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S3 Episode 74



People lean toward their new paths in Springfield...


Springfield High:


Principal Bridget Reardon walks the halls.

A few students are standing at the lockers.

She hollers, "Hey get to where you're supposed to be. We can't start off this year on a bad foot people."

The students walk down the hall.

Bridget smiles and turns away.

Down the English Hall.

In Mr. Bradshaw's class room.


Coop stands in front of his class, "For those of you who don't know me I'm Mr. Bradshaw. Welcome to 11th Grade English."

He begins to hand out the syllabus.


The young blonde girl walks in, "Hey, sorry I'm late sir. I got misdirected by someone."

He turns to her, "Are you a new student?"

She nods, "Yeah I just moved here from Oklahoma."

He nods, "Ah that would explain the accent."

She smiles at the room.

He looks at his roster, "What's last name?"

She nods, "Lewis."

He looks at her, "Oh as in the Lewis family, Lewis Enterprises?"

She smiles, "Yeah. My Momma Trish sent me here to go to school. I'm staying with my Uncle Josh."

Coop nods, "Well welcome to Springfield... Martha?"

She smiles, "Family name. I go by Marti."

He looks at her, "Find a seat Marti."


Marti sees Leah from across the room.

She sits by her.

Marti smiles, "Wow you are like one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen."

Leah smiles, "Thanks. I'm Leah Bauer."

Marti grins, "I noticed your cheerleading uniform. Do you know if the squad is open to new girls still?"

Leah nods, "I think that can be arranged, if you're good."

Marti jumps in excitement, "Thank you! I'm so happy to be making friends already."

Coop shushes them.

Leah looks at Marti, "So you just moved here, after summer was over?"

Marti nods, "Yep."

Leah smiles in relief of encountering someone unaware of her sexting scandal.


Police Station:


Stephanie walks into the station.

She has set up a meeting with the chief.

She needs to discuss her pregnancy and her maternity needs.

While waiting, she takes a seat on the bench.

She rubs her stomach.

It's hard to believe that a small baby is growing inside of her.

All because of Guillespie.

Stephanie keeps picturing his body lying in the dirt.

Suddenly she feels a hand on her shoulder.

She jumps.


Peter stands above her, "Hey, sorry I didn't mean to scare you. You okay Officer Grant?"

She nods, "Office Reardon... I'm fine thanks. Just please don't sneak up on me. Or anyone for that matter."

He laughs, "I wasn't sneaking. You were staring off into space, I thought I'd make sure you were okay."

She nods, "I'm fine thanks."

He sits next to her, "You're looking better."

She turns to him with a confused look upon her face."

He nods, "The bruises."

She nods, "Yeah."

He sighs, "I will never understand how any man can even live with himself after hitting a woman."

She shakes her head, "It happens all the time. You're a cop too. I'm sure you've seen plenty of cases like that."

He nods, "It disgusts me every time."

She sighs, "Yeah. Well it's in the past now so I don't really like talking about Guillespie anymore."

Peter sighs, "I'm sorry. It was rude of me to bring it up. I just hate to see a beautiful woman like you so sad."

Stephanie turns and looks at him.

His handsome face smiles at her.




Ava remains in her hospital bed resting.

Shayne is at her side.

He rubs her forehead, "I am so sorry I let this happen to you. I am so sorry Ava. I love you."

He kisses her.

Shayne shakes his head, "You need to wake up. You have to wake up and tell us who did this. So I can make them pay."

He holds her hand and kisses it.

He sighs, "I got to go talk with you Dad real quick. I'll only be a minute okay? I love you."

Shayne gets up and goes into the hall.


Edmund walks up to him, "Any change?"

Shayne shakes his head, "Nope. I'm so happy we got her back, but I feel like... she's not back."

Edmund nods, "I know. I just want her to be okay Shayne. Ava is the only thing I have left in my life besides your sister."

Shayne nods, "A while ago all I had to worry about was Ava's rivalry with Marah. Now look where we are. And I don't even know who is responsible."

