You're here!

Maggie walks over quickly, giving a hug to both Will and Sonny, while Noelle hangs back, curling her arm around Alex's. Adrienne, meanwhile, hangs back, watching Victor's quickly-souring face as he watches Noelle slinking herself around Alex, never talking her eyes off Victor as she does.

A moment later, Adrienne's eyes are taken with Will's sudden fascination with Noelle and Alex's closeness. Will looks stunned, almost despondent, by the gesture of affection between Noelle and Alex.

WILL: Um...Alex...who is this?

Alex looks over at Noelle, who rests her head affectionately on Alex's shoulder.

ALEX: Oh! Yeah, where are my manners? I'd like to introduce you and Sonny to my wife. Noelle Curtis.

Noelle smiles proudly as Will's face drops, another bombshell hitting him. Victor, meanwhile, grips his drink tightly, immediately taking a sip while he looks away bitterly, and Sonny looks on, cheerily oblivious to everyone else's displeasure.

Adrienne, meanwhile, looks on from the corner, fixated on Will's miserable expression. She can't hide the displeasure and concern in his face.



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I so love that the Horton play a major part in this show. I love Laura and the fact she's playing a pivotal part in a story. It gives me so much comfort and joy from great times of years past on this show. Laura has always been a fav of mine. Same with Billie I am glad shes on the show as again it takes me back to better times for days and to people I really know. Same also goes for Lucas. He's always  been my cat.


I bet WIll had [!@#$%^&*] in his pants when he realized Sonny and Al r bros. Fukking whore. ANd they about to start drinking I know its about to go down.


Laim is def Shady but if and when or whatever comes out about Liam the fact that Laura had her suspicions about Liam and not telling her daughter will be interesting. I so love Laura is a part of this story. 


Really liked seeing Stefano in his office looking into the fire. Its some what very fitting and a powerful message.  A small but very effective scene.


His muthafukking wife. WOW!!!! I am stunned. Not expecting that at all. Wow the game has changed and WIll is upset but best of all Adrienne is fixated on Will slutty ways and I love it. SHe on it and I hope she slaps the slut outta Will. BUt damn ALex is married. WOW!! I really got to see how this plays out kuz Alex def gave WIll the eye. GREAT EPISODE NOW WE ROCKING!!! Im so glad I started my marathon with days.Such an unexpected twist. I am simply floored. As so much will change...

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Oh it's on now.  

A lot happening in this episode. 

I could picture Jennifer and Laura's reaction on TV.  So in character for the both of them, and the dialogue very real between them.  Yes it is strange for Jennifer to go out with a man when she doesn't even know where he lives.

The exchange was good between Sheryl and Lucas, although I do understand this is a cat and mouse game.  Kate reminded me of that at the end of that scene.  I think Sheryl kind of realizes that, too.

I wonder what Stefano has to say to Nick, and I'm glad you told us what Stefano wants...Victor's head on a platter.

And Yes, the dinner.  I laughed when Will said he needed a double.  Then he got tipsy and started saying how he REALLY feels, THEN the appearance of Noelle, with her eye on Victor.  She clearly wants to stick it to the patriarch of the Kiriakis family.  

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