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Episode 45:Michael Baldwin is EXPOSED!!!!



Episode 45:

At the Athletic Club, Keemo and Glo are still drinking at the bar getting to know one another. Glo tell shim the story of how Jeff stole her money, then her night club being bombed and how she plans to rebuild. Keemo tell sheer he’ll be an investor maybe even silent partner if she agrees to go on a date with him. Glo is very flattered. But she reluctantly agrees.

The Young and the Restless

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consult: Soap Boy 94

  • At Neil’s. Sophia is packing up her things along with Moses stuff. Neil asks her what she is doing. She tells him she is taking their son and moving in with Tucker until she decides her next move. She tells Neil that Moses is getting the short end of the stick as she is too and it’s not being fair to the twins, Moses Cane or even himself for that matter. Neil begs her to stay but Sophia doesn’t listen and leaves any way. Neil is devastated.
  • At Newman, Nick tells Nikki he is going to pass on Brash and Sassy right now. He explains to her he doesn’t think NE can take such a huge risk and really can’t afford to make any new major investments until their stock and sales stabilize. Nikki is is mad arguing that Brash and Sassy is thee type of venture NE needs right now to take the light of all the negativity. Nick tells her his decision stands and that her’ sorry. Nikki says just like that? Nick says yes. Nikki storms out.
  • At Devon’s recording Studio, Abby has arrived upset. She tells Devon she has something to tell him. Roxanne walks in. Abby says she has something to tell him and it’s about Roxanne. Devon is confused.
  • At the Jail, Lauren has arrived to see Victor. He tells her its good to see her. Lauren asks him what does he want. Victor begins to tell Lauren Michael’s role in all his crimes especially the one about kidnapping Billy and keeping him away from Delia while she was sick. Lauren is sick to her stomach.
  • The mystery woman finally finds an address for Phyllis. She leaves the library and says “Phyllis Newman must pay!”….

  • Next: The stakes are raised in all the stories and by weeks end I deliver another shocking Friday cliffhanger surrounding Kay Chancellor as I make history on The Young and the Restless.

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You're gonna make history huh? I guess this is where trouble will start for Michael and Lauren...And yes Phyllis must pay!!! LOL...not sure why Neil is acting all devastated about Sofia leaving him. It's not like he loved her anyway lol....VERY GOOD...can't wait till next week!!

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