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Love Triangle #132 pt.1



Huntington Memorial Hospitalbig_hospital_pic.jpg

Karim walks into Alexis’s room.


“Karim, surprised to see you here. I thought you were with Donna now?”


“I wanted to see if you were ok.”


“Ladonna attacked me. She and that wild dog Ria attacked me. “Alexis forces herself to cry to gain sympathy from Karim.


“I’m really sorry that happen to you. I can believe Ria would do something like this but LaDonna?”


“Oh Karim it was so horrible. And not only that, there is something else I must tell you.”

Ladonna then walks into the room. Karim doesn’t hear come in but Alexis sees her and tries really hard to keep from giving Donna a smirking smile.


“What do you want to tell me?”


“That she’s pregnant.”

Karim is shocked as well as Alexis.


“You know?”


“I most certainly do. Ria told me.”


“Ria?! I don’t believe this. Pregnant? I am going to be a father.”


“Not so fast. Didn’t she go out of town recently to Miami with Santino?”


“Don’t even go there Bitch. Nothing happened between Tino and I. Case closed. Don’t try to make something out of nothing Donna. You’re desperate ploy to hold on to Karim. Well I’m having his baby now Bitch. What are you going to do about it? Attack me again?”


“Enough. Just stop this fighting. It makes no sense. Ladonna I am going to have to kindly ask you to leave.”

Ladonna, tears in her eyes

“Karim, no. Please don’t”


“I’m sorry just give Alexis and I a few moments.”

Alexis gives a glaring smile to Donna and even blows her a kiss and then waves good bye to her.


“Karim just know that I love you and we can work through this.”


“Bye Bitch! He said bye are you deaf and dumb or what?”


“Alexis, as for you, I don’t know what’s about to happen, but I hate you bitch! I just want you to know that and this is not over.”


“Yea ok. You’re irrelevant at this point. Ta Ta trash.”

Ladonna storms out the room. Karim turns and looks at Alexis.

“You know Donna was right. You did go out of town with Santino. I’m going to ask you once; did you have sex with him? Is there a possibility that this baby could be his?”


“I promise. I’m willing to prove it.”


“Then that’s what we’ll do. If this baby is mine I am going to do the right thing and we are going to be a family for this baby.”

Alexis smile from ear to ear. What Karim said to her is just like music to her ears.

“I love you Karim.”

Karim ignores her and walks out the room. Ladonna walks up to him.

He looks into her eyes. She can already tell this is it for them.


“I’m sorry.” Ladonna slaps Karim.

“She’s fooling you Karim. This baby is not yours. Can’t you see that? She’s trying to keep us apart. It’s a game to her. And you’re playing it just like she wants you to. I can’t believe I loved someone so dumb.” She slaps him again and then walks away.


Episode: 132: Love Triangle

Written by: ML Cooks

High Klass Hairjune2006mess.jpg

Sharan is styling one of her customers hair as Daniel walk over to her. He gives her a kiss and sits next to a chair next to her. Sharan look in the mirror and sees something is wrong with Daniel. Sharan instructs her assistant to take over pressing the woman’s hair. Sharan grabs her hand and walks Daniel into the break room. She gives him a kiss.


“What’s the matter Dan?”


“I don’t know how it happened or why it’s happening but you are not going to believe what I am going to tell you.”


We both share the unpleasurable privilege of experiencing Mona’s unholy wrath. I can believe anything you throw my way.’

He smiles at her.

“Lauren is alive. Not only is she alive, she has Kevin’s baby?”


“Whoa. “




“Kevin’s baby?”




“She’s alive, what happened? How did all this come about?”


“Something about Ty had a hit out on her and she faked her death and when she learned Ty had been arrested at Mona’s trial she decided it was ok to come out of hiding.”


Wow. I want to see the baby.”


“You do?”


“Yes. It’s Kevin’s child. I want to see what it looks like. I wonder what Sister Patterson will say. She is not going to be happy.”


“Then maybe it’s a good thing she is locked up in a nut house.”

Sharan grabs her keys and they head to the hospital.

Westwood ParkuntitSabynsfrontdoor.jpg

Patti walks into Ria’s apt. She sees the lights are still out and the house has not been cleaned up since yesterday.