Edmund nods, "We will find out. I swear."


Gus and Harley walk up.

Harley sighs, "Why don't you let us worry about that."

Shayne and Edmund look at them.

Gus nods, "We are going to be taking over this case. We have been compiling the evidence these past weeks."

Shayne nods, "I'm really glad it's you guys."

Harley rubs Shayne's shoulder, "I promise you, we are not going to let whoever's behind this get away."

Gus nods, "But we won't be able to do much until Ava can give us any information she has."

The four of them all look at each other.




Johnny walks inside.

No one is there because it hasn't opened.

He hollers, "Roxie?"

He looks around.


Roxie comes running from the back.

She runs up to him with a huge smile on her face, "You're here! Finally! I almost gave up on you."

He nods, "I got your message and you said it was urgent. You had me a little worried."

She sighs, "Oh I'm so sorry. I should have called, text messages never express things right."

He laughs, "Just tell me what's going on. It sounds like good news and I could use some."

Roxie nods, "Ashlee was just crying in my arms!"

Johnny is confused, "How is that good?"

Roxie sighs, "Not good that she was crying. But she came to me Johnny! She came here to see me! And I was great, you should have seen me! I didn't push her or over step my boundaries. I was calm and patient until finally she broke down and confided her emotions in me."

He smiles, "Well that's good."

Roxie nods, "I hate what she's going through. But I love that she is trusting me more. I never thought this would happen."

He nods, "I knew it would. You're her mother. You love her and she is starting to realize that."

Roxie hugs him, "Oh thank you for telling me to be patient. I'm so happy right now. Thank you so much.

The two look at each other.

He smiles, "It was nothing."

She nods, "It was something."

The two lean close and kiss.


Spaulding Mansion:


Dalton is in his room packing the rest of his stuff.

He is supposed to be out of there very soon.

He expects Amanda to walk in at any moment to make a move on him again.

But she does not.

Finally Dalton grabs his suitcase and walks out.

He goes down the hall.

He stops as he sees the study.


Amanda sits at the desk, only she is turned around facing the door.

He walks in, "I just wanted to say goodbye before I left."

She nods, "Goodbye Dalton."

Dalton sighs, "Yeah."

She looks at him, "I take it you'll be leaving Springfield. So take care of yourself."

He shakes his head, "I am not leaving Springfield."

She stares, "Why? What is left for you here?"

He sighs, "Ashlee."

She laughs, "Oh that was cute."

He shakes his head, "I'm serious. I'm really falling for Ashlee. I think I might be falling in love with her."

Amanda continues laughing, "Oh, this is too much. Thank you Dalton, I needed that today."

He looks at her, "What the hell is your problem?"

Amanda looks at him, "Now that your life is ruined... I have no problem. I got what I wanted."

He is confused, "What?"

She smiles, "You came to Springfield to try to take me down, and now look at you. Who won Dalton?"

Dalton stares at a smirking Amanda.


Carriage House:


Ross's car pulls up in front of the house.

Blake is in the passenger seat.

The two have just gotten back from visiting Clarissa and Baby Adam.

Blake looks through the pictures on her camera, "Oh that little guy is too cute."

Ross smiles, "He is isn't he?"

Blake sighs, "I just wish Clarissa wasn't so cold when we were around. I really thought she would come around once the baby was born."

Ross nods, "She will. We just have to give her time."

Blake nods, "I know. I just want things to be better for all of us. I want us to be a family again."

He puts his hand on her hand, "I know Blake."

She looks down at his hand.

She sighs, "Uh... thank you for the ride home."

He nods, "Of course."

Ross steps out of the car to go open Blake's door.

He looks at the house, "Did you forget to shut the door?"

She turns, "No I didn't... I locked it."

Ross walks past, "Stay in the car."

Blake watches as Ross walks into the house.

Ross goes inside.

A few things have been moved or knocked over.

But nothing is broken.

He looks around.

No one appears to be inside.

Blake walks in.

