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ANOTHER WORLD Episode 36 Marley comforts Vicky





"Marley comforts Vicky"

In this episode



Vicky opens the door, and Marley walks in...and Marley tenderly hugs her sister.

Marley: How can I help?

Vicky (crying): You being here is enough. I have nobody.

Marley: That’s not true. You have me.



Bridget walks in and Donna quickly approaches her.

Donna: Where have you been?

Bridget: I got a ride home from school.

Donna: Maybe I need to have a driver waiting for you outside.

Bridget: Oh my God, are you gonna have people watching me now?

Donna: Apparently that’s what you need because you were supposed to be home an hour ago. I am not gonna have you walking in here whenever you feel like it.

Bridget: Then maybe I need to move out!



Frankie sits on the couch next to Sharlene.

Sharlene: Oh my God.

Frankie: I just found out myself. She wants me to come see her, and I want you to come with me.

Sharlene: Of course. I wanna see my sister.

Frankie: It sounded like she wants to tell me something.

Sharlene: She must be near the end.

Frankie: I knew she had been sick, but I didn’t even think that it might get worse…and now I think she wants to tell me something.

Sharlene: Let me get my purse. We gotta go.


Vicky: I’m sorry I…I didn’t mean it like that…

Marley: I understand. Jake and Bridget are not here.

Vicky: Jake went out of town.

Marley: At a time like this? Where did he go?

Vicky: I have no idea. He didn’t tell me, and he hasn’t even called.

Marley: I can’t imagine a reason why he wouldn’t.

Vicky: Because he can’t stand to be in the same room with me.

Marley: Could it have something to do with Bridget living at Donna’s?

Vicky (sarcastically): How did you guess?

Marley: You disowned her in front of everyone at Michele’s memorial.

Vicky: You don’t understand Marley. When I look at her, and know what she’s done, she reminds of me of me back then. It’s scary.

Marley: But don’t you think she’s grieving, too? When I…locked you in that basement, I never ever wanted you to die, and I don’t think Bridget wanted Michele to die either, despite what she had done previously.

Vicky: The situations don’t compare. I forgave you for that. Michele is not going to be able to forgive Bridget. Michele is dead.

Marley: And you sent her to live with Donna, and now Jake is gone.

Vicky: He said he will come back if I let Bridget back in.

Marley: You probably should do that…for the sake of your family. You and Jake have a great marriage. Don’t throw it away because of your pride. Your daughter and your husband need you…and you need them. Don’t let it tear you and Jake apart.


Donna: And where are you gonna go Bridget? Back home? Your Aunt Marley’s?

Bridget: You forgot about Grandpa Reginald.

Donna: Marley and my father do not have any room for you, and your mother doesn’t want you back home.

Bridget: Don’t remind me.

Donna: Bridget this is for your own good. I have to be tough with you.

Bridget: You’re doing this because you think I’m responsible for Michele’s death.

Donna: I’m doing this because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that I and your mother made when we were your age.

Bridget: I’m going upstairs.

Donna (grabbing her arm, and eyes welling up): You wait. I want so much better for you, that’s why I’m tough on you now. You will understand it later.


John is with Sharlene in the living room.

John: I’m sorry about Emma.

Sharlene: It’s our chance to say goodbye to her. She’s been sick for a while.

John: Give Frankie my condolences.

Sharlene: She’s waiting for me in the car.

John kisses his wife. “Drive safely and call me when you get there.” He says. Sharlene leaves the house, and John takes out his cell phone, and calls Dr. Taylor.

John: It went well? Good? I can’t have her remembering anything. Thank you.



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In JOhn's mind, he's protecting Sharlene. He's afraid of what these memories are going to do to her, and Bridget may very well be on her way to teenage vixen, and Vicky and Donna see it, and are taking their own steps to redirect Bridget. Will it work? Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading...

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