“Victoria, are you here or what? It’s a mess in here. Why aren’t these dishes done, have this kitchen looking nasty? Vicki answer me.” Patti continues into Ria’s apartment. She looks at her watch and sees it’s eleven am. Pattie thinks to herself Ria should have been up by now. She walks into Ria’s bed room and sees Ria passed out on the ground with an empty bottle of pills surrounding her. She also sees a bottle of liquor.


“Oh my lord no! Ria. RIA!!” Patti kneels down and shakes her as she breaks into a panic and screams out her daughter to awake


Help me. Someone help her.” Jasmine then comes running


Mama? What happening here?’


“Chile call the 911’s. My baby tried to kill herself. “

Patti tries to wake Ria up.

Ria why? What is going on with you for you to do this? I love you baby girl. Please don’t do this to us. Please God protect my daughter Don’t take her from us so soon.”

Jasmine wipes tears from her eyes. Wondering what in the world could cause her sister to do this to herself. Tough as nails never let anything bother her tried to take her own life. The scene is too much for her and she has to leave the room as the Paramedics finally arrive and take Ria to the hospital.CA7NSHO3CALSJS5NCA2L6GZQCALQ43X3CAP.jpg

Stay tuned for part 2 of this episode



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Another great opening scene! Two slaps for Karim! Lmao

I love stories like this one with Lauren. One of my favorite parts of those kind of stories is people’s reactions. I’m glad you’re having everyone find out and letting us see their reactions. I hate it when shows gloss over that. Like “oh you’re alive omg,” then they are over it.

OMG shocking ending. This episode was good for so many reasons. I love the way you break them up now. The stories are much easier to follow.

I hope Ria is okay! Poor Ria.

I cannot wait to see what happens next. I’ve never been more into STEAM. This two parter thing is great, no joke.

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  • Members

Thanks jay. This two parter thing is new for me and like i said I am really enjoying it and it seems that you like it too so for now I think i will continue that. The two parter tthings forces me to make each scene stronger kuz I kan no longer hide weaker scenes within the contenxt of a big episode. These two parters are easier to write it doesn't seem so stresssful.

Ria does have some big stuff coming up dealing with her breast cancer.

I really enjoyed writing opening scenes of my eps. It's my fav pasrt of the ep and also so is the last scene.. I also try to write my opening scenes so it will suck you right in with big drama.

Stay tuned for part 20 very soon.

And you will be happy to know Miss Rue got some big stuff coming up. She will play a more pivtoal role in the series.

I have necglcted alot of things on STEAM and in the coming weeks you will see a lot of stuff be addressed and dealt with, like Lauren a nd what she did and the effect it will have on her and the people around her. Also we will see the fact dealt with that Alexis and lauren are sisters and how it ties into lauren's child. That's going to be an interesting angle. And we still have yet to see DC knowing about his sons Kiko and Dre and that is coming up as well.

The focus is going to pull away from Sister patterson and feature my other stories. Esp Sabryn and her rivalry with natalia.

Again jay thanks for reading

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So excited for all of this. I feel like now more than ever I'm really getting to know these characters. You're writing for plot has always been great but now you're character writing has become even better and more clear.

I'm so excited to see where everything goes and what else you have in store for us. :)

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Thanks jay Really inspiring words. esp the character comment as I never really thought of it that way. Like I said this new way forces to intensify each scene and it's been great. We got some powerful stuff coming up.(I always got something good cooking)

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I have to agree with Jay. There's definitely a lot of character development going on. Was that slap for Karim a wake up call or a how could you do that skank? Maybe a little bit of both but I'm sure Ladonna won't stop to prove that that baby isn't Karim's. Maybe she'll switch the paternity test? Make a good girl go bad.

Sharan and Daniel are a nice couple. I like them together. So much better then Lauren and Daniel. Torture brought them together. It's kind of sweet.

Oh Ria...I really don't know what to say about her.

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That slap was for Karim to wake up. But Karim is in a drunken haze. Things will continue to get worse for him. Ladonna is a good girl. SHe wont be changing no test results. She;s not like that. I will say this story is headed for a climax. I would not count either woman out.

I do love Daniel and Sharon and thought they haven't been played this season very much, I do got a big story lined up for them in Season 4. But to me Lauren and Daniel are still the destined couple. Sure they have been through so much. I will say I do think Sharon and Daniel could really give Lauren run for her money. Lauren has a lot in season 4 as well.

Gotta love my Ria

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