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ANOTHER WORLD 144 Loved ones return



ANOTHER WORLD 144 Loved ones return

Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Consultants: aMLCproduction and DRW50

Written and Directed by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Cassblogentry-14971-0-32145100-1394248129_th is in his office when Staceyblogentry-14971-0-31272500-1394248151_th walks in.

Cass: Hey sis.

Stacey: What’s going on?

Cass: You never told me about your visit with Morgan and Brett.

Stacey: Our little brother, wife, nephew and niece are doing fine.

Cass: What about my other niece? Lindsay. Have you talked to her?


Gregoryblogentry-14971-0-91891600-1394248173_th is sitting at a table at the Center when Lindsayblogentry-14971-0-02975200-1394248191_th approaches him.

Lindsay: I came as soon as I could. Is everything alright?

Gregory (grabbing Lindsay’s hand): I need you.

Lindsay (sitting down): What’s wrong?

Gregory: I’m concerned about my mom. I think she’s in danger.

Lindsay: I heard about what happened at the Cory’s. Who is your mom in danger from?

Gregory: My father.


At the McKinnons...

Jakeblogentry-14971-0-37313900-1394248211_th sits on the couch looking on his tablet at an article that reads: “Rumors of a possible shakeup at Cory Productions”, then he flashes back to Stacey saying to Jake that she’s still in love with him, then Vickyblogentry-14971-0-21237500-1394248228_th walks in from upstairs.

Vicky: Hey, what’s on your mind? It looks like you’re a million miles away. Come back because I’m expecting a very special visitor.

Someone rings the doorbell. Vicky goes and opens the door to Stevenblogentry-14971-0-43240200-1394248247_th.

Vicky: Oh! Come here!

Vicky and Steven embrace.


At the hospital…

Sharlene/Emmablogentry-14971-0-18831100-1394248273_th is sleeping while she dreams…


Sharlene, Emma, and Janice are in the same room together.

Sharlene: Emma I need to come back to my family. You can’t keep me locked away forever.

Emma: Don’t underestimate what I can do. You are not ready to suffer the repercussions of what Janice did.

Janice: You both should be THANKING me!




Stacey: Lindsay’s fine, but I don’t think you made me come down here to talk about my daughter.

Cass: Oh come on, I can’t ask about my family?

Stacey: Christy Carson’s parole hearing is fast approaching isn’t it?

Cass gets up and grabs another law book, sits back down and starts flipping through it.

Stacey: You’re working very hard.

Cass: You’re damned right. There’s no way she should be granted parole after what she did to us.

Stacey: You and Frankie’s testimony should be enough right?

Cass: That’s the problem.

Stacey: I don’t understand.

Cass: Frankie told me that she’s been visiting Christy and corresponding with her through letters. She thinks Christy’s changed.

Stacey: Oh no.

Cass: That’s exactly how I feel. There’s gotta be something I can find to keep that whack job in prison.

Stacey: Well if Christy is considered a well behaved inmate, then she could go up for parole. The fact that she’s having a hearing means that she’s probably changed somewhat.

Cass: She’s very clever. Christy’s got everybody fooled, including Frankie.


Jake: Come here buddy!

Jake and Steven hug.

Vicky: You must be hungry. I’m gonna fix you something to eat.

Steven (watching Vicky go to the kitchen): When did mom start cooking?

Jake: About when the girls turned two.

Steven: I’m sorry I missed Michele’s memorial. We skyped all the time. I miss her.

Jake: We all do, so how long you in town for?

Steven: I’m on an assignment.

Jake: You sound like a spy.

Steven (chuckling): No. Cousin Gregory called me from John’s phone. They need my medical expertise.

Jake: Are you saying that you’re gonna be Sharlene’s therapist?

Steven nods his head.


Lindsay: Why would your father ever hurt your mother?

Gregory: I don’t trust him. He thinks he can get away with...

Lindsay: Get away with what?

Gregory: I think he’s having an affair with Felicia again.

Lindsay: Are you sure about that?

Gregory: Every time I turn around it seems like I see them together.

Lindsay: That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re sleeping around. You need concrete evidence.

Gregory: Yeah like you did with that water cup to get Jake’s DNA.

Lindsay: What?

Gregory: You don’t believe me about my dad and Felicia do you?

Lindsay: That’s not it at all. I just don’t want you to make a mistake.

Gregory: It really sucks that my own girlfriend can’t even support me!

Gregory gets up and walks away and ignores Lindsay’s calls for him.


Janice: Sharlene didn’t have the guts to do what I did. Reginald and Carl got exactly what they deserved! I am the REAL gatekeeper.

Sharlene: That was not the right way to handle things.

Emma: How’s that for a gross misunderstatement?

Janice: Did you have a better idea?

Emma: QUIET! I need to think here.

Sharlene: I’m ready to return Emma. To John, Gregory, Frankie, my friends.

Emma: And I don’t believe you, and I don’t agree with this at all.

Sharlene: I’m taking over Emma.

Emma: Who am I to stop you? We’re all part of you anyway, but I must warn you...be wary of John.

Sharlene: I love him, and he loves me.

Emma: Those are usually the ones…

Sharlene: What do you mean?

Emma and Janice start to disappear…

Sharlene: Emma? Come back! Tell me what you meant by that!

Sharlene moans as she begins to wake up and Johnblogentry-14971-0-54245000-1394248429_th is right there...

John: Sharlene? Is that you?



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I like it. It seems many forces are working against John. I'm glad it appears Sharlene may have won the battle at least for now.

I like the issue you gave Linds and Greg.

ANd it was very nice to see Steven and I like how you are going to draw him right in.

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This sounds fantastic. I love Sharlene and her DID. It always fascinated me to see her deal with that. I can't wait to see what comes next. Steven as her therapist will be great!

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Great cliffhanger.

I'm glad to see Cass and Stacey talking about a case.

Gregory is such a hothead.

Nice reintroduction of Steven.

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