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Episode 40: Goodbye Chance, Victoria and Lily



Episode 40:

In Jamaica, The Baldwin’s search the condo to try and find where the voice came from or more importantly who was the strange voice. They also find lots of jewelry, gold coins and stacks of money. Gloria is stunned her ex husband looted so much from her.

Glo: All this time Jeff told me Glo Worm wasn’t making any money and would you look at this. He hid it all. Now that cheating is bastard is dead.”

Lauren: And now you have it all back. You can restart your life Gloria.”

Gloria: Life means nothing with out my Kevin.” Michael walks over and holds his mother as Glo sheds a tear. Meanwhile The mystery woman who was still spying on the Baldwin clan learns Jeff is dead. The mystery woman is devastated!

The Young and the Restless

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consult: Soap Boy 94

  • At the jail, Nick and Nikki arrive to confront Victor Newman. They both lay into him telling him how angry they are that he is still causing misery for their family even from behind bars. Victor: Is that so? You two turned your back on me by not standing by me. You two will pay for that. Dearly!

    Nick: I am so sick of your threats. What kind of father raises his kids by issuing threats? You can take your threats and rot with them here in this cell.

    Victor: It’s ok my son. If you think I’m causing you trouble now you aint seen nothing yet my boy. I’m Victor Newman and no bars anywhere will ever shield my power. Know that. And Nikki, you can just get the hell out of here. I don’t even know why you came down here.”
    Nikki: My God Victor I don’t know either. You won’t win. Let’s go Nicholas.” She says escorting Nick out the jail.
    Victor: You will pay for betraying me. Victor Newman will not stand for this!” he hollers after them.

    • At the airport, Nina and Kay get ready to say good bye to Chance as he leaves for physical therapy in Germany. It’s a tearful good bye as he is assisted in boarding the plane. Nina waves good bye to her son with tears in her eyes. Paul is their for her.
    • Also at the airport is Lily. Lily looks out to see of she sees Cane. She does not which makes her disappointed. Neil, Malcolm and Sophia along with Nate and Olivia all hug her good bye. Lily says she was hoping Cane would show up to say good bye. She must have really hurt him. Neil tells her to forget that loser and focus on her recovery. Lily waves to them good bye and boards her flight.
    • Victoria also is boarding her flight as Billy is by her side kissing her good bye. She hugs her mom and brother. Nick tell her don’t worry about anything everything will be ok. Victoria gives Billy one last kiss before boarding her flight.
    • Back in Jamaica, The Baldwin’s finishes collecting the last of Jeff’s treasures. They plan to fly back in the morning. The mystery woman over hears their plans to fly back and decides this is her ticket…..home!? Back inside. Michal and Lauren discuss this voice they heard. They both agree the voice sounded familiar. They both look at each other in fear.Whoisshebanner-1.jpg
    • Next: Nikki and Keemo wants to make big moves in the business world as the Mystery Woman makes plans to head to Genoa City. Who is she?

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