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S3 Episode 73



People are ready to move on this fall in Springfield...


Springfield High:

It's the first day of school in Springfield.


Zach pulls up in front of the school with Leah in his car.

He gets out and walks around the car to open her door for her.

Leah looks up at him, "I don't know if I can do this."

He nods, "You can. Forget about the stupid picture. You got your first day of school pep rally today."

Leah gets out of the car.

A bunch of older girls start hollering at her.

Leah turns away.

Zach puts his arm around her.


Belinda and RJ walk up.

Belinda shouts, "Hey shut up!"

RJ, Zach and Leah all look at her.

Belinda scoffs, "They're all bitches anyway."

Leah nods, "Thanks."

Zach kisses Leah before she goes inside.

RJ looks at Belinda, "No skipping the first day Babe."

She laughs, "Wouldn't dream of it. I'm not screwing up my chances of graduating this year."

He nods, "Just promise no more drama."

She nods, "Of course."

The two kiss.

RJ looks at Zach, "You going to freshman day at Springfield U later?"

Zach nods, "See you there man."

RJ walks to his car.

Belinda looks at Zach.

He sighs, "Being nice to Leah now? Someone feeling guilty?"

Belinda shakes her head, "About sending the picture? Maybe I went to far. But it's too late now."

Zach sighs, "Telling Leah the truth now isn't going to change anything."


Belinda and Zach turn to see James.

He is walking up to the school all by himself.

Everyone still thinks he's responsible for the picture.


Spaulding Mansion:


Alexandra is in the study.

Amanda walks in.

Alex has her back to her.

Amanda goes to say something.

Alex sighs, "Just shut the door Amanda. Then we will talk."

Amanda is surprised that Alex new it was her but as directed goes and shuts the door.

Alexandra takes a deep breath, "The headlines are raving on and on about how dysfunctional our family is."

Amanda sighs, "I screwed up."

Alexandra nods, "Oh yes you did. And so did Alan. Alan is going to prison for the rest of his life. And I was trying to do damage control. Now everyone is going to focus on your scam with that boy."

Amanda nods, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen Alexandra, please believe me."

Alex stares, "You aren't even defending yourself. You look like my sister but I'm starting to question."

Amanda looks down, "I'm so disgusted with myself. Dalton is so young but... I really thought he loved me."

Alex nods, "Oh my God."

Amanda sighs, "I don't know why I got so caught up in it. I'm mature, I'm smart. I don't need him."

Alex nods, "But he makes you feel young again? And he looks up to you. He seems like a man who you can control?"

Amanda nods, "Exactly."

Alexandra sighs, "I'm sure you heard about my marriage to Cyrus Foley. The con artists. He cheated on me with Marina Cooper, a little detective who was hung up on him. They ride off into the sunset and I'm being labeled as the bad one in the entire ordeal."

Amanda sighs, "That's exactly how I feel! Dalton came here for me but now he's chasing after that fool Ashlee."

Alex sighs, "Ashlee, who shot Alan years ago."

Amanda looks at her, "So what do I do? Dalton has already humiliated me and cost me my self respect."

Alex turns to her, "Don't be foolish. We can't let that bastard get away with it now can we?"

Amanda stares at her sister.




Roxie is cleaning up the bar.

She is taking chairs off the tables.

The door opens.

Roxie hollers, "We're not open."


Ashlee walks in.

Roxie puts down the chair.

She looks at her, "Hey."

Ashlee looks around.

Roxie nods, "You okay?"

Ashlee shakes her head, "I'm guessing you heard about Dalton and Amanda by now right?"

Roxie nods, "Yeah I have. I saw the picture in the paper of the two of them kissing and it caught my attention."

Ashlee sighs, "Imagine how I felt. I was right there. For a second I thought maybe she was just some sick freak. But she's not even his real Mom. He lied about all of it."

Roxie nods.

Ashlee has tears in her eyes, "They were lovers! They were con artists together! And the worst part of all is that he was still sleeping with her! He has been with her still."

Roxie sighs, "I know Baby."

Ashlee shakes her head, "No it gets worse! I fell for it! I really thought I found someone good for me."

Roxie stares, "I am so sorry."

Ashlee cries, "You were right! That's why I came here! So congratulations Roxie! You were right. I'm just as stupid as everyone thinks I am."

Roxie stares at an upset Ashlee.





Shayne is in the waiting room with his parents.

Edmund is there as well.

Josh has his arm around Shayne.

Shayne is in tears, "They said she was stabbed multiple times. And she took a nasty fall. They barely fed her. They used old bandages to heal her wounds. She could have some serious infections."

Reva sighs, "Some people are sick."

Shayne nods, "I thought once I found her that everything would be okay ya know? I thought it was over."

Josh nods, "But you found her."

Shayne scoffs, "A lot of good that did me."

Edmund walks over, "That's enough Shayne. You found Ava. You found my daughter. And no matter what happens I am grateful to you. Thank you Shayne. You brought her back to us."

Shayne looks up at Edmund.

