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S3 Episode 75



Pleasant and not so pleasant surprises in Springfield...




Lillian sits with Beth in her bed.

Beth is still having trouble speaking and communicating.

Lillian smiles at her.

A nurse walks by, "He's here Lillian."

Lillian gets up, "I'll be right back sweetheart."

She goes out to the hall.


Phillip is standing out there.

She smiles, "I'm glad you came."

He shakes his head, "Please tell me I didn't come all the way down here to be asked to see here again."

Lillian sighs, "Don't be stubborn."

He shakes his head, "I'm sorry Lillian. I said my goodbyes to Beth a long time ago, and so did you. We can't let Lorelei get to us again. The real Beth isn't in there anymore."

Lillian takes his hand, "Please. For me."

He looks away.

She nods, "Just go in there for an hour. One hour, that is all that I ask! And if you aren't convinced by the end then I will never ask you to come back again."

He sighs, "One hour?"

She smiles.

Phillip walks into Beth's room.

Beth smiles when she sees him.

Phillip is a bit apprehensive.


Grant House:


Stephanie sits on a couch in her parents living room.

Her father sits across from her.

A very uncomfortable Susan sits in the chair.

Vivian hand everyone a glass of tea.

Susan smiles, "Thank you."

Vivian nods, "We must say were are a bit surprised. We had no idea the two of you were friends."

Susan and Stephanie both say, "We're not."

Susan sighs, "We have both been through a lot and have a lot in common so I came here to support Stephanie today."

A confused Charles looks at her, "Okay."

Stephanie sighs, "I'm not going to beat around the bush. I know that by now you guys know that I was in a relationship with Guillespie."

Vivian sighs, "That hit man. The one that disappeared a few weeks ago. Please tell me you aren't hiding him."

Stephanie shakes her head, "No. I'm not."

Charles looks at her, "Is it true? About what he did to you?"

A very embarrassed Stephanie looks down, "Yes."

Vivian covers her mouth, "That son of a bitch."

Charles sighs, "When you fell down the stairs at Company and ended up in the hospital?"

Stephanie sighs, "He threw me down."

Vivian has tears in her eyes.

Charles looks at her, "Oh my God."

Stephanie sighs, "But that isn't what I'm here to talk about."

A worried Vivian stares, "What then?"

Stephanie takes a deep breath, "I have recently found out... that I am pregnant... with his baby."

Charles's eyes widen.

Vivian drops her glass.




Eden sits behind the desk.

It's a typical slow day at work.

She looks around.

The room is filled with old people.

She goes through the database to see if there are any good books she hasn't read yet.

A frustrated Eden stares up at the clock.


Maureen walks inside.

Eden smiles, "Hey!"

Maureen shushes her, "You're the librarian."

Eden laughs, "Sorry. It's just good to see a familiar face. This place is so dull."

Maureen nods, "I don't know why but I always thought you enjoyed this kind of stuff."

Eden shakes her head, "Why?"

Maureen smiles, "You like reading."

Eden nods, "I do. And when I was in the witness protection program and living in Nevada, this was a good job. But I'm back in Springfield and I am free. I shouldn't have to be working in a boring job."

Maureen looks at her, "What did you do before you left Springfield?"

Eden stares at her.

She realizes Maureen hasn't heard about her past.




Zach and Leah are out on a date.

Zach looks at her, "So how is school going?"

She smiles, "Not as bad as I had imagined. The new girl I was telling you about is like quickly becoming my new BFF. And she knows nothing about the picture scandal."

Zach nods, "See I told you it would all blow over. Next week everyone will be talking about something else."

She smiles, "I know right! And also I'm becoming friends with Belinda Marler as well. Who saw that coming?"

Zach is confused, "Not me. How did that happen?"

Leah nods, "She's been really nice. Or at least less mean. She even defends me at school."

He looks down, "But you know you can't trust her. She's Belinda. She's a total bitch."

Leah sighs, "I think everyone deserves a chance. And she's never done anything really bad to me."

Zach knows that isn't true.

Leah smiles, "So how is school going for you? How's the frat stuff going this week?"

He nods, "Good. RJ and I are pledging together. Which I guess is a good reason that you and Belinda are getting along now."

She grins, "Oh am I going to be accompany you three to frat parties soon? Sounds fun."

He nods, "I'm glad you think so. Our first one is coming up and we are all supposed to have hot dates. If we don't bring a hot date then we are basically gonna get crap for it. Luckily RJ and I don't have to worry."

She grins, "Of course not. When is it?"

He smiles, "This next weekend."

She stares, "What?"

He nods, "Something wrong?"

She stares, "You know I can't go."

He is confused, "Are you serious?"

The two stare at each other.




Edmund and Marah sit in his room.

The food service has been set up.

She smiles, "Well I have to say I'm a bit confused. We are eating room service when the lovely restaurant is right downstairs."

