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S3 Episode 72



The drama falls on Sringfield...




The Spaulding Charity Event is interrupted by drama.

Amanda pulls Dalton away from Ashlee, "I told you to stay away from each other! I know what I am talking about!"

Ashlee stares, "No Amanda you don't! You don't even know your own son! Dalton can't stand you. He is happy with me. I know the real Dalton and I understand him."

Amanda shouts, "No you don't! I know him better than you! I know him better than anyone!"

Amanda grabs Dalton and pulls him into an intense kiss.

Dalton pushes a drunken Amanda off of him.

Amanda turns and looks around the room.

It is dead silent.

Photographers flash their cameras.

All eyes are on her.

Ashlee's jaw drops.

She looks back at Dalton.

He shakes his head, "Amanda what have you done?"

Ashlee stares, "What the hell?"

Ashlee keeps looking at both of them.

Dalton starts walking towards Ashlee, "We need to talk. Can we go outside on the balcony?"

Ashlee backs away, "No what the hell just happened? Why did you just kiss your mother?"

Dalton shakes his head, "No, no, no she kissed me."


Now Alexandra and Nick walk over.

Nick looks around, "We apologize everyone."

Alex shakes her head, "Everybody just enjoy the rest of your time, now please excuse us while we attend to some family affairs."

Alex and Nick walk a drunk Amanda out.

Dalton is with Ashlee.

She stares, "What is going on?"

Dalton looks at her, "I wanted to tell you. I've been trying so hard to explain this."

Ashlee shakes her head, "You're freaking me out!"

He sighs, "Amanda Spaulding is not my mother. We met a long time ago and we were partners in crime and we were lovers. Amanda and I were con artists and that's why I followed her to Springfield."

A shocked Ashlee stares at him.




Liz is standing outside with Baby Clay in her arms.

Dr. Colin McCabe walks up to her.

She stares, "What are you doing here."

He smiles, "It's good to see you too."

She shakes her head, "No I mean what the hell are you doing here? Why did you come back to Springfield."

Colin nods, "I heard about Remy. And I heard about your son and everything. I wanted to see that you were okay."

Liz shakes her head, "Do I look okay? Not only do I once again not know where my daughter is, but now I lost the love of my life. Clay is all that I have left."

Colin sighs, "I'm so sorry Liz. You deserve so much more out of life. Especially after everything you've gone through."

Liz nods, "I haven't forgotten Colin. You were one of the people who knew that Sarah was alive. And you of all people... you kept it from me! We got so close after you helped me battle cancer. And I really thought you were going to be... I don't know."

He nods, "I know. And I am so sorry that I let you down. But I hope we can work on being friends again."

Liz turns away, "I have my son. I don't have time for friends."

He looks at her, "I know when you're inside you have to be strong for everyone. But it's just me out here. You don't have to pretend like you're okay when you're not."

Liz's eyes fill with tears.

Colin walks towards her.

A crying Liz hugs him.




Shayne is digging through the boat.

He sees Ava's face looking back at him.

His heart races.

His eyes fill with tears.

He cries, "Ava!"

He ungags Ava.

She is sobbing.

He pulls her out.

She is crying, "Oh my God! Oh my God!"

He holds her, "Ava! I never thought I was going to see you again! I was so scared!"

Ava cries, "Shayne!!!"

He looks at her, "Oh my God! I was so afraid. Everyone told me to give up, everyone told me there was no hope! But I knew you were alive I could feel it! I knew."

Ava lays her head in his chest and sobs.

He looks at her, "Ava... are you okay?"

She looks at him, "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry about lying to you! I'm so sorry!"

Shayne looks at her, "I love you."

She cries, "God I love you! I was afraid I'd never get to say that to you again! I thought I'd never see you or my son again!"

Shayne holds her, "You're going to be okay. We're together now and no one is going to take us from each other again.

Shayne grabs his cell phone and dials 911.


Cross Creek:


Josh and Annie are standing in Cross Creek.

Josh looks at her, "When you first came back to Springfield... I was so skeptical of you. But you proved yourself. It took a long time but you did it. I let you back into my life. I swore that I would never do that again but I did it."

Annie has tears in her eyes, "I know the feeling. I swore I'd never let you have that power over me again. I wouldn't let you play the games you played with me. And you're doing it again Josh! You're going to go running back to her! Back to that monster Reva Shayne!"

Josh shakes her head, "This has absolutely nothing to do with Reva! This is about you keeping a secret from me again! And you're still doing it Annie! You won't even confess now!"

She cries, "I can't!"

He nods, "I see."

She looks at him, "What are you going to do now?"

He sighs, "I'm going to work Annie."

She nods, "Good. Just go to to work and let me take care of my business. Then when you get home and we've both calmed down we can have a mature conversation about all of this. Maybe over dinner?"

He turns to her, "You don't get it. I'm going to work while you stay here. And while you're here you will be packing..."

She cries, "No!"

He nods, "All of your stuff."

Annie sobs, "No."

