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Episode 49: Jack catches Keemo and Jill kissing again!




At Phyllis’. Michael tells his best friend that Lauren threw him out because of his role in Victor’s crimes. Phyllis says that’s awful. Michael says “No I’m awful. I kept Billy away from Delia when she had leukemia. What kind of man am I Phyllis? I have a son of my own.” Phyllis says “That’s what Victor does to you. Sucks you in and spits you back out.” Michael: That’s exactly what he did after I told him the jig was up and that I would no longer defend him. That’s when he told Lauren about my role in everything. Now I’ve lost her. Thanks to Victor.” Phyllis tells him it will be ok and now he can help her around the house since she is blind. “It will be nice have a good friend around.” Outside the apartment the Mystery Woman learns Phyllis is blind.

“Perfect. Now I can really get this Bitch! It‘s going to be easier than I thought since the bitch is blind as a bat” The mystery woman says.


The Young and the Restless

Episode 49: Jack catches Keemo and Jill kissing again!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consult: Soap Boy 94

  • Nikki confronts Nick over his refusal about Brash and Sassy. Nick explains to her that he feels “this is not a good time for Newman to delve money into reviving and old line that was only moderately successful. Their stocks are down and for that matter sales are too and our brand is tarnished thanks to dad. I think we need to play safe and build upon what Newman already has and keep a low profile. I don’t think Newman needs anything splashy right now. We need the attention off of us.” He says. Her response “ Brining back Brash and Sassy would do all the thing you just said. Take the attention of all the negativity of our name and give the spotlight to Brash and Sassy. People are already familiar with the brand. This is a good time now to stop Jabot dead in it’s tracks. Nick tells her they have Beauty of Nature for that. He says his decision is final. Nikki walks away. Nick doesn’t know what to make of his mom’s business plan.
  • Eden knocks on Michael’s door but Lauren answers. Eden says she is looking for her brother. Lauren tells her that Michael moved out. Then she slams the door in Eden’s face. Eden is stunned.
  • Noah visits Victor in jail. Victor smiles and says its good to see him. Noah tells his granddad that he will stand by him. Victor is happy.
  • At Jabot. In Jill’s office, Jill and Keemo are in close contact as she is showing him stuff on her computer. He leans in and plants a kiss on her. She returns the kiss and it’s get more passionate until Jack walks in and catches them. Jack’s face turns red and says this “Jill you’re FIRED!”

Next: History is made on The Young and the Restless as Kay proves why they call her the Grand Dame of Genoa City!!



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