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All My Children - The Future Episode 19




After Tad pulled the car into the driveway, at there new house The Martin House (1219 Hillcrest Drive) and parked before coming around and opening her door, Dixie misted up a bit at the sight of the house. Walking up to the entrance, she smiled when Tad got the keys out and unlocked the door, but when he walked into the foyer leaving her to follow, she stood pouting on the porch, arms crossed.

"Hey..aren't you forgetting something?" - Dixie.

"Oh yeah, sorry about baby" - Tad.

Tad smiled and laughed a bit. He then got Dixie, closed the car door and picked up Dixie, carrying her into their new house and puts her down.

"Well here we are Dixie, OUR new home. Me,ma, and the girls moved in weeks ago so we got everything settled. Lets go into the kitchen and make dinner. I'll do the cesar salad with sweet dressing, you can do the lausugana"- Tad.

"Alright..sounds good.." - Dixie.

Tad and Dixie walked into the kitchen. Dixie checked the fridge, pantry and cupboards but frowned.

"Hmmm..well unless you wanna make a run to the store, doesn't seem like my main course is gonna fly tonight..we could do just, plain old spaghetti if you want?" - Dixie.

"That would be a great idea but now may not be a good time since the girls are coming home" - Dixie.

"Now, I don't see any canned sauce but..oooh hey I got it!" - Dixie.

"What is it?" - Tad.

Cutting through the kitchen to the den and then the back door, Dixie went in the yard and noticed Joe's vegetable garden was still intact

"Ha, perfect..Turns out your dad's garden was pretty well kept all this time. Looks like we got a pretty main ingredient anyway..." - Dixie.

"Well let's get cooking Dixie. I'm liking how this'll turn out" - Tad.

Smiling she tossed the tomato in the air gently and caught it, before she went and rinsed it in the sink and afterward, diced it.

"How you coming with your dish though, honey?" - Dixie.

"My dish is coming along well. Just putting in the curtons, this is gonna taste good Dixie!And the icing on the salad!Yum yum!"

Tad spread the dressing all over the salad and curtons. He grabbed the orange and white cheese, including the slicer just slicing the cheese over the salad, curtons and dressing.

"Well..take that gorgeous dish of your's and toss it in the fridge Master Chef Martin. This sauce isn't completely finished yet." - Dixie.

She said, and put it on low heat and stirred it a bit before walking away from the stove and over to Tad, wrapping her arms around him from behind.

"Mmm..you know though who's even more delicious than that salad though.." - Dixie.

"Tell me...what is it?" - Tad.

She purred, standing on her tiptoes to whisper and nip at his ear a bit.

"Care to work up an appetite before dinner...?" - Dixe.

"Mmmmm..... sure, I love to give you an appitite" - Tad.

Tad picks up Dixie and carry's her upstairs while Dixie kisses him on the neck.Once they're in the bedroom, Tad puts Dixie down on the bed, then closes the door.

"This is my favorite part" - Tad.

Taking him by surprise long enough to get her sweater off, leaving her in just her tank top and jeans. Smirking at him she settled above him before she kissed his lips, down his jaw until she reached his neck. Massaging his shoulders and chest all the while.

"Mmmm..this is my favorite part.." - Dixie.

She purred as she dragged her lips down his stomach, while her hands wandered down to his belt buckle and she easily removed his pants.

"Oh my Dixie, you're a real pro at all this but I am too" - Tad.

Dixie lays down as Tad slowly takes off her tank top and jeans, then he takes off his shorts which makes Dixie smile with pleasure.

"Oh I know it.." - Dixie.

Dixie purred, but when he settled above her, she got a sly look on her face and flipped him back. Nipping at his chest and kissing his abs, her hands massaged lower and lower still til she heard a groan that just egged her on.

"Shhh...." - Dixie.

"I'm all yours" - Tad.

"Mmmm..perfect.." - Dixie.

Dixie teased, coming back up and giving Tad a fiery kiss on the lips before working her way down his frame. Nipping, tasting and teasing him in all the spots she'd spent years discovering, she knew she was driving him mad. Finally though he reached for her and she knew he wanted to kick things into a higher gear. Settling above him they melted into eachother. But when he started moving her head fell back and she sighed. He was teasing her but she needed more.

"Ohh, oh Tad...faster.." - Dixie.

"Oh Dixie....ah......" - Tad.

"Yes..right there..oh!" - Dixie

Dixie exclaimed. Using all her strength she pulled Tad up, and wrapping her legs around him they shared a fiery kiss. Still rocking with eachother, her nails dug into his shoulder before she pulled back to breathe, wanting to look in his eyes.

