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All My Children - The Future Episode 18



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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In Pine Valley Hospital, Dixie's eyes finally fluttered open, she was in another bed that felt larger and a lot more comfortable. Sitting up to her dismay though her legs were still weak, and if she hadn't known better she'd think they were detached completely. But the rest of her felt fine.Looking around she didn't see Tad, but didn't panic. She knew where she was, that she was being cared for. Til then though she decided to be patient, sick of being a drama queen. And reaching for a remote near her bed, flipped on a soap opera to get caught up in some other people's drama.


Suddenly, she saw two people come in, it her son, J.R Chandler

"Oh my...J...J.R?" " - Dixie

"Mom...you're really here? Cliff says you're going to be fine"

"She's right. Thank God, she's absolutely right" - Dixi

The tears streaming down her face but feeling happier then she had in ages as she held her son's hand in her's.

"You're alive...I thought we'd lost you again." - JR

"J.R, I'm gonna be just fine, you hear? I was just so excited to be home this morning I skipped breakfast is all. But I'm fine sunshine, your 'ol mom isn't goin anyplace, I promise you" - Dixie

Dixie said with a smile as she reached out and gave J.R a long overdue hug.

"I love you Mom" - JR

"Oh sunshine, I love you too, more then you'll ever know." - Dixie.

Dixie said, flat out sobbing as she continued to hold J.R close for a few more moments, until he backed away from her nervously.

"J.R, what is it?No, you know what, don't answer that. I have a pretty good idea of what's on your mind. God, I should've been better prepared for this!" - Dixie.

"Mom, its okay, if you're not ready now, you can tell me later. It doesnt matter right now, you're here" -JR

"J.R, first of all, I don't want you to think for a second that you were made into a fool here, and the same goes for everyone else in that waiting room with you that morning. None of you could've done anything to prevent what happened, from really happening. Joe, and all the other staff treating me were in the dark too. The only person who was involved here was Palmer.After he found out I was one of the Satin Slayer's victims, he jumped in and called every specialist he could find to save my life, he also managed to get his hands on someone with some type of antidote for the V-Tak, and actually sent someone with the drug in the ambulance with me to pose as an EMT. I was told the drug had flushed the V-tak out of my system before it could do any more damage. But it also was gonna slow my heart rate to the point my pulse was no longer detectable on the monitors, leading Joe to pronounce me dead.The only person in on the whole thing was the specialist Uncle Palmer had hired for me. He was in the hospital room the entire time, and managed to transfer me from PVH to this private clinic in Switzerland. It was a clinic Josh Madden had set up awhile back, his attempt to undo his father's misdeeds I suppose, even though the thing needed some pretty major funds to stay afloat. But anyways,Palmer knew Josh had the best teams of specialists and staff, and he also knew he was capable of taking risks as far as treatments and for taking on patients who otherwise wouldn't have had a prayer. Meanwhile, while I was at the clinic, Palmer had paid the funeral home off to fake my funeral. The reason at the time was to protect me from that nutjob Alexander Cambias and him possibly being able to finish the job. He'd hoped to let you all in on the joke when Cambias was in a padded cell, but turns out I wasn't having the best of luck getting out of Sleeping Beauty mode. Up until a few weeks ago, I've been comatose J.R. And Uncle Palmer was dead set on keeping me away until I made a full recovery. He knew he couldn't bear to see everyone suffering and worrying over me like that, plus he figured I'd be better off recovering in a stress free environment. But you have got to know J.R, if I had been in any way shape or form conscious, no matter how banged up or broken I was I would've demanded to get back to Pine Valley and heal there. When I came to I was grateful to be alive, but furious to find out all this time you'd gone on thinking I was dead. I wanted to get in touch with everyone the minute I opened my eyes, but I was too weak and too scared because there was still a chance I could slip back into the coma. When I found there was still a possibility of that, I was terrified to close my eyes for fear I wouldn't wake up, all I did was cry for what seemed like an eternity

to keep my mind off things Palmer gave me an old photo album, I flipped through it so many times the thing darn near fell apart. Until finally the doctors told me I was in the clear. From then on it was physical therapy, as much as I needed before I had permission to hop a flight to Pine Valley. I got to town the night before last, and once I got over my jet lag I wandered around a bit before stopping into Confusion, and well, the rest is history!" - Dixie.

"I can't believe Palmer didnt say anything to me about you being alive...that there was a chance you could make it....Mom you have to know, if I had known...I would have been right there at your side the whole time, in Switzerland or anywhere else. I wish I could have been there for you, to help you recover, so you wouldnt feel alone.I'm sorry you had to go through that alone.But it is so good to see you now" - JR.

"Oh sunshine, it's so good to see you too." And listen to me, I don't want you feeling guilty about a thing. There was no way you could've known I was at that clinic. Everyone tending to me was sworn to secrecy, and besides that the place was basically in no mans land. Uncle Palmer may as well have stuck me in the Fortress of Solitude. J.R listen, I know you're angry at Palmer and you have every right to be. Believe me after I found out what he'd done I gave him the silent treatment for days. But he did what he believed was best at the time. He wanted to keep me away from the serial killer and afterwards just wanted me to make a full recovery. And given my conditions and the odds of my having a setback, he didn't want to worry everyone. And later on I realized he did do the right thing, he did have my and your best interests at heart. I know I wouldn't have wanted everyone watching and worrying over me, or to mourn for me again if the treatment didn't work or if I didn't wake up. I couldn't have lived with myself if you'd been put through that pain for a third time! As far as I'm concerned twice was two times too many!"

Then Tad Martin, stepped into the hospital room and up next to Jr at Dixie's bedside.

"Dixie...You're really here. Alive. it's a miracle" - Tad.

"Oh, Tad." - Dixie.

She whispered with a smile as Tad stroked her hair, before pulling out a handkerchief with his free hand to dry her eyes.

"Oh like that's gonna do any good!J.R can tell ya I haven't stopped blubbering since he walked in the door, and I don't see myself quitting it anytime soon!" - Dixie.

The three of them laughed it up.

"You're not the only one who's been crying in here mom.And you're right mom, it has been 2 times too many. You cant do that to me again Mom" - JR.

"Looks like I'm going to have to be the strong one here.This family reuinon isn't quite complete yet. But it will be, very soon, when you come home and hold your daughter in your arms. You remember Kathy? She's Kate. Dixie, we have our baby back" - Tad.

"Oh my God, Kate!Kate is...is Kathy? No,wait, you don't mean. Kath..Kathy Mershon? Julia's little girl?" - Dixie.

"Yes. Sweetheart, Julia died. We have a lot to catch up on. At any rate, it appears Adam knew who Kathy really was...for a while. All it took was me having a near death experience for him to come out with the truth. You know...When I was dying I saw you. It was you that convinced me to come back; that I was still needed here. You always save me.I hope you won't mind it being take out, I don't think you're quite up to Chicken Shack yet. So you'll just have to deal with me waiting on you hand and foot for a while." - Tad.

"Oh I can definitely deal, I mean how could I possibly resist a gorgeous hunk of man catering to my every wish?" - Dixie.

JR waves goodbye and leaves. Tad and Dixie snuggle and cuddle in the hospital bed, just enjoying themselves.


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