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Episode 35: Victor's luck Changes!!



Episode 35:

  • At the Abbott House, Ashley sits in the living room with her mother as they begin to plan her big summer wedding. Ashley thanks her daughter for helping her. Abby tells her if she is happy then that’s all that matters to her.
  • At Newman, Nick tells his mother he is replacing Adam on the board with her. She will now have a seat on the Newman Board. Nikki is thrilled.
  • Billy helps Victoria get ready for her extended oversees trip. The only thing he can really do is think of making love to Chloe last night.
  • Cane tells Lily that he will never forgive her for what she did, taking his kids away from him and he also tells her he is going to fight to get his kids back. He doesn’t even give her a chance to respond as he walks out on her.
  • Kay arrives at Victor’s cell. He tells her he is very grateful that he knew he could count on his old friend and ally to stand by him. Victor says he has a plan and Kay is crucial to it.
  • Before Victor can get into his plan with ay Avery walks in on the scene. Avery tells Victor that yes she will represent him. Victor has a victorious smile on his face as his luck seem to be changing….

Next: Are things beginning to turn around for TGVN? Characters say good bye as the next round of casting cuts hit. Who is leaving? A new mystery will begin to take shape next week. Miss a day and you will miss a lot!!


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