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INTRODUCING THE NEWBIES (And RETURNEES) of 'Return to Santa Barbara'

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New Contract Players (from L to R, top to bottom): Matt Cedeno as Rafe Castillo, Shell Danielson as Laken Lockridge, Kristen Meadows as Victoria Lane, Victor Webster as Chip Castillo, Maura West as Joann Walsh


New Recurring Players/Special Guest Stars (from L to R)- Beverly Archer as Christine Gorrow, Roberta Bizeau as Flame Beaufort, and Roscoe Born as Quinn Armitage

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Recommended Comments

Because it dawned on me that the storyline I had planned for him was something too dramatic for Jason Brooks to play. I wanted to make Warren a bit sexier (for you guys- I think Grant Aleksander is FREAKIN HOT), but Jason wouldn't have been right for the story I have planned for the Lockridges. Warren actually has 3 storylines he's going to be involved in now, once the Lockridge storyline kicks off.

I really wanted to switch it to Robert Kelker-Kelly, because I find him to be such a sexy, soulful actor, but he doesn't look the part.

In the end, I decided that Grant really embodies everything I need in an actor to play Warren right now.

And I'm sorry the episode still isn't posted you guys. I fell asleep this afternoon and now, I've been busy setting people straight about Bridget Dobson on this board. Sorry, but I couldn't allow the members of this board to sully Bridget's name on the 20th anniversary of the death of her baby.

Don't worry, though. RTSB is still back and I'll still have 3 episodes this week, they'll just kick off tomorrow and run through the weekend. :)

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It's like somebody up there wants this to be a slow roll. I spent the majority of yesterday walking and crying, not exactly the best way to bring back the humor, warmth, and intrigue of our beloved 'RTSB.'

I don't care if God himself strikes me with lightning today, episode(s) will be posted!!!

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Greg had a tough, crazy, and unusual weekend that ended with him planning exactly how his stories are going to go and exactly how he is going to get certain actors and characters to start interacting based on where the stories are going. It became pointless and painful to start this back up on the anniversary of the death of my beloved 'SB' so instead, I'm starting it on the Anniversary of the first Monday that SB didn't air, which was the 3rd Monday in January (Martin Luther King Day).

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