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Episode 24: Abby and Devon get Closer!



Episode 24:

  • Avery gloats in Phyllis’ face that she told Ronan that Nick spent the night. Phyllis ask her to leave the blind alone. Avery says never. She’s only using her blindness to gain sympathy from Nick. Avery tells her it won’t work.
  • Cane tells Daniel to stay away from Lily. He’s spending too much time with her. He reminds him that Lily chose him and they will be a family. Daniel tells him he’s just insecure because he’s a lair. Daniel just walks off.
  • Malcolm tries to convince Lily that Cane should get care of the kids while she is away. The two get into a slight argument over it.
  • Olivia tells Victoria that she’s found a wonderful treatment program in Japan but it would require up to 12 weeks being in Japan in order to reconstruct her face. Victoria is a bit stunned she will have to live in Japan for three months and that her face has to be recreated.
  • Roxanne bumps into Nate at Crimson Lights and she tries to convince him that she should starting dating Abby Newman.
  • Abby and Devon, at his studio listen to some demos. One demo is a love song and both are entranced by it. They look at each other as they listen to the song. They are drawn into a kiss.

Next: Things continue to get grim for Victor!


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