He sighs, "I want you out of this home by the time I get home from work. I'm sorry Annie but this is my family's home. And you do not live here anymore. Do you understand me?"

She cries, "You can't leave me Josh! I don't know what I'll do if you leave! I'll fall off the wagon! I'll go back to my old ways!"

He sighs, "Take your threats Annie, and get the hell out. I'm officially done with you and your drama."

Josh walks out the door.

Annie screams, "Well I'm not done with you Josh!"

A frustrated Annie rushes to the kitchen.



Susan walks into the bathroom.

Stephanie is laying on the floor.

Susan sees the positive pregnancy tests.

Stephanie cries, "What am I gonna do!?!?!"

Susan looks at her, "Oh my God. Stephanie you're pregnant... with Guillespie's baby?"

Stephanie sobs, "I slept with him before.... before we met him out in the woods. I know I shouldn't have.... I didn't know that we were gonna kill him Susan-"

Susan shushes her and shuts the door.

Susan turns to her, "What are you doing? You can't just shout that stuff, what are you thinking?"

Stephanie cries, "I don't know what to do! I killed the father of my child! I'm having his baby!"

Susan shakes her head, "You don't have to have the baby Stephanie. You have your options."

Stephanie cries, "I don't believe in that! Guillespie didn't rape me! I made the mistake! I let him beat the crap out of me for months and I still slept with him."

Susan stares, "Do you really want to have Guillespie's baby? That bastard tried to kill us both! If you hadn't shot him then who knows what he would have done."

Stephanie cries, "But I did shoot him! We killed him and we buried him in the woods and now.... I'm having his baby!"

Susan takes a deep breath and tries to calm down.




Blake and Ross sit together in the waiting room.

Blake sighs, "I wish she had let one of us go into the waiting room with her. At least you."

Ross turns to her, "Are you kidding? You of all people should be in there. You're her mother."

Blake looks at him, "I'm sure she'd rather have you in there. She despises me right now."

Ross sighs, "No. She's got a lot going on right now. She's going through more than any teenage girl should be going through."

Blake rest her head on Ross's shoulder.


Rafe walks over.

The two of them look at him.

Ross is confused, "What are you doing? I thought you were going to be in there with Clarissa. She needs somebody."

Rafe shakes his head, "She asked me. But I didn't think it was right for me to be in there. She needs someone who knows what's going on."

Blake sighs, "Rafe she needs someone."

Rafe nods, "She has someone. We got someone here just in time."

Inside of Clarissa's delivery room.


Clarissa lies in her bed.

Her grandmother Holly is at her side.

The doctor looks at her, "Okay you're about ready to push Clarissa. Are you ready?"

Clarissa cries, "No! I'm not ready! I can't do this! I'm 18! I can't be a mom yet."

Holly looks at her, "No one is ready to be a Mom until they are one."

Clarissa looks up at her, "I don't know..."

Holly nods, "I'm sorry honey but the truth is you don't have a choice. You need to put your baby first right here and right now."

Clarissa looks at her, "I love you Grandma."

Holly kisses her head, "I love you too."

Holly takes Clarissa's hand.

Clarissa begins to push.



Liz sits with Colin in front of the diner.

He looks at her, "Your son is beautiful."

She nods, "Yeah he looks just like Remy. Sarah looks like Jonathan. Neither of them look like me."

Colin nods, "So I take it that you have seen Sarah since I was last in Springfield."

She sighs, "Yeah. Right after you left Jonathan brought Sarah to me and we were together again."

Colin sighs, "What happened?"

Liz nods, "His crazy wife Aubrey. She was a psychopath. She faked a pregnancy, took Marina Cooper's baby, shot me, kidnapped Sarah, and then she fled town and threatened to come back for Sarah."

Colin stares, "Oh my God."

Liz nods, "Plus my Granddad was going after her again. Jonathan had to take Sarah and run. I wanted to go with them but I was in the hospital and I didn't even know if I would make it. Remy helped me though and.... I fell in love with him."

Colin puts his arm around her.

Liz wipes her tears, "Today is Remy's birthday. We are having a party for him inside."

Colin sighs, "Would you mind if I went in? I know a few of the people inside there anyway."

Liz looks at him, "Sure."

Colin and Liz get off the bench.

She looks at him, "How long are you in Springfield?"

He sighs, "As long as you need me."

The two walk into the diner.


Nick is working on entertaining the guests.

Alexandra is on the balcony with Amanda.

Amanda is holding her head.

Alexandra looks at her, "That was by far the most disgusting thing I have ever seen."

Amanda sighs, "Relax! Dalton is not my real son-"

Alex shouts, "You think I don't know that? I knew all along! I'm not a fool Amanda."

Amanda stares.

Alex looks at her, "You have embarrassed this family for the last time!"

Inside the party.

Dalton is with Ashlee.

He sighs, "I thought I would just be in Springfield for a little while. I'd get my money and go. But I met you and... I fell for you Ashlee. You changed me."

Ashlee stares, "Have you slept with Amanda since you've been in Springfield? Have you?"

