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Episode 39: Nate asks Abby out



Episode 39:

  • At the Chancellor Estate. Chance tells Nina he’s found a great physical therapy program in Germany and that he’s leaving tomorrow for treatment. Nina is flabbergasted.
  • Nikki tells Nick about Kay standing with Victor. Nick tells his mom about Avery doing the same thing. They both are mad and decide to confront Victor.
  • Kay tells Jill about supporting Victor. Jill tells Kay about her flirting with Keemo. Kay warns Jill to stay away from Keemo. “John would roll around in his grave if she took up with his grandson.” She says.
  • Lily tries to reach out to Cane by calling him. He just hangs up on her. She realizes she may have taken things to far with Cane.
  • Nate runs into Abby at Crimson Lights. He asks her out on a date. To his surprise she accepts.
  • In Jamaica, The Baldwin clan give up search for the mystery voice. Michael and Lauren both agree the voice sounded familiar. Glo says she never heard the voice before. Lauren and Michael look at each other both fearing who could this woman be. The mystery woman has the advantage again as darkness falls, she is still spying on them from out side the condo.

Next: 3 people say good bye to Genoa City!!!!


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