Reva looks at them, "So has anyone been able to get ahold of Bill or Olivia? I mean I know they left a long time ago but after this you think they might come back. Especially with Alan in prison."

Josh nods, "I hope so. But I don't know. Billy and Vanessa have kept me in the dark about Bill and Olivia. And I've been busy getting things ready for our new house guest."

Shayne nods, "I forgot Trish's daughter was coming in to town. Where is she now?"

Josh nods, "On her way to school. It's fine."

Rick comes out of Ava's room.

Everyone looks at him.

They all await news on Ava's condition.





Annie is in her room.

She has just moved in after being thrown out of Cross Creek.

She pours herself another drink.

There is a knock on the door.

Annie hides her alcohol in the cabinet.

She hollers, "One second."

Annie quickly uses some mouth wash.

She stumbles over and opens the door.


Marah is standing there, "Hey."

Annie nods, "Hi sweetheart. Is everything okay?"

Marah nods, "Uh... everyone is at the hospital with Shayne. They are examining Ava."

The two ladies shut the door.

Annie turns to her, "That's good. I certainly hope that Ava is okay. I was worried."

Marah shakes her head, "No one can hear us Annie."

Annie is confused, "What?"

Marah sighs, "Come on! It's driving me nuts! You made me think you had Ava killed. But she's alive and they found her."

Annie nods, "I told you to keep your mouth shut."

Marah stares, "What if she remembers something! What if she figures out what happened?"

Annie shakes her head, "That's not going to happen."

Marah is confused, "How do you know that?"

Annie nods, "Because I won't let it."

Annie walks away.

Marah is worried.


Museum Apartment:


Maureen is getting ready for work.

Eden walks over to her, "You okay?"

Maureen nods, "I'm great. Why?"

Eden sighs, "We haven't talked about it yet. But Jason was out with Vi again last night."

Maureen sighs, "Jason is a single man and he has every right to date whomever he wants."

Eden nods, "But you would rather it was you."

Maureen pauses, "Maybe."

Eden nods, "Totally."

Maureen turns to her, "Doesn't matter! It's not going to happen. I have give up on Jason."

Eden sighs, "Just like he gave up on you? When will the two of you learn? Come on!"

Maureen shakes her head, "Right he gave up on me. And I deserved it. I should have chose Jason a long time ago. But I didn't and now I don't deserve to be with him."

Eden looks at her, "You are too humble. I barely know Vi and I can already tell she is a bitch."

Maureen looks down, "Doesn't matter."

Eden takes her arm, "Listen to me. If you want Jason, then you might have to play a little dirty."

Maureen turns and looks at herself in the mirror.



Roxie looks at Ashlee.

She is in tears.

Roxie walks towards her.

Ashlee backs away, "No, you know what? This was a mistake. I don't know why I came here."

Roxie nods, "You came here because I think you wanted to talk to me about it. Is that right?"

Ashlee turns away, "Why? I didn't know you the first 2 decades of my life, so why now?"

Roxie nods, "Because even though you hate me, I'm still your biological mother. And I love you."

Ashlee turns to her, "Should I trust you? I trusted you when we first met and you screwed me over."

Roxie nods, "I know."

Ashlee nods, "I trusted Dalton! I fell in love with Dalton! I made myself look like an idiot for him."

Roxie shakes her head, "He's scum. He shouldn't have played you like that. I'm sorry."

Ashlee sighs, "I've always felt like people saw me as this pathetic, annoying girl who had an eating disorder and shot people. But I got better. I went to medical school. I turned out to be a Bauer. I went over a year without a man to rely on. Now Dalton swoops in and he takes it all away from me! He ruined everything!"

Roxie takes her hand, "No. He may have hurt you but don't let him break you Ashlee."

Ashlee cries.

Roxie sighs, "He's not worth it. You deserve so much better Ashlee. You're a good person."

Ashlee cries, "I'm so stupid."

Ashlee hugs Roxie.

Roxie holds Ashlee as she cries.

Spaulding Mansion:

Amanda is with Alexandra.

Amanda stares at her, "What are you talking about Alexandra? What do you want to do to Dalton?"

Alex sighs, "Dalton Sinclair came to this town when our family was suffering scrutiny. He took advantage of us and he took advantage of you in a weak moment."

Amanda nods, "Maybe."

Alexandra turns to her, "Absolutely."

Amanda stares, "You were berating me a moment ago. Now what? You're defending me? Why? I expected you to throw me out of the house and cast me aside from the family."

Alex shakes her head, "We've lost Alan. I'm not letting you get away so easily Amanda."

Amanda looks at her, "Really?"

Alexandra looks at her, "I'm a Spaulding. You are a Spaulding. Always remember that."

Amanda nods, "I do."

Alexandra turns, "It's time we remind people of that. Dalton, Ashlee, everybody. They need to be reminded that no matter what happens they cannot divide us. The Spauldings will do whatever we have to do in order to keep each other safe."

Amanda stands up, "Dalton and Ashlee?"