He nods, "This more private."

She grins, "Good point."

He sighs, "I still feel like I should apologize. This whole thing with Ava has had all of my attention."

She sighs, "She's your daughter. It doesn't matter if I like her or not. You are a good father."

He nods, "I'm so lucky to have you."

He takes her hand.

A guilty Marah looks down, "I'm nothing special."

He nods, "You're amazing Marah. And I have a confession to make to you."

She stares, "What?"

He sighs, "I had other reasons for choosing to have dinner in this room. Not just the privacy."

She nods, "Okay."

He sighs, "This may just be the lovely room I've stayed in. But it has memories. Especially for us."

She nods, "Okay."

He sighs, "This is where we first had sex. After the whole Jeffrey and Cassie ordeal. It is where we conceived our child. And where we bonded after your miscarriage."

She looks down.

He sighs, "And this is the first place we made love, not sex but really made love. And I wanted this to be the room we were in when I first said this to you..."

Marah looks at him.

He smiles, "I love you. I'm not exactly sure when it happened. But I know it had to have been here. I fell in love with you and have loved you everyday since then."

Marah stares into Edmund's eyes.



Noah is walking down the hall.

He just finished filing some papers at the front desk.

Josh walks up to him, "Hey Noah."

Noah turns to him, "Josh, what brings you by today? Visiting Ava with Shayne or something?"

Josh shakes his head, "Uh... no. I should be but I have some personal business to take care of."

Noah looks at him, "Oh... anything I can do to help?"

Josh nods, "Yeah. Could we talk in private somewhere?"

Noah nods, "Sure."

Noah walks with Josh to an empty room.

He shuts the door.

Noah looks at Josh, "Okay. No offense Josh but I really hope this isn't about Reva because-"

Josh sighs, "It's not. It's about me."

Noah is confused, "What's up?"

Josh sits, "I have been feeling sick lately. The stress was really getting to me with Ava missing and Shayne falling a part. Annie and I were having some serious problems."

Noah nods, "I'm sorry to hear that."

Josh sighs, "I finally went to a doctor to make sure it was just stress causing my problems. I had a physical and... it was the first one I had in ages. I really let it get away from me."

Noah stares, "What's going on?"

Josh looks at him, "What do you think Noah? We aren't friends. But you're best oncologist in town and here I am talking to you."

Noah stares.

Josh nods, "I think I might have prostate cancer."



Leah and Zach sit across from each other.

Zach is confused, "What are you talking about? Why wouldn't you go to this party with me?"

She sighs, "Wow you really don't listen to me do you?"

He scoffs, "What?"

She nods, "I have my cheer plans. I told you that I cannot miss one function with the girls. Not one."

He sighs, "Wow this is great."

She shakes her head, "I need to be the captain next year. And that sext scandal totally screwed things up. I need to do damage control. I hope you understand."

He shakes his head, "I cannot believe that you are putting your whole cheer squad before me."

She scoffs, "Seriously? Are you really going to try to make me feel guilty about this?"

He sighs, "If I don't bring a date then it's going to look bad in front of the brothers."

Leah sighs, "I'm sorry. I wish I could go with you but I just can't. I don't know what to say."

He stares, "If this was the other way around, you would be so pissed."

She is confused, "What?"

He nods, "If I chose anything over you... you would probably cry and make me feel like the biggest jerk in the world. But for once something is important to me and you could care less."

She looks away, "I think you're over reacting."

He gets up, "I gotta get some air."

She shakes her head, "Would you please stop acting like this?"

He turns to her, "You know what? Forget it."

Zach walks away.


Eden is on a break from her work.

She is taking Maureen downtown.

Maureen looks at her, "So you used to be... like a call girl?"

Eden shakes her head, "I ran a legit escorts service. We didn't do anything under the table."

Maureen nods, "What was it called?"

Eden smirks, "The Garden of Eden."

Maureen laughs, "Okay that's a little messed up."

Eden shakes her head, "It was pretty cool. I was running my own business and I liked having that power."

Maureen nods, "I don't know why but the Garden of Eden is ringing some bells. I don't know why."

Eden nods, "Probably The Garden of Eden Murders."

Maureen gasps, "Oh my God! I remember now! Oh wow, so you guys got caught up in that huh?"

Eden sighs, "Yeah. It was a pretty dark and scary time in Springfield with a serial killer."

Maureen looks around, "Well speaking of scary, can we go home? I'm not comfortable around here."

Eden sighs, "Yeah..."

Eden sees a woman sitting on the ground.

She begins to walk towards her.

Maureen stares, "Eden? What are you doing?"

Eden walks up to the woman, "Matilda?"

Matilda looks up at her, "As I live and breathe, Eden August alive and well."

The woman has a huge black eye and fat lip.

Eden stares at her.

