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Episode 26



Episode 26:

  • Nick holds a press conference at Newman announcing his taking on the CEO position since his father is jailed for the time being. Avery is right by his side with a smile on her face.
  • Leslie and Malcolm sit at the bar at the Athletic Club and order a drink. She asks him where has he been. He tells her he went to Detroit to do some photography work. She tells him she is glad he is back in town. Malcolm looks at her. He notices how beautiful she is. He asks what’s up with her and Neil. She says nothing all. “He’s moved on with your ex wife.” Malcolm gets angry upon hearing that. She apologizes as they order drinks again. He tells her he would like to get to know him more. Leslie says she would like that very much.
  • Sophia and Neil argue about Leslie showing up at their door step. She says she doesn’t appreciate it and she wants to know why she doesn’t know that he is with her. Neil says he is sorry but she is living their with him so that should say a lot. He asks her why is she so upset? In between the tears that are streaming down her face she utters “I love you Neil”.
  • Devon and Roxanne are at his studio listening to some demo tapes. When listening to a song he gets an idea about his family. Roxanne is intrigued.
  • Nikki tells Nick she is not too pleased with his last minute press conference considering what their family is going through. She asks him can’t he think of anything else besides business? Nick tells her that Newman stock is tanking and hitting new lows. Shareholders are anxious. He had to do something to try to calm the storm down. He reminds her that without Newman Enterprises they would have nothing. Nikki tells her son that it would have been nice to have informed her and his sister about his announcement and the press conference. Nick tells his mom he is not going to argue about this with her and that action needed to be taken to avert a disaster.
  • Jack arrives at Jail to enjoy the sight of his arch nemesis sitting behind bars. The two have a confrontation. Jack tells him the tables have turned and he is going to do everything he can to dig that knife deeper into his back. Jack tells Victor he is going to finally destroy the rest of his dynasty once and for all. Victor brushes Jack off.

Next: Kay confronts Billy as Malcolm lets Sophia know what her place is!


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