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Episode 103




(EXT: Cruz & Eden's Beach House)

---Eden finishes packing up her things and heads to the door. She opens it, surprised to find Julia standing there.

"Julia....What are you doing here?"

"I see I've come at a bad time. What is all this luggage Eden? You're not thinking of running out of town are you? I know this is hard for you Eden, I went through it once when I thought Mason was dead, but running away isn't the answer. Believe me. You're going to need the support of your friends and your family right now and---"

"Relax, Julia. I'm not running away, just taking a little trip, that's all. Daddy's jet is waiting at the airport for me and if I don't get a move on...."

"What? Your father's flight will leave without you? What's going on Eden? I know you, I see that look in your eye. You're up to something."

Eden explains that she has found out that Quinn Armitage is the one who set Cruz up and killed him, and that she's tracked him to London. So she's going to confront him and hopefully, bring him to justice once and for all. When Julia interjects that isn't something she should be doing alone, Eden tells her she's not. Kirk will be accompanying her.

"Over my dead body. There's no way in hell I'm letting you go anywhere alone with that man. Cruz would strike me down from-"

"Heaven? Funny, that's exactly what Pearl said, which is why he's insisting on coming with me. I'll be fine Julia, I promise, and Pearl will be there. Plus Kelly and Ashton are already in London, so I'll have plenty of support."

"I'd still like to come. You and Cruz are my best friends you know and I've been in this with you from the beginning. And don't even think of trying to talk me out of it."

"I wouldn't dare. But Julia....is this really about Cruz and me? Or are you the one that's running.......from my brother.....again...."

Julia explains that she can't help it. Just when she thinks things are going well with Mason, Mary comes up. Over and over and over again. She can't help but think that Mary is the true love of Mason's life and she will never to be able to measure up to that.

"Even if we do get back together Eden, how can I know that's there's not a part of him that wants to be with her? She was his first love, probably the love of his life. How do I compete with that? She's always going to be there, running into him, giving him those longing looks. You know she still loves him and I can see that part of him, a big part of him still loves her. I didn't marry Mason to share him with someone else. I want all of him. Heart, mind, body, and soul and I won't settle for any less than that."

"Then fight for him Julia. Fight for him. I had to fight for Cruz for years. Santana, Victoria Lane, Elena, Sandra Mills, the list goes on and on. But in the end it was worth it. We had 20 magical years together that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world for. And that man who took him away from me.....he's gonna pay. I'm gonna make sure of that. Life is too short Julia. We take so much for granted. Picking out our own clothes, being able to eat when we're hungry, being loved and loved back in a way we never dreamt we could. The kind of love that you and my brother share is worth fighting for. And the Julia Wainright I've always known has never backed down from a fight. Why start now?"

"How is it that you know just the right thing to say?"

"I learned from the greatest man I've ever known."

She looks at her watch,

"I really do have to go Julia. Are you going to be okay?"

"I always am."

"Please just think about what I said. Mason is a lot of things, but a fool isn't one of them. He lives in the present and thinks of the future. He knows what he has with you and there's no way he's just going to throw all of that away for a 25 year old romance."

(EXT: Edmund's Creepy Castle)

---Marcello, Lionel, and Augusta rush to the door Sophia told them she could sneak them into. When they signal her phone, she runs down and opens the door. Lionel is stunned to see Sophia standing before him.

"My God. It's true. Sophia.....how..."

"My name is not Sophia. I don't believe we've met. I'm Loretta. Loretta Lavery."

"I see. Well it's a pleasure to meet you Soretta....I mean Loretta. This is my wife, Augusta."

"Augusta? Actually we've already met, haven't we?"

"Yes, at Lady DuMonde's ball. How have you been?"

Sophia asks Marcello why he's brought these people with her and he tells her he was hoping they could help jog her memory. Sophia is confused about how total strangers could refresh anything and grows uncomfortable with them all being there.

"Are you ready for the hypnosis?"

"Actually, I've changed my mind. To be honest, I'm starting to believe you have me confused with a completely different person. I've been remembering more and more about my life and none of you are a part of it."

"If only that were true," Augusta interjects.

"And what, pre tell, is that supposed to mean?"

"For as much turmoil as you've caused, it's laughable for me to hear you even utter those words.. Not a part of our lives. You only ruined mine, or at least tried to. On several occassions. Frankly, I'm starting to feel sorry at my attempt to even help you. Stay Loretta for the rest of your life for all I care. I'm sure you'll be very happy with Dr. Jeckyll and Vera."

"Excuse me? Nobody speaks to me like that in my home, certainly not some commoner I've barely ever laid eyes on..."

"Commoner......why you....."

Lionel holds Augusta back as she goes to lunge for Loretta.

"Perhaps peasant would be a better word for the way you''re acting. All of you please leave. This was all a huge mistake. Please just go."

"But Sophia, please, we're only trying to help yo-"

"Stop calling me that. My name is Loretta Lavery and it's going to stay that way. I don't trust any of you, not a one. Oh, and Marcello. Here's your phone. Take it. I want no part of this anymore. Edmund makes me very happy and I him. He'd never do a thing to harm me. He's the kindest, gentlest man I've ever met in my life. I don't see why I ever fell for your lines and your connery. Go on. TAKE IT! Take it and get the hell out of here or I'll have security THROW YOU OUT!"

"Who, that dolt maid of yours? We've already met. Wow. Even brainwashed, you're still the same sanctimonious bitch you always were. I, for one, am happy to go and never have set eyes on you again. Oh and congratulations by the way. Dr. Lavery is a lovely man. I'm sure the two of you will be very happy together. Come on Lionel."

"But I-"

"She's made herself quite clear. It's time that we leave. She obviously doesn't want or need her help. Besides, I'm sure CC has already moved on......with a much younger woman, if memory serves. Younger and more beautiful. Do be well though Loretta-Bot. Send pictures- create a Facebook page. And please, tell Dr Lavery I'm quite impressed with his work."

Marcello convinces Lionel that Augusta is right. Nothing is going to get accomplished with Sophia as agitated as she is and they'd best go. But while Sophia is distracted, he slips a tracking device into her suitcase.

(EXT: Santa Barbara airport)

----Pearl and Kirk patiently wait at the airport for Eden to arrive.

"You know Kirkie, Edie's never gonna look twice at you, contrary to what you think."

"This isn't about Eden, believe it or not. It's about clearing my name. I've worked hard to rehabilitate myself and that man has risked me and my reputation."

"Reputation? Kidnapping? Gaslighting? Attempted murders? Although, that shot you took at Gina...... Your reputation speaks for itself Kirkie boy."

"Maybe so. At least I have had a wife. When was the last time you dated a woman who didn't feel sorry for you? And we both know you're not coming for Eden. You're coming because you're still pining for Kelly Capwell. And that ship has sailed my friend. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a business call I need to make"

Kirk walks off as Pearl watches suspiciously. He dials the number and waits for the answer. A mystery voice answers on the other end,

"Ok, everything is in motion. I've done my part. Eden is on her way to London. Now it's time for you to hold up your end of the deal."

"Oh don't worry Kirk. By the time I'm through, Eden Castillo will never be the same."

THE END........For Today


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A week of mystery and surprises begin. Old stories build to a climax, new stories spring in the action. DON'T MISS IT!

And please, tell me what you think guys!

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I'll hold you to that promise! :P Oh, another thing -- shouldn't this be Episode 103, not 104?

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