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Episode 41:"The Voice"



Episode 41:

In Jamaica, the mystery woman sneaks into the cargo area of Michael’s private plane. It’s easy since Jamaica doesn’t have as restricted airport checks at this foreign airport. The Baldwin’s board the small private jet as well ready to take off and head home to Genoa City. Michael and Lauren agree it was a nice quick getaway before they heard “the voice” Glo is paying them no mind as she looks through all the dazzling jewels. In the cargo area. The mystery woman has a few thoughts in her head. “ Soon I will be back in Genoa City. Maybe Jeff dying was a blessing in disguise. It’s time to get my revenge.” Her mind focuses on this constantly as she is very uncomfortable being trapped on the cargo area.

The Young and the Restless

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consult: Soap Boy 94

  • At Newman, Nikki is sitting in on her first board meeting. The main topic is how to stop the slide in Newman Stock and investors from pulling out. Nikki jumps in and makes a radical suggestion by reviving the Brash and Sassy line in honor of Victoria. Nick and the board are stunned Nikki has suggested this.
  • At the Chancellor Estate. Esther serves Murphy and Kay dinner. They begin to eat. Murphy suggest to Kay again about their trip they planed before the bombing. He says now would be a nice time to get away. ‘Maybe go some where warm‘. Kay shoots down the idea telling Murph she has to stay and help Victor because no one else will. This does not sit very well with Murphy. He tells her that he thinks she should stay out that Newman mess it’s only going to lead to trouble. Kay won’t hear any of it and defends her good friend Victor.
  • At Jabot, in Jack’s office. Keemo is talking with Jack. Keemo suggest now would be a good time to go after Beauty of Nature now that Newman is such a mess and sinking even further by the hour. Jack is very surprised Keemo has made this suggestion. Jack asks him how did he know about “BON”. Keemo tells him has been researching the company and it’s goals and he saw “BON is on the wish list for Jabot. Keemo says with the new Jabot line and it’s expansion thanks to Ashley Jabot has never been healthier and now is the time to get it. Jack smiles from to ear to ear. Jack tells his son his granddad would be so proud of him. For thinking like a true Abbott.
  • Jill and Billy talk at the Park. Billy confesses his affair to Chloe to her. Jill is stunned. Jill warns Billy to stay away from Chloe. She reminds him of how much trouble she’s caused in the past. Jill tells him to focus on his current wife Victoria.

Next: Malcolm and Leslie get closer as Abby puts the brakes on Roxanne’s scheme!


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These a great and exciting storylines, but I would like to see Keemo's reaction to Jack's praise (you know that look the character has when they hug, like a look of "I got something else up my sleeve", or that "unsure" look)...I also want to know if Billy is remorseful about his affair with Chloe. Great and exciting stories all in all, though!!!

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