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Episode 30: Who will care for Lily's kids?



Episode 30:

  • Sophia decides to confront Leslie after Malcolm leaves the Athletic Club. Sophia asks her what her intentions are. Les tells her that she needs to worry about her and Neil. She obviously had an issue with her being at his house. Les then asks her why does it matter to her if Malcolm and her date. She asks Sophia is she still in love with Malcolm. Sophia just walks away.
  • Daniel and Lucy visits Phyllis. Phyllis says what a wonderful surprise. She just wishes she could see them. She has a tear in her eye. She says everything is so dark. She then says she feels so alone.
  • Victoria tells Billy that she will be away in Japan for face reconstruction for about 12 weeks. Billy is stunned. He then thinks of Chloe.
  • Chloe gets drunk once again as she thinks of her one night of passion with Billy after learning Kevin was dead. She mourns Kevin as she sits in front of his tomb stone. She cries heavily as she thinks of Delia and the mistake she made by sleeping with Billy.
  • Abby tells Devon she can’t stop thinking of him. Devon tells her he doesn’t want to hear stuff like that. He’s in love with Roxanne and in fact he is going to take her on a trip to propose to Roxanne. Abby begins to feel sick. She begs him not too.
  • At the hospital, Lily announces to her family, Neil, Nate, Olivia, Sophia, and Cane that she has reached a final decision on who will care for her twins while she is away in Japan. The Winters Clan await her decision….

Net Week: Lily’s decision has far reaching and unintended consequences!!


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