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Episode 44: Keemo and Gloria get Closer!



Episode 44:

Gloria is having a drink at the Athletic Club going over in her mind how rich she is. She is deciding what to do. Her instinct is to rebuild Glo Worm and start anew. Her thoughts are interrupted when Keemo sits next to her and orders a drink. Keemo tells her he had to come over and meet a beautiful woman like Gloria. Gloria blushes and bats her eyes at him. Keemo asks Glo what she is drinking to. Glo says my new fortune and new beginnings. Keemo smiles at her as they toast and drink.

The Young and the Restless

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consult: Soap Boy 94

  • At Michael’s, Michael is trying to talk Lauren out of going to see Victor. Michael knows deep down what ever TGVN wants with Lauren will not benefit him at all. Lauren tells her husband he is paranoid and that she will return after while. She leaves. Michael is bummed out.
  • Back at the Club. Olivia runs into Malcolm. She starts talking to him trying to convince him to drop this feud with his brother. Malcolm says never. He will hate Neil until the day he dies.
  • At Crimson Lights. Abby let’s Roxanne know she over heard her trying to get Nate to seduce her. Abby tells Rox her plan won’t work and that she is going to tell Devon just what kind of girl she is. Abby storms out with out so much as saying a word to Nate. Nate asks Roxanne if she is worried about what Abby will say to Devon. Roxanne says not at all. Nate tells Roxanne he will hold her responsible if she messes his chances up with Abby.
  • Nick arrives at Phyllis’ house. He has come over to talk about her future at Restless Style. He tells her for the time being, he is going to lay her off just until she recovers. Phyllis is very hurt but understands. She says more and more everyday she feels useless in a world of darkness. Nick holds her and tells her it will be ok.
  • The mystery woman is at the public library researching information’s on Phyllis Newman…

Next: Keemo and Glo grow closer, Nick disappoints Nikki and Sophia delivers stunning news to Neil on cliffhanger Friday!


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Roxanne is a schemer huh?. I like that you are building the mystery woman up slowly, and her obsession with Phyllis Newman....Gloria and Keemo are about to get it in huh...he's quite the charmer...

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In a few weeks you wont be saying the same thing about Roxanne.

Im really good at mysterys as I told many on my other series STEAM. I have learned so much from them and this mustery woman promises to very good.

Keemo is a ladies man.

THanks for reading

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