Alexandra nods, "We will not be humiliated by having the town see those two walk around hand in hand."

Amanda nods, "We need to keep them a part."

Alex turns to her, "And get Dalton the hell out of Springfield."

The two sister stare at each other.

Museum Apartment:

Eden stands behind Maureen.

Maureen looks at herself in the mirror.

She's been the good girl for a long time.

Maureen sighs, "I'm not Vi. I'm not Dinah. I'm not going to do anything underhanded to get Jason."

Eden sighs, "But it's a passionate way of showing him how much you love him Maureen!"

Maureen shakes her head, "Are you kidding? You're happily married to Coop and you didn't do anything sketchy."

Eden nods, "Sometimes I wish I had. I love Coop. I love how we got married the day we met, it was so spontaneous. But sometimes I feel like things are getting dull."

Maureen nods, "The walls are very thin here Eden. I can tell things are far from dull with you and Coop. Just like I can tell with Kevin and Rocky. And soon with Jason and Vi...."

Eden shakes her head, "No. Jason still has feelings for you. Maybe you need to fight for him. Men are always fighting for women. He chased after you and now it's your turn."

Maureen sighs, "But what if he turns me down? Do you know how awkward it's going to be around here?"

Eden nods, "No more than it is already. Everyone in the house knows you too like each other. Including Vi. And she also knows that you are prettier, smarter and nicer than she is."

Maureen looks in the mirror.

She wonders if she should start fighting for Jason.

Springfield High:

RJ pulls his car out of the parking lot.

He turns and drives off.


A young blonde girl in shorts walks past.

She turns and stares at the car, "Was that RJ?"

She has a bit of a southern accent.

While turned she bumps into Zach.

Zach looks at her, "Sorry."

She sighs, "No I'm sorry. It's my first day. I just moved here."

Zach checks her out, "Uh... yeah. Well welcome to Springfield."

She smiles, "Thanks."

Zach walks to his car.

She stares as he walks away.

The girl walks over to Belinda's group of stoners.

She smiles, "Hi. I'm a little lost. It's my first day. Could you tell me where room 110 is with Mr. Bradshaw?"

Belinda smirks, "Yeah, that's all the way upstairs. You should probably hurry before you're late."

She nods, "Oh okay, thanks!"

The girl rushes into the building.

Belinda's friends laugh.

One guy nudges her, "You're such a bitch."

She laughs, "Whatever. That Taylor Swift wannabe was asking for it. Hopefully I'll never see that chick again."

The first bell rings for students to head to class.

Belinda looks up at the school.

Her friends laugh, "You afraid of being tardy?"

Belinda picks up her bag, "I promised RJ I'd work hard this year. I'm not about to redo my senior year."

Belinda walks into the school.


Shayne and his family all walk over to Dr. Bauer.

Rick looks at them.

Shayne sighs, "How is she Rick."

Rick nods, "She's doing better. She's resting right now. The last surgery went well."

Reva nods, "That's good. I mean so far she is getting healthier right? That's great."

Rick nods, "It is. I'm very pleased with her progress considering everything she has gone through."

Edmund nods, "So judging by what you have seen so far.... what has she gone through exactly?"

Rick sighs, "Well she has suffered multiple stab wounds. She injured her ankle. She has been deprived of food and water. We're going to be monitoring her for a while."

Josh nods, "Well there will always be one of us here."

Shayne nods, "Can we see her?"

Rick nods, "We can only have one at a time. And since Edmund is her father..."

Edmund shakes his head, "I will be second. Shayne should be the first one to go in."

Shayne looks at Edmund.

Rick nods, "Okay."

Rick leads Shayne into Ava's room.

Shayne walks in.


Ava looks very weak and sick.

A very upset Shayne rushes to her side.

He takes her hand and kisses it, "I love you."


Marah is in Annie's room with her.

Annie is trying to cover up her intoxication.

Marah stares, "So... we haven't talked much about you and Dad. What's going on Annie?"

Annie sighs, "We are just taking a small break for now. Nothing to worry about. We'll be fine."

Marah nods, "I haven't asked him about it. I was afraid maybe you had told him what we did."

Annie turns to her, "Of course not! I told you before that we cannot tell anyone!"

Marah nods, "I know. I'm just scared."

Annie takes her hand, "Don't be Baby. I'm not going to let anything happen to my little girl."

A confused Marah stares, "Uh... okay."

Annie nods, "You were going through a lot. You were devastated about your miscarriage. You were not in the right state of mind when you had Ava kidnapped. And I did what I could to help you out of it. And now Ava is going to be fine and no one has to know about the roles we played in the whole ordeal. Okay?"

Marah nods, "Okay."

Marah walks to the door.

She begins to open it.

Annie looks at her, "Don't do something foolish Marah."

Marah slowly walks out.

Annie walks over and gets her drink that she was hiding.


Springfield's new student is introduced

Harley and Gus take Ava's case

Amanda informs Dalton

Roxie has a close moment with Johnny

Peter flirts with Stephanie

Blake may be in danger!


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