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The Funky Men of Genoa City! #158



Genoa City MemorialimagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg

Daisy walks into Daniels room where she sees Phyllis holding Lucy and Nate is running a set of vitals.

imagesCAJYHLAL_zps6f3181ca.jpgPhyllis: What are you doing here?

imagesCA7UNK71_zps7132f78c.jpgDaisy: I came to make sure the father of my child is ok.

imagesCAQCG4VW_zps1f3bf012.jpgDaniel: Mom please relax. Not in front of my daughter.

Daisy: Our daughter.

nate.jpgNate: Daniel how are you feeling?

Daniel: Other than a massive headache I'm ok.

Nate: You got a pretty nasty knot on your head. Do have any idea what happened to you?

Daisy: Yes I want to know that too. How did you end up walking into the club naked Daniel?

Phyllis: He was not! My son doesn't do that!

Nate: Paramedics noted that Daniel had no bottoms on.

Daisy: We saw Daniel walking into GC Nights , stumbling, no pants on. So what happened?

Daniel tries to remember

I remember a hot blonde bombshell

Daisy wonders if its her sister Mary.


Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 158: The Funky Men of Genoa City

Written and produced by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Casey Hutchinson, Cary Richardson and Alex Beebs

Neil's Penthouse

Leslie is looking at Neil who has just received a mysterious envelope.

imagesCA0HGTST_zps6ecc9170.jpgLes: What is it Neil is something wrong?

imagesCA6JT2AF_zps31844077.jpgNeil: Its an invite for me and you to a celebration.

Les: Celebration, well what kind?

Neil: It doesn't say just gives a date and time. It says we are all in for a big surprise.

Les: Well who is we? Who else is invited?

Neil: 'Im not sure. But this is weird.

Les: Are you going to attend? I mean the last time this city had some sort of big party, someone exposed my past. I still say its Avery and although I have not gotten my hands on her yet lo and be hold when I do its going to be smoke in this city.

Neil: Calm down.

He gives her a hug.

Neil: We are past that and moving forward.

Les: I'm sorry Neil. Avery is going to pay for what she's done to me. But any way back to this party. Are you going to go?

Neil: You mean are we going to go? I don't know yet.

Leslie: Do you think its a trap being set by Malcolm?

Neil: He does hate my guts these days. Blames me for all of his problems. That's a good question. I think I'm going to find out.

Les: You're going to Malcolm's?

Neil: You damn straight. I'm going to get to the bottom of all of this.

Neil grabs his jacket and car keys and leaves.

Leslie goes into the bedroom to check on Moses.

malsapt_zps638a49c6.jpgAs usual the place is trashed, crushed beer cans and empty liquor bottles litter the floor everywhere. Pizza boxes on top of pizza boxes are stacked on the coffee table. Clothes are strewn out the efficiency apartment and to complete this are flies buzzing around. One flies in Malcolm's ear and he bolts up, having been sleep on the stained sofa.

He immediately remembers last night, somewhat. Meeting a pretty woman. She had a cell phone recording. It was of Roxanne and Nate admitting their love for one another. Drawn together by their secrets, Nate's being that he switched Moses paternity from Malcolm to Neil when Moses was born.

He snaps out of his flash back.

He talks aloud to himself.

It cant be. I'm tripping. I was drunk. It was a dream. It has to be. Why would Nate do something like that to me?

He thinks of last night again. He remembers listening to the taped conversation with Roxanne and Nate.

Hillary: How about a new beginning? Its never too late.

Malcolm: Thank you girl for listening to this loser tonight. I know I'm not much company. You're hanging with Genoa City's biggest loser. He takes another shot.

Hillary caves in and decides to save Malcolm. To give him hope. She takes his phone and then hers and touches them together so she can send the recording to Malcolm's phone.

Malcolm: What you doing pretty girl you want my number?

Hillary: I'm giving you hope. The video is done transferring. Hillary hits play on Malcolm's phone and then gets up and leaves.

Malcolm tries to focus in on the recording. He hears Nate admitting that he changed Moses paternity results from him to Neil.

