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Episode 3: Billy stands up to Victor!



Episode 3

  • Glo confronts Jeff over the stolen money from Glow Worm‘s bank accounts. She threatens divorce as he lies to her about the money. She tells him she is going to Michael with this. Jeff then threatens Kevin for exposing him.
  • Sharon calls Victor and tells him about Adam’s erratic behavior. Victor reassures her that soon Adam will be taken care of. Sharon presses him on what he has planned. He tells her she need not worry….
  • Victor and Nick run into Adam and both warn him to stay away from their family. Victor warn of dire consequences. Adam says we’ll see about that….
  • Avery tells Nick about her spat with Phyllis a few days before.
  • Billy tells Kevin he is done playing Victor’s game and he’s not going to stand for it no more. He is going to fight back and get his life back…

Next: Lily has a surprise for Cane as Adam launches a preemptive strike on his father…


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