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ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 32 Someone stalks Sharlene





Someone stalks Sharlene

in this episode...Rachel, Felicia, Bridget, Cory, Sharlene, Dr. Taylor



Rachel opens the door…

Rachel: Felicia! Come on in.

Felicia: How have you been?

Rachel: You don’t know the half of it my friend.

Felicia: That doesn’t sound good.

Rachel: It isn’t. Mac’s company is in big trouble, and I don’t know what else I can do to get us out.



Bridget opens the door and gets a huge surprise…

Bridget: Cory? What are you doing here?

Cory: I had to come.

Bridget (puzzled): Um are you here to see my grandmother or something?

Cory: No…I came to see you.



Sharlene lies on the couch, while Dr. Taylor sits across from her in his office chair.

Sharlene: I’m really nervous about this.

Dr. Taylor: You don’t have to be. There’s that doctor/patient confidentiality thing.

Sharlene: Yeah right. What if I remember something that could hurt someone else?

Dr. Taylor: We won’t know until we find out right? Just try to relax. We’ll get to the truth one way or the other. If anything does come out, you won’t even know. You’ll be under hypnosis.

Sharlene: I think…I’m ready.

Dr. Taylor: On the count of three, you’ll be completely under. One, two, three….


Felicia: What’s going on? Is there anything I can do? I know how much Cory Publishing meant to Mac and you.

Rachel: The whole world. I feel like I’ve failed him. I couldn’t keep his company afloat.

Felicia: I have some friends I could call.

Rachel: We can’t afford to take on any more writers. We can’t afford anything.

Felicia: My God you’re scaring me.

Rachel: I may have to sell Mac’s company.

Felicia: I’m so sorry.

Felicia hugs Rachel and Rachel feels the bottom of Felicia’s engagement ring on her back, and Rachel holds up Felicia’s left hand to see it.

Rachel: What’s this? Oh my goodness. No wonder you’re beaming.

Felicia: He asked me to marry him.

Rachel: That’s wonderful!

Felicia: You're one of my closest friends. I want you to be my maid of honor.

Rachel: Wow…maid of honor?

Felicia (confused): Yes…seems like you’re hedging a little bit.

Rachel: I’ve got so much going on, but I could use the distraction. I would NEVER refuse to do you a favor such as that. Of course I will.


Bridget: Me? I’m a very shocked.

Cory: I saw how your mother treated you at the memorial. I just…had to come see how you were doing.

Bridget: Oh so you feel sorry for me? You shouldn’t.

Cory: Nobody deserves what your mother said to you.

Bridget: I DO deserve it, after everything I’ve done. I mean, I got you drunk so I could make Michele jealous, and she died later. You should be angry with me. I can’t understand why you’re even here.

Cory: Despite everything that’s happened, you’re Michele’s sister, and she loved you. We all miss her.

Bridget: I have to live with this for the rest of my life. I would never want my own sister to die. I did some….things to her before the prom. I wanted what she had. She had brains, my parents’ favor, you.

Cory: You were jealous.

Bridget: Yeah that’s it, and my jealousy could destroy my family, and if YOU’RE not careful, my jealousy might destroy you, too.

Cory: Well I want you to know…you’re not alone.

Bridget: I have Donna, my dad, Aunt Marley, Tyrone.

Cory: Anyone your age?

Bridget: Not your sister. She hates me.

Cory: I don’t hate you.

Bridget: Even after what I’ve done?

Cory: I think Michele would want me to be here for you, and that’s what I plan to do.


Dr. Taylor: Sharlene? Can you tell me what else happened?

Sharlene: There were people everywhere. All eyes were on Grant. He was announcing his candidacy for the Senate. He wants to serve the people of Bay City, so he says. Wait a minute, who is that? What’s he doing with that? Oh my God! I can’t believe what he just did! Joe I’m not leaving!

Sharlene starts screaming and sweating. “Joe! No! He’s getting away! Is anyone gonna get him? Joe can’t die! Noooo! Paulina! Oh my head hurts! Dr. Taylor is making notes on his pad, but decides it’s time for her to wake up.

Dr. Taylor: Okay on the count of three I will snap my finger and you will come out of it. One, two, three.

Dr. Taylor snaps his finger, and Sharlene wakes up with sweat beading from her forehead.

Sharlene: Oh my God. I remembered something didn’t I?

Dr. Taylor (giving her a handkerchief): You did…you remembered something from when you were Sharly.

Sharlene (blotting her forehead): You mean to tell me I didn’t remember anything from the day Grant was shot?

Dr. Taylor: No I’m afraid you didn’t. You did mention something about headaches.

Sharlene: I remember seeing Grant, and then the next thing I know I’m waking up in the hospital. Everything in between is a blank.

Dr. Taylor (giving her pills): Take these. They should help in uncovering your memory of that day.

Sharlene: Thank you Dr. Taylor.

Dr. Taylor: Maybe next time we can try hypnosis again. I’m sorry it wasn’t successful this time.

After Sharlene leaves, Dr. Taylor says to himself that the placebos he gave her should keep her from remembering anything.

Sharlene leaves the office, and as she leaves, a shadowy figure walks up to Dr. Taylor’s office, then watches Sharlene leave.



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I will never accept a cory and michele pairing ever. I pray u r not going there.

I love Felicia and I wish she had a front burner story. Her dialoug is always so classy.

I wonder what Taylor is up to and who is this" shadowy figure" SO many mysteries on AW

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Felicia's insecurities flaring up again.

Sharlene should NEVER have a therapist with the name Taylor!

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