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Episode 32: We going to Jamaica!!



Episode 32:

  • Malcolm visits Phyllis. He cooks her a meal and they play catch up with their lives. He tells her about Lily’s decision. She informs him that she has been lonely and everything is so dark. He tells her not to worry and that Olivia will come through for her. Phyllis thanks him for coming to see her.
  • Cane goes to Jimmy’s to get drunken to let off some steam. Chloe is there too. She sits with him as they talk about their problems. Cane’s issue is Lily taking the kids from him and Chloe’s issue is mourning Kevin and regretting her one night stand with Billy but yet she wants him again. They both drink their problems away.
  • Jack tells Keemo to keep away from Jill. He says his grandfather would roll around in his grave if he knew is grandson was sleeping with his ex wife. Keemo tells Jack to relax and that he is his own man. Keemo then walks out the Abbott House leaving Jack stunned.
  • Sharon also visits Phyllis. Phyllis stunned and very cautious of her visit but her fears are eased when Sharon tells her she is there to help her clean up and to see if she needs anything help around her house. Phyllis is very appreciative of this kind gesture from Sharon.
  • Michael convinces Gloria to go to Jamaica to see and or reclaim what all Jeff looted from her and Glo Worm. Michael tells her a trip is just what she needs to get her mind off Kevin. Gloria says a mother should never bury her child. She vows she will never forget Kevin. But she does agree to go to Jamaica to reclaim her lost treasures.
  • Sharon visits Victor at the jail. He asks her if she will support him. Sharon says she doesn’t know!…

Next: Neil, Sophia and Malcolm all argue about Lily’s decision as the Winters brothers drift further and further apart.


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