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Episode 31: Lily makes her Choice



Episode 31:

  • At the Chancellor estate, Nina is upstairs trying to coax Chance to come out of his room who has locked himself in his room since finding out he is paralyzed from the bombing and he quit the FBI in response.
  • Down stairs, Kay tells Jill she has made peace with her son Tucker. Jill is surprised. Jill tells Kay she has a confession of her own. Jack caught her kissing and flirting with Keemo. Kay is disgusted. She reminds her that she was once married to Keemo’s grandfather and has a child by him.
  • At the Hospital. Lily tells the Winters family that Neil will in fact care for her twins while she is in Japan. Cane is outraged and storms out the room while Neil has a smile on his face. Sophia is not happy about this decision.
  • Nina begs Kay and Jill to try and talk Chance coming out of his room.
  • Paul talks to the DA Spencer Walsh about the whereabouts of his children, Ricky and Heather.
  • Victor, who has called Avery down to his cell ask her if she will represent him in his upcoming trial. Avery thinks of how Nick would feel. She tells him she will have to get back to him on this matter.

Next: Jack warns Keemo, as Victor wonders if Sharon will stand by him!


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