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Episode 25: Spencer gives TGVN Bad News!!



Episode 25:

  • Ronan confronts Phyllis about Nick staying the night. She tells him she is sorry and that she was just scared that night. She also says that her bitch sister Avery is making something out of nothing trying to make trouble for her. She tells Ronan not to fall for her trap.
  • Avery and Nick make love in her hotel suite.
  • Leslie show’s up at Neil’s house. They talk. Leslie was obviously unaware that Sophia is staying with Neil. Leslie tells Neil she apologizes and Sophia interrupts with “ You should be.” there is an odd silence as Les and Sophia square each other up. Neil notices this and breaks the mood by telling Les she should go and that he will talk to her later. Les says ok and rolls her eyes at Sophia as she walks out.
  • Devon tells Abby that kiss was a mistake and that he can’t do this with her.
  • Lily tells Daniel she is torn over her decision about who should care for her kids while she is away for treatment.
  • Spencer informs Victor that based on the evidence he’s collected, he’s going to be spending a long time in jail.

Next week: The drama surrounding the Winter’s family comes to a head next week as a decision is reached!….


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