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Episode 27: Keemo goes to work at Jabot!



Episode 27:

  • Cane pleads with Lily to let him keep the kids while she is away in Japan. Neil comes in and over hears Cane talking with Lily. He takes it as Cane pressuring her and he snaps. He kicks Cane out the room and tells him to leave Lily alone. She doesn’t need him pressuring her while she is trying to recover from the bombings.
  • Malcolm tells Sophia she needs to stay out of his relationship with Lily. She has her on child with his brother. Sophia pleads to him that she was only trying to help. She tell shim he can’t stay mad at her and Neil forever, Malcolm says “Watch me”
  • Jack brings Keemo to work at Jabot. Jack is impressed when Keemo tells him he a masters in business administration from Yale. Jack tells Keemo he will start him in marketing with Jill. That’s where they need their most power to keep pushing out their new Jabot line and it’s expansion. Keemo is excited to be working at the family company.
  • At Devon’s recording studio, Devon tells Kay and Tucker to meet him as soon as possible. He needs them to do something. Roxanne who is still there with him is curious to know what Devon want’s his new family to do.
  • Phyllis uses her blindness to get Ronan to come over her house.
  • Kay confronts Billy about his one night stand with Chloe. She tells him she doesn’t approve and that Delia does not need to be put through this kind of drama as it’s only going to lead to people getting hurt. She tells him to stay away from Chloe.

Next: Kay and Tucker reach a turning point as Keemo disappoints Jack in a big and disgusting way on his first day on the job!


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