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Episode 28: Keemo disappoints Jack!!



Episode 28:

  • Paul arrives at Victors’ cell and informs him that Adam did indeed leave town and there is no evidence in his role of the bombing at Sharon’s party. Victor is stumped and wonders where his younger son is.
  • Neil and Cane get into it again. Neil tells Cane that he should not be surprised that Lily does not want him to be in care of the twins considering his shady past and all the lies and drama he’s put Lily and the kids in. Cane says all that is behind him and he is the twins biological father and he will fight this decision. Neil warns him not to or he’ll lose Lily forever.
  • Olivia tells Lily about her facial reconstruction surgery in Japan. Olivia informs Lily that the Japanese are experts in dealing with face reconstruction and Olivia also informs her that she cannot guarantee that she will look the same when her face is done. Olivia also tells Lily that treatment will be up to about 12 weeks. Lily is stunned by the news her aunt just gave her.
  • Abby is taking a nap when she dreams of making love to Devon. She moans in her sleep.
  • Kay and Tucker agree to end their war for Devon’s sake. Kay also agrees to hand over full control of McCall Untl. back to Tucker. Devon says now they all can have a clean start. Tucker is very impressed with Devon and even more thankful that his new son got control back of his company.
  • At Jabot Jill is in her office training Keemo on the computer systems and informs him of the current marketing campaigns Jabot are working on. Keemo flirts with Jill which leads to a peck on the lips, Jack walks in and is disgusted by the sight of his Asian son kissing his ex wife Jill!

Next: Jack confronts Keemo and Jill as Victor asks Kay if she of all people will stand by him!


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