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Episode 4: Adam seals Victor's fate!



Episode 4

  • Kevin tries to talk Billy out of going against Victor. Reminds him members of his family have died for going against him. Billy won’t hear of it. His mind is made up and he is going to expose Victor for the evil old bastard that he is..
  • Lily tells Cane that she wants to try and be a family again with him. Cane is ecstatic.
  • Gene and Jack have a romantic evening. Gene tries to get Jack to fire Jill with a sexual seduction.
  • Gloria tells Michael about what Jeff has done. Michael tells her he will have Paul do some investigating.
  • Adam gives Ronan a damning docket incriminating Victor in various crimes including the murder of Diane Jenkins!….

Next: It’s going to be a good and bad day to be Phyllis Newman.


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