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Episode 51: Kay is owner and CEO OF NEWMAN!!!



At Newman


, Nikki and Nick look at Kay in shock as she has just announced she is the new owner and CEO of Newman Enterprises.


: Kay you are out of your mind?”


: No my dear. I am supporting Victor. Now I know you don’t agree with that but-


; You’re DAMNED RIGHT I don’t agree with it! You have no right putting your nose in my family’s business. I really can’t believe I’m even having this conversation with you. You make me sick.


Now Nikki that is enough. You better stop now before you say something you will regret. Victor and I made this arrangement years ago. It’s on paper. Victor has prepared for this day.


Take that paper and shove it Katherine! You’ve betrayed me! And I will never forget it. Come on Nicholas. We are going to put a stop to this charade” Nikki grabs her purse and bumps into Kay upon walking out followed by Nick.

The Young and the Restless

Episode 51: Kay’s take over of NEWMAN!!

Written ML Cooks


Michael goes to Paul and asks him to look deeper into Jeff’s condo in Jamaica. Michael wants Paul to find out if a woman was staying there with him. Paul asks him why. Michael says he heard a very familiar voice call out for Jeff. “It’s very strange. “ Paul says he will look into it and get back to him.

Noah tells his mother that he has decided to stand by Victor. Sharon hesitates before answering. She tells him that he is a grown man and respects his decision. Sharon warns Noah that he may be in for a big disappointment. Noah says he will be the judge of that. He reminds his mother that Victor has not stood trial yet. He’s innocent until proven guilty.

Jill is in tears as she runs into her son Billy at the park. Billy asks her what’s the matter. She tells him that Jack degraded her in front of Keemo. She tells him how Jack fired her and how horrible Jack was to her. Billy tells his mother that he will talk to his brother.

Lauren makes a call to Rafe. Lauren asks Rafe to come over she needs to talk to him about something. Rafe agrees to come over. He wonders what Lauren wants to talk to him about.

Abby, sitting in her room writing in her journal has an idea. She is thinking of a way to stop Devon from taking Roxanne on this trip where he plans to ask her hand in marriage. Suddenly Abby has an idea that just might stop Devon’s trip. She smiles and makes a phone call….

Next: Lauren takes the next step, as Abby steps her plan up to stop Devon and Roxanne from going on their trip.



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