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Episode 43:Mystery Woman puts a name on it!



Episode 43:

Cane and Avery have lunch at the Athletic Club as he fills her in on how it came to be that Neil took custody of his kids. Avery tells him immediately that’s illegal. Cane is very happy. Nick walks into the club but stops when he sees his ex having lunch with cane. He is very intrigued by the two.

The Young and the Restless

Written ML Cooks

  • At Neil’s apt. Sophia and Moses leave as Devon arrives. Neil thanks Devon for coming over and giving some relief. Devon ask Neil if he is ok. Neil says no. He’s stressed out. Caring for three small babies was a bit more than he can handle and Sophia is very pissed at him. Neil wonders if he made a mistake taking Cane’s kids from him.
  • Sophia shows up at Tucker’s house. They talk. Tucker clearly sees she is stressed out. She informs him of what Neil is doing in regards to Cane and Lily’s twins. She says it’s not being fair to Moses nor did Neil even confide in her about this huge decision that effects them all. Tucker says he understands. In fact Tucker offers his home to Sophia. Sophia thanks him. Tucker says anything for his God son. They hug.
  • Nikki and Jack have lunch at the Club. Jack learns from Nikki that she is on the Newman Board and that she wants to revive Brash and Sassy. Jack is floored. He thinks about Beauty of Nature. Jack tells Nikki she deserves to have more say so at Newman after everything Victor has put her through and that he will support her with her quest. Nikki thanks him.
  • The Baldwin clan get back to their pent house only to find a not for Lauren. They are all confused as she opens it. She reads. Lauren says she’s been summoned by Victor Newman. Michael immediate what Victor has up his sleeve. He doesn’t have a good feeling about this at all considering he turned his back on him and Victor did vow revenge.
  • The mystery woman is keeping a low profile through the streets of Genoa City.
  • “I must find Phyllis” She says….


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LOL the mystery woman story just started. We got some time before we learn who it is. I just love a good mystery esp the kind where you will not know anything until the last minute I would say keep ur eye on her.

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