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Episode 36: What is Jeff Hiding?



Episode 36:

  • The Baldwin-Fisher clan arrive at the airport in Jamaica. They are all excited to be on a tropical island this time of the year. It’s warm and very sunny. Glo is anxious to find out what Jeff is hiding as Lauren an Michael kiss.
  • At The Chancellor Estate, Chance tells Nina he has something to tell her and she is not going to like it.
  • At the jail, Victor thanks Kay and Avery for standing by him. He tells them he won’t let them down and that together. Victory will be theirs. Avery feels uneasy as she thinks of how Nick will react.
  • Nick, Nikki, and Billy throw a going away party for Victoria. All of them wish her well on her treatment. Victoria says she’s feel like a monster with her face completely covered with bandages from her burns.
  • Devon goes to visit Tucker at McCall to see if he needs any help getting ready for his upcoming summer wedding. Tucker really appreciates that and enjoys the moment with his son in getting to now him more.
  • Downstairs in the Chancellor Estate. Chloe is holding Delia in her arms and rock back and forth. Chloe realizes that her affair with Billy is a mistake. It would not be fair to their daughter Chordelia.

Next: Victor causes trouble for Nick and Avery!


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