"With me..." - Dixie.

Sweated up with her hair hanging damp at her shoulders, when he sped up she groaned under the kiss, her legs in a vice grip around him as they were closing in on eachother.

"Yes..so close.." - Dixie.

She nodded, before taking his lips and repeating his name, egging in on. Then finally they both felt the heat and her head fell back.

"Oh God, yes, yes!" - Dixie.

Dixie exclaimed. But it took hearing her name before the stars left her eyes and she caught some air. After they both fell back against the pillows, they untangled and she lay draped over him, completely spent.

"Mmmm..that was good..." - Dixie.

"That was good Dixie....wow.....you're a freak you know that, but in a good way. You wanted this so bad and we did it.....just loving" - Tad.

"Well..what's not to want, you know? You're not so bad yourself." - Dixie.

Tad and Dixie got up, changed clothes, freshened up and headed to the kitchen, finishing up on dinner but then heard a knock on the door. Dixie stayed back in the kitchen, wanting him to let them in.

Tad walked over to the door and opened it. It was Kathy,Jenny and Opal.

"Hey you guys come on in!" - Tad.

"Is she here daddy!? Is momma here!?" - Kathy.

"You wanna know if she's here?" - Tad.

The girls both nod their heads.

"Yes!" - Jenny.

"Well the two of you are in for the greatest luck in your life" - Opal.

"Close your eyes"

The two of them close their eyes.

"You girls ready!?" - Opal.

"Here she comes!" - Tad.

Jenny and Kathy open their eyes and see Dixie!Jenny runs over and hugs her.Stroking Jenny's hair Dixie glanced up and got teary eyed all the more when she saw Kathy looking on nervously. Opal, catching sight of this, walked up and bent over to Jenny's level.

"C'mon peanut..lets' go see what's cookin huh?" - Opal.

She offered, but Jenny pouted and snuggled closer to Dixie, not wanting to move from her spot.

"Aw go on sweetie..don't worry I'm not going anyplace.I promise..I'll even seal it with this.. Eskimo kiss!" - Dixie.

Giggling she leaned closer and budded her nose with Jenny's.Convinced enough to let Opal take her to the kitchen, leaving her and Tad alone with Kathy. Dixie smiled tearfully, as Kathy nervously approached her, sitting near her on the rug.

"Hi sunshine.." - Dixie.

"Hi...so, you..you're my momma?" - Kathy.

"Yeah..I am...My sweet girl..." - Dixie.

She sighed, stroking her hair as she memorized her daughter's face, but spotted a tear running down her cheek.Wiping it away she moved closer, concerned.

"What is it baby..?" - Dixie.

"Nothing I..I just.." - Kathy.

"C'mere sweetie.." - Dixie.

She said softly, before Kathy quickly climbed onto her lap, wrapping her arms around her neck.

"Shhhh..it's okay, I'm here Katie..it's alright.." - Dixie.

Dixie choked out, holding her daughter close as she rubbed her back.

"I love you Momma.." - Kathy.

Kathy sniffled, as Dixie finally broke, smiling through her tears.

"I love you too sunshine, more than the stars and the moon." - Dixie.

"Hey, it's alright swetheart, mommy and I are, the two of us are here with you for the rest of the days of our lives" -Tad.

"You mean that daddy?" - Kathy.

"Yes sunshine, together forever" - Tad.

"Kathy..listen baby, if you have..any questions you wanna ask me or, things you wanna talk about, I want you to know you can always talk to me, okay? About anything." - Dixie.

"Well..maybe there's some stuff but..do we have to talk about it now? I..I'm kinda hungry." - Kathy.

"Well good, so am I" - Dixie.

Tad, Dixie, Jenny, Kathy and Opal all ate dinner and desert. After Tad and Dixie finished eating with the girls and watched a movie with them, finally after a few choruses of You Are My Sunshine, they were both asleep upstairs including Opal. Cuddling up beside Tad on the couch, Dixie smiled at her husband.

"Sweetie, I just wanted to say thanks. You gave me a second chance, you brought me back, and we've had a lot of fun. I just..want you to know I'll be around, whenever you, really need me. I'll find a way back to you." - Dixie.

She promised, before curling up next to him and closing her eyes, in need of a good nights sleep.


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Sorry i got to this late! Loved it! Tad, Dixie, Kathy wub.gif

Tad/Dixie love scene biggrin.gif lol very descriptive!! Loved Dixie & Kathy's reunion as well. Everything was great wub.gif

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