She looks around.

Ross turns to her, "Do you know who would have done this?"

Blake looks around, "No... and yes."

A confused Ross stares at her.


Police Station:

Stephanie stares at Peter.

He smiles at her.

She gets up, "No. You are not trying to flirt with me right now. We are at work, amongst other things."

He gets up, "I was not flirting with you."

She nods, "Yeah you were."

He sighs, "Okay I was. And I'm really sorry. I know that I shouldn't be. You have been through a lot this summer. I'm sure the last thing you want is to trust another guy."

She looks down, "I'm just not ready. It will be a while before I'm ready to even consider getting into a relationship with a guy again. It's just to much after everything that's happened."

He nods, "That's okay. I can respect that. And I think I can wait around for a little while."

She laughs, "I'm not saying you have to wait for me. You're a good looking guy. I'm sure you can step outside and find a hundred girl waiting to date you."

He shakes his head, "I don't want a hundred girls."

She stares at him.

He sighs, "It's kind of nice that you're friends with my step sister."

Stephanie shakes her head, "I wouldn't call Susan and I friends. We're... I don't know what we are."

He nods, "You sure spend a lot of time together."

Stephanie nods, "She's helping me with some stuff."

The Chief sticks his head out, "Officer Grant. I'm ready to see you now."

Stephanie walks past Peter and goes into his office.


Roxie and Johnny are kissing.

The two pull a part.

They stare into each other's eyes.

Roxie turns away.

He sighs, "Uh... wow."

She starts picking up stuff, "I should get to cleaning before we open later. I got a lot to do."

He sighs, "Uh, that was a real blast from the past wasn't it? Like the ancient past."

She sighs, "The 80's? Yeah that was a long time ago. And as I recall I work jobs like this back then too. Boy have I taken a few steps backwards haven't I? Wow."

He looks at her, "Are we not going to talk about it? Was the kiss really that bad?"

She sighs, "I can't do that again. I can't get back into that again."

He looks at her, "Why?"

She scoffs, "You know why! After everything we went through with your cancer... I lost my mind! Then when I got pregnant you let them take my baby away. Maybe I can be decent to you, but I can't just let you back into my heart Johnny. No."

He looks down, "I'm sorry. You're absolutely right. It was selfish of me to let that happen."

Roxie looks down, "Yeah."

He looks at her, "I know I made a huge mistake. But I hope you understand that I wasn't trying to hurt you. I would never want to hurt you Roxie. I was scared for you, me, and for Ashlee."

Roxie walks behind the bar, "I need to clean, so I think you should get going."

He nods, "See ya Roxie."

She sighs, "See ya."

Johnny walks out of the bar.


Harley, Gus, Edmund, and Shayne all stand together.

Harley nods, "We have gotten our list of suspects but really we can't make too many moves until Ava wakes up and tells us what she knows."

Shayne shakes his head, "And what if she can't? What if she can't remember or can't communicate!"

Gus sighs, "We are hoping that doesn't happen. We'll work with what we have okay Shayne?"

Edmund nods, "I still say the police are not going to be able to handle this on their own. I should be doing my own work."

Gus nods, "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that Edmund. Don't do anything to jeopardize this case."

Edmund looks at him, "Don't do anything to screw up this case detective."

Shayne looks at Harley, "Please. I need to know who did this to Ava. And I want to know why."

Harley nods, "I know."

Harley and Gus walk past them.

Gus turns, "We'll keep you guys posted."

Harley and Gus walk outside.

Harley sighs, "Our first big case in ages."

He nods, "Yep. The old duo working together again."

She smiles, "Yeah it's nice."

He sighs, "You sure Phillip will feel that way?"

She rolls her eyes, "Shut up."

Harley and Gus walk to the parking lot.

Spaulding Mansion:

Dalton walks into the room.

Amanda stares, "You poor boy. You were scheming, manipulative, conniving... and you were out of your league."

He stares, "What?"

She nods, "I'm Amanda Spaulding. I invented that game."