I think I had too much to drink.. He then hits replay. He listens again to Nate admitting Moses is really his son and not Neil's From Episode 139

Malcolm thinks to himselfthCA2WULY1.jpg

It was a dream it has to be. I will kill Nate and Neil both if some sh!t like that was true. Ill be damned.

He gets a knock on his door. He walks over to it and opens it up and sure enough its the man himself, Neil Winters.

Malcolm: Good timing.

Back at the Hospital

Phyllis: A blonde bombshell. What were you doing with her?

Daniel: Its all kinda foggy and its making my headache worse. Can we just talk about this later?

Nate: Good idea. We need to give Daniel his rest. Ill give you something for pain.

Nate leaves the room. Daisy follows with lots of thoughts running through her mind. She cant help but wonder if her sister Mary slept with Daniel.

Ill kill her.

Kill who? Daisy hears behind her. She turns around and sees Phyllis.

Daisy: I think Daniel cheated on me tonight.

Phyllis: Cheated? You're nuts! You're not with Daniel. He doesn't like you.

Daisy: We are a family whether you or him like it or not. We are going to be a family for the sake of our daughter. And you better watch how you speak front of my child. Your mouth tends to be outrageous.

Phyllis: You're outrageous Daisy Carter! Your last name says it all. You are a Carter! The daughter of Sheila Carter! Enough said!

Daisy: Why are you being so mean? I thought we were making some headway when I came to you and told about your son. You let me bring you over here.

Phyllis: I was desperate and had no other way to the hospital. Ill find my own way back.

Daisy: Can I give my daughter a hug before I go?

Phyllis: That wont be necessary.

Daisy has a tear form in her eye.

Daisy: One day Phyllis I will get custody of my daughter back. You will see. I am so determined. No one is going to stop me.

Phyllis: Well see about that. Keep dreaming Crazy Carter.

Phyllis flags down and orderly to push her wheel chair into the lobby. As Phyllis leaves Daisy calls her a Bitch. Phyllis turns around and smiles at her.

Daisy: I will get you Phyllis. You will pay for this. Daisy leaves the hospital.

Spencer's Apt.studio-apartment-interior-design_zps586df47f.jpg

Hillary sits next to Spencer on the love seat as Roxanne sits in a chair across from them, eyes still very tense as she looks upon her new family.

thumbnailCAR0INVH.jpgRoxanne: I'm listening Spencer.

thumbnailCAMJK5ZL.jpgSpencer: After I changed my life, I met Hillary's mother, Brenda. I fell in love with her. She turned me into a wholesome man. We got married and had Hillary.

Roxanne: So I'm the older one?

imagesCA8SBOUY_zps54cf761b.jpgHillary: Don't act like it.

Spencer: Stop that you two! We don't need them smart ass remarks. Now Hillary I raised you better than that. If you don't have nothing nice to say then don't say it at all.

Hillary: Have you heard Roxi's mouth?

Roxanne: See right there bitch. I told you to get my name right.

Hillary: I don't have enough respect for you to use the name given to you.

Spencer: This is going to be tough.

Roxanne: There aint going to be nothing. Don't worry about it. I don't like Hillary. I don't care if she's my half-sister. All she need to do is stay out my way and my life.

Hillary: Aren't you going to add Nathan to that list? That's the real reason you don't like me. You have Devon on one hand and lusting after Nate with the other and you're mad because Nate and I used to be in love back in college and we reconnected when I got back and you became very jealous. Especially after Nate told you that you two needed to end things.

Roxanne: You sure know a lot don't you.

Hillary: More than you know.

Spencer: Roxanne is any of this true or what?

Roxanne: I'm not going to dignify this whores accusations with an answer. And how dare you just believe her words over mine. This is a great start to a father and daughter relationship. I really cant handle this right now. I think I better leave because the only thing I want to do right now is tear off Hillary's face.

Roxanne grabs her purse and leaves slamming the door behind her. A picture falls from the wall.

Spencer shakes his head in disbelief.

Spencer: This cant be happening.

He turns to Hillary.

Hillary: Dad I don't lie you know that much.

Spencer: I know. I just cant believe all what I've seen today. My two daughters at war.

thumbnailCAJD4CN6.jpgPhilip knocks on a door. When the door opens its a rough looking Cane.

