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Nikki's new Attitude on episode 34!



Episode 34:

  • Nick brings Summer to visit Phyllis. Phyllis is thankful. She is also very upset that she cant see her “baby girl”. She tries to be strong for her daughter. Nick asks Phyllis about her treatment. Phyllis says that Olivia is looking into it.
  • Jack has a TLC moment with Cane at the Club. Jack makes sure Cane is alright following his mother’s death a few weeks ago in the bombing. Cane says he wishes he was but Neil is being a real ass taking his kids away from him. Jack is shocked Neil would do such a thing and he tells Cane that he will do whatever he can to support him. Cane thanks him.
  • At the hospital, Nikki tells Victoria she is going to work at Newman on her behalf. Victoria asks her if she is sure. Nikki says “Of course. I learned a lot from The Great Victor Newman and it’s time to make some things right.” Victoria is impressed at her mom’s new attitude.
  • Glo, Michael, Fenmore, and Lauren aka The Fisher-Baldwin Clan bored a private plan to fly to Jamaica to seek out treasures left by Jeff.
  • Noah and Eden decide to kill some time and catch a movie together, enjoying each other’s company.
  • Billy and Chloe meet up at the Athletic Club and grab a room to have sex again. They tear each other’s clothes off and again have hot passionate sex, while Victoria is in a hospital with a bandaged up face from 3rd degree burns wondering where Billy is…

Next: Couples of Genoa City continue to be on the rocks!…


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