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Mass Exodus 2!!




The house cleaning continues this week on The Young and the Restless as work comes in the newly installed Head Writer and Executive Producer ML Cooks has let more people go.

Christel Khalil,imagesCA7E1813soapoprah.jpg

Amelia HienleimagesCAYXI6HHsoapoprah.jpg


John Driscoll, wwsoapoprah.jpg

have all been axed!

Lily and Victoria leave this Friday as storyline dictates. Both characters’ faces were totally bandaged up after being burned badly at the bombing at Sharon’s party. The characters themselves will be out of town for about 3 months. These central roles will be recasted. Stay tuned for more news.

Chance Chancellor played by John Driscoll is also leaving the series as storyline dictates. He will also last air on Friday, leaving GC to attend a rehabilitation center in Germany. Chance is being written out for now and the role will not be recasted. The door will remain for his eventual return in the future.

In other STUNNING NEWS: SHARON CASEuntitledsoapoprahkellybmpheatherbmpsoapoprahbmpjanabmpjanasabrinabmpsharon.jpg AND JEFF BRANSON2010_Jeff_Branson.jpg downgraded to recurring,

“There really is isn’t a lot of story for Sharon at this time. She has been through the ringer over the last several years, she just needs to take a break and take care of her kids. Let me clear Sharon is not leaving the series.” ML was quoted saying

Jeff Branson has also been dropped to recurring. “There is not a lot of story for him at his time. He will not be needed as much so there is no sense on wasting money. Ronan is not leaving the series though. He will continue to air as a new dark mystery encompasses Genoa City.”

With all the room on the canvas now, look for more returns in the coming weeks.” There will be no new characters created” that is my pledge to my viewers. BUT we will see people from the past return. Some with new faces. Very exciting stuff coming up. Stay tuned.


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