Grant House:

Vivian is now in tears.

Charles stands up and paces.

Susan looks over at Stephanie.

Stephanie is looking at her parents.

Her heart is racing.

Charles sighs, "How far a long are you?"

Stephanie sighs, "A month now."

Vivian shakes her head, "My God Stephanie.... I don't even know what to say right now."

Charles shakes his head, "Stephanie I have to ask this question. Don't be offended. Answer honestly. When you had intercourse with this man, were you willing, did he force you into anything?"

She shakes her head, "No... I really thought I was in love with him. I know it sounds crazy! I wish I could say that I could see past his crap. But I fell for it like a fool. I thought he loved me and I never imagined he would... I don't know."

Charles sighs, "Well it's done now."

Vivian looks at her, "Stephanie have you gone over your options?"

Stephanie sighs, "I have. I know what I'm going to do."

Susan nods, "Stephanie is very brave."

Vivian stands up, "I would like to be with you at the clinic sweetheart. Please don't say no."

Stephanie shakes her head, "What? No. I'm not going to a clinic. I'm keeping this baby."

Charles and Vivian turn and stare at her.

Stephanie looks over at Susan.

She then looks back at her puzzled parents.


Noah and Josh are in the room together.

Noah looks at him, "So... you believe that you might have cancer of the prostate?"

Josh nods, "Yes I do."

Noah sighs, "There are a lot of oncologist you could have gone to Josh, why me?"

An emotional Josh laughs, "Trust me I am not doing this for fun. Do you think I want to go see my ex wife's younger boyfriend for this? Tell him I have prostate cancer and I want him to help me with that problem. Believe me I don't feel like much of a man right now. But you are the best around Noah. I know that."

Noah sighs, "Josh I would never hold something like this against you. We've been getting a long pretty well lately. And if you do indeed have cancer, and I am your doctor, then I promise I will do whatever it takes to keep you... healthy."

Josh nods, "You can say it Noah... there is a chance that I could get very sick and there's a chance... there is a chance that this could kill me. I could die."

Noah nods, "If you have cancer, that is a risk."

Josh turns away.

Noah sighs, "Who have you talked to about this?"

Josh shakes his head, "No one. Billy isn't here. Annie and I are not on speaking terms anymore. No one."

Noah nods, "Well when are you going to tell the family."

Josh sighs, "Let me worry about that. Because as far as I know, you aren't allowed to tell anyone. Including Reva."

Noah stares at Josh.


Edmund and Marah are together.

He smiles at her, "I love you Marah."

She just keeps staring.

Edmund waits for her to respond.

Marah keeps thinking about Ava.

She kept her secret about being behind Ava's kidnapping.

Now she looks at wide-eyed happy Edmund.

Marah just keeps staring.

Edmund looks at her, "Marah, are you okay?"

She turns, "I um.... I really have to go. I just remembered something I have to take care of."

He stares, "Are you serious?"

She gets up, "Yeah I have some stuff at the Beacon I have to do before it's too late."

He shakes his head, "You can't be serious."

She nods, "Yeah I am. I'm so sorry. But thanks for all of this. I really... thank you Edmund."

He stares, "Of course."

Marah walks to the door.

He gets up, "Marah. What is this?"

She looks at him, "I'm so sorry. I'll call you."

She walks out the door.

Marah rushes to the elevator.

She is in tears as she waits for the doors to open.

Inside Edmund's room.

He is in shock.

He just poured his heart to her.

A frustrated Edmund flips the table over.


Phillip stares at Beth.

Beth looks at him.

She once again tries to talk but cannot speak.

He sighs, "Look just rest. I'm not going to try to get you to talk. As a matter of fact I'd prefer that you don't talk. I can't stand to hear you try to convince me of what I know not to be true."

Beth stares at him.

He sighs, "If Beth was in there again I would know. I know Beth better than anyone. Maybe that sounds selfish but it's true. She was very special to me. The mother of 3 of my children."

Beth smiles at him.

He nods, "She was... the love of my life."

Beth gets tears in her eyes.

He looks away, "Wow I don't know why I'm telling you all of this."

Beth grabs a sketch pad from the side of her bed.

He turns to her, "What?"

She hands it to him.

He stares, "You want me to look at something?"

She nods.

He takes the book.

He opens it.

Beth has lost her ability to spell but she still can draw.

He looks at the familiar illustrations, "These... these illustrations. They are Beth's. I haven't seen them in ages. They look just like hers. But they can't be. The first time I saw these is when I first met Beth right here in Cedars. She was designing our prom."

Phillip looks at her.

She is in tears.

His jaws drops, "Oh my God.... it's you. Beth."


Beth kisses Phillip

Gus visits Drew

Marah infuriates Annie!

Josh confides in Noah

Eden reflects on her life

Stephanie and Susan bond


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