Dalton looks down, "Yes."

Ashlee cries, "When was the last time?"

Dalton sighs, "A few weeks ago."

Ashlee scoffs, "Oh my God! I'm so stupid! I'm as stupid as everyone thinks I am! You bastard."

He sighs, "I'm sorry."

She cries, "You're sick."

Ashlee goes to walk away.

He takes her arm.

She shouts, "Don't touch me!"

The whole crowd turns to them.

Dalton tries to talk to her.

She pulls away, "Don't touch me!"

He holds her arm.

She rips away, "Don't you ever touch me again! No!"

Ashlee slaps Dalton across the face.

She turns and heads for the elevator.

His eyes fill with tears.

Ashlee gets into the elevator.

She turns to see Dalton crying and the entire party staring just as the elevator doors close.


Stephanie sits on the floor in tears.

Susan sits down across from her.

Stephanie looks around, "I can't believe I let this happen to me. My life use to be so simple."

Susan nods, "My life as usually crazy. But once I got off drugs and got away from Guillespie it calmed down. I got my degree. I got a good job at Lewis Enterprises with my family. I actually had things figured out and people didn't think of me as a criminal anymore."

Stephanie nods, "I was a good girl. Now when people see me they think of the desperate crazy chick. I wasn't always like this Susan. I used to be pretty strong and independent."

Susan sighs, "Me too."

Stephanie sighs, "I don't know what to do now."

Susan looks at her, "You can still be strong and independent. We both can be strong and independent. We took down Guillespie. We got rid of that bastard once and for all. We were sworn enemies but we worked together to take him down."

Stephanie cries, "I don't know."

Susan moves over to her, "I'm going to help you for a couple of weeks. We'll talk to your parents and maybe they can let you move back in with them."

Stephanie sighs, "We keep saying this you know. We'll battle over Sam. We'll team up to take down Guillespie. We'll team up to bury his body... and now this."

Susan nods, "And we always shake on it."

Susan reaches out her hand.

Stephanie takes it.

The two shake hands.


Shayne sits on the docks with Ava.

He holds her close.

Ava rest her head on him.

He kisses her head, "I love you so much Ava. We're going to make things right between us."

She sighs, "I'm so tired Shayne."

He nods, "It's okay."

She closes her eyes.

He nods, "I love you Ava and I'm not going to let anything keep us a part from each other ever again."

He holds her very close.

Shayne looks under the blanket.

He notices how much weight Ava has lost.

She's very pale.

He then sees blood stains on her shirt.

He pulls up her shirt.

A very poorly bandaged wound is revealed.

Shayne stares in shock.

He notices Ava has horrible bruises and blood all over her.

He sighs, "Ava what happened?"

She doesn't respond.

Shayne notices she's very limp in his arms.

He looks at her, "Ava? Ava?"

An ambulance and cop cars pull up.

He shouts, "Help! Oh my God! Help somebody!"

The EMT's rush over.

Cross Creek:

Annie comes out of the kitchen.

She is holding a bottle of vodka in her hand.

She is pacing.

Annie cries, "You said you loved me! And like a fool I believed you! I believed you again!"

Annie looks at the bottle.

She doesn't know what to do.

She turns and sees the picture of Josh and Reva with the family.

Annie nods, "She was always there."

She looks at Reva's smiling face.

Annie raises the bottle, "God forgive me."

She puts the bottle up to her lips.

Slowly she pours it in her mouth.

Annie takes her first drink of alcohol in over a decade.

She is sobbing as she drinks.

An emotional Annie takes the bottle and throws it.

The bottle goes flying across the room and smashes into the mantle.

The glass shatters.

Annie screams.

Vodka drips down over Reva and Josh's carving.

She falls to her knees sobbing.

She pulls at her hair.

Annie curls up into a ball on the floor.



Belinda gets off the elevator.

She walks over to the waiting room.

Ross and Blake are hugging.

Rafe is smiling.

Belinda looks at them, "Is everything okay?"

Rafe nods, "The delivery went great. Clarissa is resting with the baby right now. We're getting ready to go see her."

A delivery man walks over, "I have flowers for Clarissa Marler and Baby."

Blake gets them and walks back over, "Who ordered flowers for Clarissa?"

Everyone looks at each other.

Belinda is confused, "I don't think anyone else knew."

Ross sighs, "Maybe one of the boys did."

The doctor walks out, "She's ready."

Everyone goes in.

Holly is sitting by Clarissa's bed.

Clarissa hold a little baby wrapped up in a blue blanket.

Blake starts crying, "Oh."

Ross has tears in his eyes, "Oh my."

Belinda smiles, "Congrats."

Rafe walks over, "I told you didn't I?"

Clarissa smiles, "I would like everyone to say hello to this little guy. This is Adam Raphael Marler."

Everyone stares at the new little boy.

A new life has begun in Springfield.


First day of school at Springfield High!

Alexandra informs Amanda

Roxie comforts Ashlee

Ava's in Cedars

Marah goes to Annie for help

Eden pushes Maureen


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