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Nikki attacks Kay!!!



Episode 38:

  • Kay tells Nikki she is standing by Victor. Nikki is not happy about this at all. Nikki tells Kay she can’t believe she chose Victor over her. Nikki also tells Kay that she needs to stay out of her family’s business. This has nothing to do with her. Kay reminds Nikki to respect her. Nikki says “Like hell I will! You betrayed me by siding with Victor.“ Nikki also tells her she will never forgive Kay for this. Kay is stunned as Nikki storms off.
  • Jill and Keemo run into each other at the Athletic Club and they grab a drink. Jill apologizes to him for getting him in trouble with Jack. Keemo tells her don’t apologize and he won’t let his father tell him who he will and will not date. He even surprises her by leaning in and kissing her.
  • Avery tells Victor that Nick dumped her over her representing him. Victor smiles. And tells her not to worry about it. She is a very beautiful woman and his son will come to his senses soon. Then he asks her to try and find Adam.
  • Daniel brings Lucy to visit with Victoria and Billy before she leaves for Japan. Daniel tells her he just wanted to lift her spirits. Victoria is very appreciative of the kind gesture.
  • Tucker visits Devon at his studio to see exactly what it is his son does. Devon is in the process of hunting for talent. Tucker gives him some advice on how and where to get talent. They have father and son time as Tucker schools his new son on some of the things he knows in the music business.
  • In Jamaica, Jeff’s condo The Baldwin clan begin to search through everything under couches, all closets, etc. But what they don’t know is that a mysterious woman is watching them. She calls out Jeff’s name being nervous by seeing the Baldwin’s searching through the condo. The Baldwin’s hear this voice and then begin to try and find where it came from. The mystery woman realizes it’s not Jeff and she takes off before she can be caught…

Next: Who is the mystery woman?


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