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Episode 48: Lauren Dumps Michael!!



At Michael’s, Lauren is pissed off as she screams at Michael. She tells him it’s over! She says she can’t be with a man who would keep a child and father apart. She tells him he is not the man she married and fell in love with and she doesn’t want any part of Victor’s crimes. She then tells him that since he can’t be his own man and not Victor’s Bitch then she is going to take Fenmore from him. She instructs Michael to move out immediately. Michael is at a loss for words as he know he has really messed up.


The Young and the Restless

Episode 48: Lauren breaks up with Michael

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consult: Soap Boy 94.

  • Avery knocks on Nicks door at the tack house. Nick opens it and upon seeing Avery’s face, he slams the door right back in her face. Avery is appalled but doesn’t let it get to her. She tells herself at least she tried. If Nick wants to act like a big baby then he can do that by himself. She leaves. Nick on the other hand is holding Summer in his arms and wonders if he should have been so cold to Avery.
  • Nate arrives at the Abbott House to see Abby. Abby is impressed that he showed up on her door step. He tries to explain to her what Roxanne was doing and what he wanted to do. He tells her that yes he likes her and that yes Roxanne wants him to date her only to keep your mind off of Devon. Abby says she really appreciates his honesty. Nate tells her he promises her he would never do anything to hurt her. Abby appreciates it and gives him a hug. She tells him she will still go out on their date. Nate is surprised and happy that his plan went better than he expected. Nate tells her he look forward to it. He leaves.
  • Murphy visits Jill at Jabot. Jill is very surprised that Murphy is at Jabot and there to see her. She asks him what she can do for him. Murphy explains it’s Katherine. “She’s doing to much with this Victor mess. She has to slow down. This is not good for her health. Running Chancellor Industries and now getting involved with the Newman night mare. It’s just too much. She’s even letting this Newman mess come between us. “ Jill tells him she understands where he is coming from and that she will have a talk with Kay and try to convince her to slow down. Murphy thanks her before he leaves.
  • Nikki calls Victoria in Japan and tells her about Brash and Sassy. She then tells Vicki that Nick shot her idea down and that she is not having it. She says the women of this family deserved to be heard and we will Victoria. “I have a plan to get my way.” Victoria, who’s face is still bandaged up from her early stages of treat ment tells her mom that she is sounding like Victor. Nikki says not at all. “I’m just not going to be a push over no more. For no one and that includes your father. He has hurt this family enough and enough is enough.”
  • envy-1.jpgThe Mystery Woman is staking out Phyllis’s place sees Michael Baldwin arrive with suitcases. She gets closer to the window to see if she can hear them talk to gain some informations. Meanwhile, inside Michael tells Phyllis that Lauren kicked him out.

Next: Victor gets a surprising new ally as Jack FIRES JILL from Jabot!!!!!!



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Nikki is getting a backbone and she's does not appear weak for Victor anymore...I like that.

Seems like Roxanne is getting desperate.

#Team Avery...give her a man!! LOL

And Lauren finally did it huh. She dumped him!

Plots are thickening...keep it coming

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One of my goals from the outset was to give Nikki a back bone. I have been working on that since here return back in Feb. And now its about to pay off

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