He scoffs, "I still don't get what you're talking about."

She sighs, "I'm going to have to spell it out aren't I? You came here to try to destroy me. But instead I let you mooch off the family for the summer and now I'm sending you on your way."

He stares at her.

She sighs, "You sabotaged yourself. You let that little twit Ashlee get to you. Little innocent Ashlee. A good girl is every man's weakness. She can castrate the greatest warrior with a smile."

He backs away, "You're crazy."

She laughs, "No dear. I'm a champion. That's why you developed feelings for me. That's why you still have feelings for me."

He looks at her, "And you don't have feelings for me."

She shakes her head, "Not really."

He walks towards her.

He leans close, "You sure."

Dalton stares at her.

She pushes him away, "I'm over you. After seeing you chase after Ashlee with your tail between your legs I've realized how pathetic you really are. That's a big turn off."

He scoffs, "Screw you."

She shakes her head, "No. Screw you."

Dalton grabs his bag.

He turns around and walks out.

Amanda walks over and watches him walk down the hallway.

She turns around and shuts her door behind her.

Springfield High:

Coop realizes class is almost over.

He looks at his class, "Any questions before we go?"

One male student raises his hand, "On our vocab list we have the word 'siren'. Why?"

Coop nods, "Ah. Good question. When you read that you probably thought of police right? Anyone want to elaborate on the word siren."

Marti's hand jumps up, "Oh like in Greek mythology? A siren was a seductress who lured nearby sailors."

He nods, "That's right Miss Lewis. We will see this in a lot of our literature. A seductress character who comes in and leads men or other characters down a dark path away from their current one."

Leah laughs, "Sounds like a boyfriend stealer in high school."

Most of the class laughs.

Marti turns away and looks at the clock.

The bell rings.

Out in the hallway.


Belinda is walking down the hall.

One of her teachers looks at her, "Hope you stay out of trouble Miss Marler."

She nods, "I'm not getting steered off track this year."

Leah and Marti walk out into the hallway.

Leah rushes to Belinda, "Hey I wanted to thank you again for standing up for me."

Belinda nods, "Uh... no problem."

Leah smiles, "Oh this is Marti Lewis, she's new."

Marti looks at Belinda, "Oh we've met. Thanks for the directions."

Belinda recognizes her, "Oh... yeah."

Leah smiles, "Oh cool. So you're already friends."

Belinda fakes a smile, "Not really."

Leah puts her arms around them, "Call me crazy girls but I have a feeling that by the end of this year we will all know each other very well."

Marti smiles.

Belinda turns and rolls her eyes.

The 3 girls walk down the hall together.

None of them aware of the intense school year ahead.

Carriage House:

Blake starts picking stuff up.

Ross looks at her, "Hopefully the police will be able to catch who did this. Now what did you mean before?"

She sighs, "I think I know who is responsible."

He nods, "Who is it?"

Blake sighs, "I don't know."

Ross is confused, "Could you please explain?"

She turns to him, "A year after you died... or so we had thought. I started having a stalker. I figured it was someone upset over the whole Springfieldburns.com thing. So I hired an officer to follow me around and be my security."

Ross stares, "Remy Boudreau."

Blake sighs, "That's how we fell in love. After a while the stalker vanished but I was so caught up in my new romance that I didn't really worry about it much."

He shakes his head, "So you think it's the same stalker as before? Why would you think that?"

She nods, "I've been getting the phone calls again... I didn't want to say anything."

He is confused, "Why?"

She turns away, "I don't know. With everything that's happened I thought maybe I was imagining stuff."

He shakes his head, "I'm going to call the police. Wait right here."

Ross steps into the other room.

Blake turns and looks at the shelf.

She knows something is missing but isn't quite sure.

It is then that Blake sees the empty space on the shelf.

One of her photo albums is gone.


Josh has devastating news!

Beth proves herself to Phillip

Leah upsets Zach

Eden reflects on her past

Marah's guilt consumes her

Stephanie confesses to her parents


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