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Episode 52: Lauren wants it all from Michael!!



imagesCA8ORWACsoapoprah.jpgNikki calls Victoria in Japan and informs what latest stunt Kay and Victor has pulled now with Kay taking over Newman.

The Young and the Restless

Episode 51: Lauren want it ALL!!

Written by ML Cooks


Nick confronts Victor at the jail. Victor really ignores his son as he huffs and puffs over Kay taking over Newman. The only thing Victor says is that he always knew this day would come. Where people would try to destroy him like right now by locking him up. “So in that event, I went to Kay and we signed a secret agreement. And hence that agreement is being acted upon my son. Kay will now own and will take over Newman.” Nick tells Victor he has lost the rest of his mind. Victor says “we’ll see my boy. I’m Victor Newman, I always got plan.”

Michael and Gloria meet up at the Athletic Club. Michael tells her that Lauren kicked him out. He tells her it’s because of all the things he did with Victor. Especially keeping Billy from Delia. Gloria is stunned. She tells him she supports him no matter what.

Rafe arrives at Michaels’ old apartment at Lauren’s request. Lauren thanks him for stopping by. Rafe says no problem, he is just curious as to what this is all about. Lauren tells him she wants to file a divorce from Michel and obtain sole custody of their son Fenmore. Rafe is stunned.

Billy goes to Jack at Jabot. Billy urges Jack to take it easy on Jill. Jack says “No!” He will not have his son Keemo getting involved with Jill. It’s revolting. “It would make our dad spin in his grave.” Billy says that his mother didn’t tell him all the details just the fact he was hard on her. Jack says “I bet she didn’t. You tell you’re mother she will not have anything to do with my son. She’s lucky she still has a job here after Keemo promised to stay away from her.” Billy says ok and then leaves.

On the computer, Abby claims victory as she comes up with a double whammy on Roxanne. “This will for sure bring a halt to Devon’s wedding plans to Roxanne. And that will give me time to make him mine.” She says…

Next: Abby delivers the first blow to Roxanne and Devon’s relationship as Kay let’s Genoa City know that she paid the cost to be the boss!

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Lauren want it all huh!!! LOL....So ABBY is the desperate one huh....I wonder how that story is going to culminate...Why is Jack so dead set against Keemo and Jill? Does Jack really want Jill for himself?

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