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ANOTHER WORLD episode 33 Grant questions Paulina





Grant questions Paulina

In this episode, Paulina, Grant, Frankie, Cass, Jake, Vicky



Paulina opens the door, and Grant is there holding a bouquet of flowers to Paulina’s surprise.

Grant: Would you mind putting these in some water?



Frankie is at her desk thinking about her last conversation with Charlie, and Cass walks in.

Frankie: Cass?

Cass: How are you?

Frankie: I’m okay I guess. How about you?

Cass: I’m fine. Look I’m just gonna cut to the chase. Charlie told me about your last conversation. Didn’t go too well did it?



Jake walks in while Vicky sits on the couch...

Vicky: Coming to get your things?

Jake: As a matter of fact I am. I’m going out of town for a while.

Vicky: How could you do this? We just buried our daughter and you’re going out of town?

Jake: Where do you suggest I stay Vicky?

Vicky: Here! With your wife?

Jake: And Bridget?

Vicky stays silent, staying steadfast in her refusal to let Bridget come home.

Jake: How can YOU do this to Bridget? I can’t stay in the same house with you!


Paulina (putting the flowers in a vase): These are so beautiful.

Grant: Only for you.

Paulina: Thank you.

Grant (pecking Paulina on the cheek): You’re welcome.

Paulina: So…what brings you by?

Grant: Well I didn’t come to see Dante.

Paulina: You like my house then?

Grant: Your house is pretty nice, but don’t you wanna…spend some time outside of it?

Paulina: However do you mean?

Grant: A nice dinner at Tops…a walk on the riverfront.

Paulina: Plenty of flowers huh?

Grant: Yes…plenty of those.

Grant kisses Paulina but she doesn’t return it. “I…I can’t.” she replies.

Grant: Not tonight.

Paulina: Not…in the near future. You’ve been a great friend, but I am not going out with you. I’m sorry.

Grant: Why not?

Paulina: I’m not ready Grant.

Grant: Is it Joe? When are you going to move on? Joe is dead!

Paulina: How dare you talk about my husband like that!?

Grant: I have done some unsavory things in my life, but so have you. Dammit I’m falling in love with you Paulina. I don’t know what else to do.

Grant storms out, and Paulina stops him.

Paulina: Grant don’t leave.

Grant: Why should I stay? You’ve made it clear how you feel.


Frankie: No unfortunately it didn’t.

Cass: She was really devastated.

Frankie: I saw that Cass, you don’t have to remind me.

Cass: I was, too.

Frankie: You shouldn’t be. You were happy with Lila and Jasmine. You moved on.

Cass: You let us think you were dead for years, and you just show back up in Bay City! How do you think I’m supposed to feel?

Frankie: I don’t know Cass. How was I supposed to feel when I saw you with another woman. We overcame so much. Kathleen coming back from the dead; Cecile and her lies….even a stalker. I come back to town and you had already moved on. Staying away was the RIGHT thing!

Cass: No it wasn’t. Especially not for Charlie.

Frankie: I realize that now, and I apologized to her.

Cass: What about me? You owe me one, too.

Frankie’s cell phone rings.

Frankie: Is that what you came here for? Charlie tells you that she got her feelings out, and now it’s your turn? Well you know what, I don’t need the aggravation.

Cass: I don’t care if you’re irritated. Charlie wasn’t the only you hurt by staying away.

Frankie (answering her cell phone): And you hurt me by moving on so quickly! Hello? Oh…Oh my God. Okay. I’ll be right there.

Cass: What happened? Is everything okay?

Frankie (concerned): It’s my mother. They said she wants to see me right away.


Vicky: That’s not fair.

Jake: Not fair? You’ve really lost touch with reality. How are we gonna work anything out if you don’t even want the only child we have left in the house?

Vicky: You’re still in denial about what Bridget is capable of.

Jake: I’m outta here!

Vicky: Have a nice trip! But you might not be welcome when you get back.


Jake (outside the door on his cell phone): Round trip to Genoa City, Wisconsin.



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Well Come on jakes Welcome to the Midwest. Stay away from the myster y woman.

I love the Jake and Vicky stuff. And I love Cass giving it to Frankie.

i would like to see Pualina do more outside the hosue. Does she have a job? It seems she always n her house.

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