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Episode 50!! POWER SHIFT IN GENOA CITY!!!!!!



At the Jail

. Michael arrives to confront Victor. He tells Victor he is going to pay for destroying his marriage to Lauren. Victor tells him he should have thought of that before he turned his back on the great Victor Newman.


: After EVERYTHING I’ve done for you, you would do this to me? So what I would not stand by you but it didn’t mean I was going to sell you out Victor!”


: Is that so?”


: Yes that is so. So I decided to put an end to all of this, you killing people. It has to stop at some time. Now is that time.”


: You always were a weasel Michael Baldwin. I told you, you would pay dearly for going against me. You’re either with me or against me and you chose the latter you shady character. Even from behind bars I still wield unlimited power.”


: Oh yea Victor, Well I don’t think you will be getting out of here no time soon. So I am not afraid of you. I have a lot on you. In fact I hold a trump card that you or no one else will see coming when I decide to play it.”


: This isn’t over you punk. Michal Baldwin I will destroy you just like everyone else who has turned against me. I am Victor Newman and don’t you ever forget it.” Michael just leaves.

The Young and the Restless

Episode 50: Power Shift in Genoa City

Written by ML Cooks


mysterious_red-j95.jpgThe Mystery Woman knocks on Phyllis’ door. Phyllis tells the mystery guest to come in. Mystery woman does just that and sets her sights on the woman she’s been after, Phyllis Newman. The mystery woman gets closer to Phyllis who is on the couch. Phyllis asks who’s there. Phyllis is getting spooked. Suddenly the Mystery Woman punches Phyllis in the face and then takes off.


At Jabot,

Jack lays into Jill over catching her kissing his son Keemo. He reminds her that she was once married to his grandfather and his dad also. He tells her she is to old to be acting so trashy and classless. Jill actually agrees and don’t know what came over her kissing Keemo. Jill is reduced to tears as she thinks of her son Billy. Jack says that’s right, what would your son Billy think about you? Keemo tries to calm Jack down. He tells him he promises to stay away from Jill. Keemo tells Jack that if he rehires Jill he promises not to see Jill ever again as childish as it may sound. Jack agrees and Jill is thankful.

At Newman

. Nikki has arrived again to argue her point about Brash and Sassy to Nick.


You know son, I think you are being highly unreasonable not giving more thought to revving this line. It represents Victoria. It would be her voice in this company. Victoria feels the same way.”


: Wait mom, you went to Vicki with this?”


I had no other choice. You won’t listen to me.”


: That’s kind of selfish. Victoria is already going through enough with getting her face reconstructed with out you adding non sense on top of it.”


( standing up in an outrage) NON SENSE! You’re being an ass just like your father. If you won’t revive Brash and Sassy then I am going to take it else where.” Then strangely Kay walks in having over heard what Nikki just said.


: Kay what are you doing here?”


Uh Nikki, this isn’t going to be easy.”


: What isn’t I don’t understand.”


: Uh Nikki my dear, you won’t be selling Brash and Sassy to any one.”


: Excuse me? What business is it of yours? I told you I would never forgive you for standing by Victor. I will never understand that. Now you are here telling me what I will or won’t do. How dare you!”


: Nikki, I’m the new owner and CEO of Newman!”

Nick and Nikki are SHCOKED!

Next Week

: The after math of Kay’s take over and Abby ups the ante in her war with Devon in a HUGE WAY! Another big week!!!


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Well there is a new sherrif in town and Victor wont always be having hins way. Micheal's trum card against Vicotr is just that. Play close attention to this as this will sin into other stories. This whole Vicotr Newman mess is the begining of an umbrella storyline

Thanks for your support!!

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