Philip: Nothing has changed.

thCALOWQO6.jpgCane: Yea mate well I'm not in the mood for your sh!t right now!

Philip pushes Cane aside and barges into the apartment.

Philip: Well get ready you cracked out Aussie.

Philip looks around at the nearly empty apartment.

Philip: I know the signs. Ive seen you like this before. Crack?

Cane: Its none of your business.

Philip: Where are the twins?

Cane: Dont worry about them I got this.

Philip: No you dont you went from cocaine to crack! You sold everything in this apartment. You dont have nothing is what you got. Now again where are your twins?

Cane: Im not telling you now get the FUKK outta here Philip!

Philip: No I warned you! The last time I saw you I had to bail you out because you owed Sergio, the crack dealer one thousand dollars. I warned you to stop smoking crack then. Now I come back a few days later to check up on you and what do I find? It looks like you havent washed up in weeks. You sold all the furniture. What the hell Cane!? What is the matter with you? How has the almighty fallen so damn low? What drove you to this?

Cane: I dont want to hear this crap right now Philip! I dont care about you just leave!

Philip: I care! Someone has to care. Where are your children Cane?

Cane walks over to the door and opens it.

Cane: Out! NOW!

Philip pulls out his cell phone and begins to dial some numbers. He puts the phone to his ear as he hears ringing on the other end. Cane slams the door shut and walks over to Philip.

Cane: Who are you calling?

Philip: The police and then after that children services, last but not least Neil. This crack habit of yours stops now.

Cane pulls out a gun and shoots at Philip. The bullet grazes Philip hand and he drops the phone. Philip begins to holler out in pain but Cane comes up behind him and covers his mouth with his hand. Cane kneels them down so Cane can grab the phone.

Cane: No Im sorry. There is no emergency here. My kids got my phone by mistake.

Operator: Well Please make sure it doesnt happen again.

Cane hangs up the phone.

Cane: You like it when a man is behind you like this Philip?

Philip tries to wrestle out of Canes grip.

Cane: If you dont stop I'll shoot you again. I warned you. I told you to leave. Now you arent going anywhere mate. Im a crack head with a valuable hostage.

Daisy is walking the streets of GC. She is texting in her phone to Sheila.

"Where R U? I told U Mary and James are on their 2 U. Mary betrayed us, she sold us out. Are U ok?" She hits send.

Daisy: Mary Carter what have you done?

Meanwhile in Verdon Lou.6820041d6e0247fda0ad316afbe7c836_zps1ac9752a.jpg

Sheila's phone goes off. Its on a table but Sheila is in the basement with a huge wrench trying to loosen a screw on some pipes. It cracks and a hissing sound begins to grows louder from the ruptured pipe. In anger Sheila hits the pipe with the wrench and the pipe now breaks in half.

inl.jpgSheila: Damn it! This cant be happening. Gas leak.thWQ0GTKZB_zps50a71f21.jpg

All this while James and Mary are making their way to Verdon Lou after Mary apparently sold Sheila out.


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Okay I am loving the character's Phyllis, Daisy and Sheila.

I for one am not a fan of Neil, Leslie and Malcolm but I am loving the storyline.

Is James really going to kill Sheila? I don't think so.

Cane being on drugs is great for a wonderful storyline

Keep Up The Great Work!

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I was LOVING this scene as the opener. Viewers can tell that Daisy will once again, probably lose her cool. Of course this will be due when she finds out the truth about Mary. I liked how you kept Phyllis with those snarky remarks!!! Because, that is Phyllis at her best. Now if she could be smart, and dig the truth out of her son.


I am always loving the drug story line with Cane. You are paying tribute to some real emotions. He has officialy not become Cane, anymore. It is about time this story takes some well needed action, and you have done that BEAUTIFULLY. Cannot wait to see what happens next with this story.


ML, you know this is one of my favorite stories. This involves sooooo many good elements. You have bitch and bitch and good/evil guy. This would definenetly be a soap story.


All I can say is that she has gotten into some deep stuff LOL!!!


They were the first to be invited to the party. Who's next, and how it will unfold?! By the way, I love how you keep the classic Malcolm/Neil relationship!!!!

KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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